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Book 3 – The Outsiders Series
Sara Schoen


Violet Davis has suppressed the memories of her past long enough.

She found the photo of their family her oldest sister, Sage, threw out. Over the years, she harbored a hatred of what they did to ‘survive’ as Sage claimed, but what came after she couldn’t forgive. The group home, being separated from Rose and Sage, and how Rose almost ruined their new life for the both of them. Sage and Rose were right though. Her so-called friends didn’t understand. So when they tried to ruin Rose, she got even. But now, she can’t help but wonder what happened to their parents? Rose and Sage don’t care anymore, but Violet, she’s just getting started and she wants to know how they could leave three girls by themselves.

Hunter Morgan is one of the foster kids at Heron High.

He’s lived in the shadows to avoid the torment from classmates, works to make a living, and is trying to make something of himself. Though, he can’t ignore Violet. The girl who fell from popularity and is now obsessed with finding her family. He knows the pain of finding out the reasons behind getting put in the foster care system. He wants to convince her to save herself, and let him save her as well.Manage

Violet (The Outsiders Series Book 3)