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Take You Home


T.J. Spade

Take You Home
Book three in The Everett Files series

“Damn, if only this door wasn’t here I could show you what I can do in nine and a half minutes.”

I remember she laughed, “You’ve only been in jail half a day – I don’t imagine they will grant you any conjugal visits just yet.”

“Well that’s a blatant violation of my rights. I should write to the Governor about this.”

Makayla soaked her voice in sympathy, “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re pretty enough to get a date in here.” “I passed some good prospects on my way in.”

Caleb Everett is an artist, a psychic, a police consultant … a fugitive. For as long as he can remember Caleb has been able to see into the minds of murderers – he knows what makes them tick, and he knows what they’re planning … until now.

This time around, Caleb doesn’t know who to trust – everyone has an agenda, and his father, Raymond Everett, is the spider at the center of a vast web of corruption and murder. With the help of a beautiful, but ruthless assassin, Raymond plans to send his son to Hell once and for all.

Who can Caleb protect when no-one is safe?

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