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Their Boss’s Daughter



Title: Their Boss’s Daughter

Series: Auction Nights #1

Author: Chloe Kent

Publisher: Blushing Books

Genre: Contemporary Ménage
Release Date: August 14, 2018
Her deepest desire
might be too much for her to handle…
When twenty-one-year-old Saylor Fielding spends a tiny
fortune from her new trust fund on something she’s always wanted, she’s not
prepared for the consequences that follow.
Her father goes ballistic about her reckless spending and
when she refuses to tell him – because she really, really can’t tell him – how
she spent the money, he sends her away for two weeks to live with his three
favorite engineers, Finn, Reid and Jax in the middle of the desert. She is to
clean their house, do their laundry and cook for them.
That something Saylor has always wanted… just happens to be
Finn, Reid and Jax. And they have no idea the highest bidder at the Troika
charity auction competing to spend a night with them is their strictly
hands-off boss’s daughter in disguise.
All Saylor wants to do is finish her two-week sentence and
escape unscathed with her secret intact, but they take one look at her and now
she has to face their kind of consequences…


Publisher’s Note: This is a steamy, reverse harem love
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Reid said, and she followed him without hesitation. He led her to a narrow
bench, definitely not wide enough to seat her whole backside. “Sit.” 
She lowered
herself onto the seat and she had called it right, half her ass hung over the
side of the bench. Finn and Jax stayed where they were, watching her. Reid
moved behind her and she turned her head to follow him.  It was only then
that she noticed the strange apparatus positioned behind the bench, something
similar to a catheter on a pole. A feeling of trepidation rose in her belly.
Her gaze flitted nervously to the three men. She didn’t want to disappoint them
and since she had never done anything like this in her life before, she had no
idea how not to fail them.
going to be amazing,” Jax said softly, detecting the shadow that visibly marred
her features. She nodded and offered him a weak smile. From behind, Reid pulled
on a pair of latex gloves. When he lifted and released the latex against his
skin, she jumped at the sound and a surge of wetness spilled from her. Her
nipples popped out. She didn’t mistake the men’s soft husky groans at her
body’s demonstration.
Reid asked. She nodded, not daring to turn around. She clenched her thighs and
fisted her hands. And yet everything about those initial moments seemed to have
aroused her in a way she didn’t think she could be. “Relax, little swan,” he
said. She tried and couldn’t get her muscles to loosen up at all. “The coldness
you’re going to feel is just a little lube, all right?”
She closed
her eyes and jerked when Reid touched her untouched hole. He prodded and poked
and she knew she wasn’t making it any easier for him to go deeper than the tip
of his finger. “Don’t fight me,” Reid said so softly she barely heard his
words, but she clearly heard how she affected him. How gaining access into her
tight little hole was turning him on.
gaze opened on Finn and Jax and she licked her lip to see their cocks, tearing
at the heavy fabric of their jeans. Reid applied generous amounts of gel to
her. After a moment he said, “I’m going to insert the nozzle into your ass now,
little swan.” She froze at the first contact of thin plastic edging at her. She
wasn’t ready for this. She started to panic. 
“You know
why we’re doing this, don’t you, Saylor?” Jax asked. She didn’t answer, she
wanted them to tell her again why they were doing this to her. What the end
result would be.


Author Bio
Chloe Kent
has been hooked on romance since her teens and couldn’t wait to grow up and
write her own romance novels. Her books usually feature a spirited heroine, and
at least two… sometimes more incredibly hot heroes.
favorites pastimes include her husband, her dog, and books. Her biggest fear is
running out of coffee or her imagination.


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