Identity Rocked by Kacey Hamford


Identity Rocked by Kacey Hamford. Book two in the Rocked Series


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Kayla has always been branded the shy and quiet one, and that’s not a surprise when her family is on the front of every magazine.  Kayla struggles with the limelight and the people that use her for who she knows. She wants to break free from the shadow of the fame her family represents, she wants to earn her own money and be swept off her feet in a whirlwind of romance. So to do that she needs to change her identity.

Donovan’s number one priority is his family and his business, he would like to think he succeeds in both especially as his love life never seems to go to plan. Enter Kayla Black, smart and organised, everything he needs in a personal assistant. She is also cute and sexy and everything he needs in his personal life, and Kayla doesn’t realise just how determined her new boss can be.

Is her new identity about to be rocked?

**Book 1 in the series, Destiny Rocked, is currently free until 17th Aug – **

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