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Rogue Cyborg


Rogue Cyborg by Grace Goodwin is AVAILABLE NOW!


Makarios of Kronos is a rebel, a smuggler who reports to no one, not even those on Rogue 5. But one betrayal sends him to a Coalition brig, and to a fate worse than deathcapture by the Hive. He escapes but exchanges one prison for another. He now lives on the Colony, contaminated and deemed a risk. He’ll do anything to regain his freedom, including agree to a bargain with a beautiful, cunning warrior with secrets of her own.

Gwendolyn Fernandez volunteered to defend Earth from the Hive menace. For four years, she was a valued member of Coalition ReCon, until the Hive caught up with her, and a strange Nexus creature took special interest in her integration.

Gwen escaped with super-human strength and a will to live that cannot be broken, until the governor of the Colony demands she choose a mate. A bargain with Makarios seems so simple until he conquers her in a way no other has—body and soul—yet the Hive Nexus who wanted her for himself won’t take no for an answer.

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Over Easy



Title: Over Easy
Series: Santa Lena Sizzles Duet #1

Author: Jessa York

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Judi Perkins, Concierge Literary Designs & Photography, LLC

Release Date: September 14 , 2018




If it’s easy, it’s not worth it…
After a tumultuous divorce, the last thing
Harper wants—or needs—is a new man in her life.
She’s done with love and romance.
When a smear of lipstick and a Pink Squirrel turn into a chance
encounter that she’ll never forget, everything changes.
Nothing worth having comes easy…
Jack can’t believe his luck.  When the mysterious woman he’s had his eyes
set on falls into his arms—literally—he realizes he can’t let her go.  He’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep
her, even if it means playing with fire.




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Title: Over Hard
Series: Santa Lena Sizzles Duet #2

Author: Jessa York

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Judi Perkins, Concierge Literary Designs & Photography, LLC

Release Date: September 28, 2018




Love looks easy, but it’s harder than you think…
Harper is done with men.  They’re too complicated, frustrating—and
dangerous.  After a run-in with her ex-husband, Harper ends all contact
with her boyfriend, Jack, the one man who stole her heart.
But when
Jack and Harper are thrown together to help a friend, all her old feelings
reignite.  Torn between closing herself off and her desire to understand
his life and choices, Harper delves into his world.  Jack’s past may complicate
things even more.  Will Harper see that the payoff is greater than the



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Author Bio

Jessa lives in a very non-descript, unassuming town filled
with the best kind of people. Most days, she can be found in the stands of
various soccer fields, cheering her on Youngest, or discussing books with her
Oldest (who is an English Honors student).

At night, if she’s not up burning the midnight oil, Jessa
enjoys snuggling up to her hubby and watching his latest pick for a cheesy
romance movie. He always chooses the best ones. (after he cooks supper, of

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Shiver of Deception


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#CoverReveal #ShiverofDeception #SouloftheSunner by #RumerRaines
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Money, power, women,
They make it look easy.
But being a mob boss isn’t so easy.

Running the club and calling the shots,
Makes for a satisfying life.
But I’m ready for more,
A wife,
A family,

Bryn is sexy, mysterious, and tough as nails.
But she’s hiding something,
Something that can destroy us all.
And a mob boss doesn’t rest easy,
When lives are on the line.

Now, I have to decide,
Power and money,
Or love and lust,
But is she someone I can really trust?  

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Filthy Savage







I thought my demons were behind me… until my Angel showed up.

For years, I kept a savage hiding beneath the surface. All that time, it threatened to break out and unleash the storm of my past. But when our MC starts to evolve from outlaw arms dealer to a legitimate private protection and security company, my past can no longer stay buried.

Then Angel walks into my life, and all hell breaks loose.

She’s a curvy, unassuming librarian. She’s hot as hell and made just for me.

But can she handle a man like me? Is she ready for the ride of her life with a man standing in the eye of a storm that’s heading right for us both?

Either way, she’s going to be mine.



AUTHORS NOTE: Filthy Savage is the third standalone story in the Satan’s Saints MC romance series. It’s a wild, emotionally dark, and dangerous full length romance with a happily ever after ending. By popular demand, this story is an all-human MC spin on the book originally titled Bruised MC Bear by Bella Love-Wins. Each book in the series can be read in any order.





It took all of my willpower not to beat the living shit out of Dean fucking Roman. I probably would have, were it not for the fact that the man is used to being the alpha male in any room. Plus, touching a hair on his pretty little head will inevitably lead to more retribution between the Satan’s Saints and Mongols MC. I just wish I didn’t promise Silas that I’d stay out of trouble. The man got in my personal space, thinking he could threaten or scare me. And he stood too damn close to Angel. It took a lot of effort to walk away from her.
Fuck, how did two short conversations with this girl lead to such an insane level of possessiveness?
Which is why I stuck around outside the saloon like a lurker, waiting to make sure she left that bar in one piece.
“You again? Didn’t we do this all ready?” Angel asks, lowering her car window when I make it across the parking lot to her side.
“Nice to see you too,” I answer, smiling.
She turns off the engine and steps out of the car. She just stands there, her arms folded and her neck craned up, staring into my face. “Give me a good reason why I should entertain spending any more time with you. None of them can have anything to do with grinding on you, like you said in there, or my hands on your body, or my mouth, and vice versa. Go.”
She has a mouth on her.
I can’t believe how much I love it.
Arching my brows, I meet her gaze and absently lick my lips. The threat of backtalk in her eyes makes my skin hot all over. I lean forward an inch, and Angel’s breath hitches in her chest. She nervously lifts a hand into her gorgeous blonde tresses, trying to hide her reaction. Too late. I’ve already seen it. A split second of vulnerability.
“You know why,” I whisper.
Angel runs her tongue across her full bottom lip, and her eyes narrow. “We can keep playing this little game of yours, Axe,” she rasps out in a voice that’s fucking seductive. “But I’m going to tell you now, if you win, it’ll be on my terms. And that’s a big if, my friend. I’m not a woman to be pushed around. You need to be prepared for a fight.”
“That’s where you’re wrong. First of all, this is not a game. And second, the only fighting you’ll see is when I fight for you, not with you.”
Angel doesn’t have a fiery comeback to that. Her jaw relaxes and her lips part. I ease my fingertip down the line of her cheek as I wait for an answer.
She answers me, all right.
Loud and fucking clear.
“Fine,” she says, and I feel her tiny hands fly up to my chest. They skim down my abs, and lower, then she palms my groin through my jeans. Without breaking from my gaze, Angel bats her eyelids, giving me an innocent stare while her hand strokes my growing bulge. Damn, I underestimated this firecracker. As quickly as she starts, she removes her hand, turns, and ducks her head into the driver side window for a moment.
I enjoy the view of her thick, sweet ass while she gets whatever she’s looking for. When she straightens up, she throws the keys over to me.
“I hope you know I don’t do this often,” she says, walking around to the passenger side.
“Don’t do what exactly?”
“Take home strays,” she grins. “Try to keep up, will you? And by the way, I really love my car. Try not to drive it like a Harley.”
“I know exactly when to be gentle and when to be rough, sweet thing,” I tease. My cock throbs in my pants when her eyes flash with recognition of what I mean.
“Let me be the judge of that,” she murmurs. I’m about to walk around the front of the car to open her door, but she raises her hand to stop me. “I can manage opening my own door. You drive.”
I jump in and start the car, slowly easing it out of the parking spot in reverse. The second she clicks the seatbelt around her, I rev the engine and speed out from the gravel parking lot in her sedan.
“It’s not the Indy 500, buddy.”
“I’m starting to see that. Where are we off to?”
“My apartment is about eight blocks from where we met. Head to Desert Java and I’ll give you directions when we’re closer.”
“Sure.” I turn out to the main street and drive toward the highway. “So, you know Dean Roman pretty well, I see.”
“I do. His cousin is my best friend. We’ve known each other for years. How about you?”
I hesitate. Angel may think she knows Dean and his cousin, but I have no way to tell whether she knows how deep they are in the biker life. Or organized crime, for that matter. “Let’s just say we run in some of the same business circles.”
“Really? For a second back there, I thought you’d need a referee. No sane person would believe the two of you work together.”
“We don’t. We’re more like competitors in a boxing ring, except right now, we’re both in our respective corners, waiting for the referee to either call the win, or throw us back in for another round.”
I sense her breathing changing slightly. She’s more relaxed now, sinking back into the car’s leather bucket seats, her eyes closed, drifting off.
“Angel?” I call to her.
“Hmmm?” she hums.
“I’ll need your address pretty soon.”
“Oh, right.” She opens her eyes and straightens up, seeming more alert. “Take a right at the second side street up ahead. You can park on the street. You know, I never asked how you plan to get back on your bike tonight.”
“I figured you’d give me a ride back later on.”
“What if I can’t wake up until morning?”
“Waking up won’t be the problem, honey,” I answer, and she glances over at me with the cutest little grin on her face. “Walking may be, but not waking up. In fact, I may have to keep you up all night long, after what you just started back there.”
Angel lets out a moan on her exhale. “You’re really going all out with this.”
“You’re the one that started the hand job in the middle of that parking lot.”
“Park the car at the end of this street. All the way to the edge.”
“Is this where you live? Near a deserted corner?” I ask, coming to a stop. I let the engine run while waiting for her answer.
“No.” She hops out of the passenger side and walks around to my side, gesturing for me to lower the window. “I’m just not sure I’m ready to invite you into my home yet,” she admits.
“Honesty is good, but you’re no safer out here.”
Angel leans down to me, smiling as she rests an arm on the window. “I think you should leave it running.”
“I see.”
“Get out here.”
I step into the cooler night air, leaving the door open. Angel takes my hand, making slow steps backward until she’s leaning against the trunk of the car. She places my arms on either side of her, and runs her hands up my chest, locking them behind my neck.
“What is it about touching you that makes my fingertips so hot?” she asks, her light blue eyes staring up at me.
I shrug my shoulders, but am a lot less interested in talking at a time like this. I groan as Angel walks her fingers back down my chest, all the way to my belt buckle. She loosens it a bit and slides her hand down my jeans.
“Mmmm,” she moans, stroking my cock. “I should’ve guessed that you can back up all that arrogance with something…real.”
Groaning from her confident touch, my eyes fall closed and my hips rock into her hand job. Whatever she’s been thinking of doing out here, I can’t wait much longer to start. Gripping her waist, I lift her up to sit on the trunk lid, and part her legs. Dragging the hem of her skirt up to her hips, I nestle in between her thighs. Angel kicks off her pumps and wraps her legs around my hips. Her hands roam up to my neck again, fingers lacing up into my hair, lips only inches away from my chin. I can’t wait a second longer to taste that full, pouty mouth.
I tilt her chin up, slide my fingers to the back of her head, gripping a handful of hair. Angel’s breathing becomes ragged, and her eyes close as my lips cover her mouth for a hungry kiss. She tastes fucking delicious. Like honey on tap. I explore her mouth with my tongue, parting her legs wider. Running my other hand up her leg, I grip a handful of her ass. Fuck, I could explore every inch of her curves if we weren’t out in the open right now. My fingers trail up her inner thighs, not stopping at her lacy panties. She’s warm and wet, already pushing against my fingers to invite them inside of her.
As I slip past her panties and breach her folds with two fingers, she lets out a moan against my mouth. Fuck. She’s so fucking tight. I feel her fingernails dig into my back, and her breasts press against my chest, craving more contact. Sliding my fingers deeper only makes me want her more. And not out here. The further I go, the more she rocks her hips, her tight inner walls clenching my digits. All I can think of is burying my cock deep in her. I want to feel that hot, snug fit of her pussy all around my shaft. Putting my thumb to work, I flick her sensitive bud through the smooth fabric each time her hips roll. I can’t help but smile when Angel pulls from my kiss and presses her palms against the trunk of the car, gripping the seam of the opening as she rides my fingers and draws closer to her climax.
She’s grinding her hips, and I pump my fingers in and out of her, harder and deeper each time, spreading her and curving the tips of my fingers to reach her sweet spot. And when I do, her body goes wild. Her inner walls tighten, her body trembles, and a few seconds later, she grasps on to my biceps and whimpers through a powerful orgasm. After her movements settle down, I pull my fingers from her. Her eyes are on me when I reach my hand up to my mouth and suck both fingers clean. Tasting her sweet nectar threatens to strip away all my control, but I hold it together. I help her off the trunk, holding her body tight against mine until she can stand.
This is the longest Angel has gone without saying a word.
After a few minutes, she holds herself up and heads to the driver side.
“That was… you’ve got some skills. Real potential,” she mutters as I open her door.
“Thanks, I think.” I close the door once she’s inside. “Can you make it home on your own?” I ask. “I’d prefer to walk you to your front door.”
“Thanks for the offer, but I’m fine,” she tells me, sounding winded and still wrapped up in all that pleasure I gave her. “How are you going to get back to your bike?”
“I’ll make it just fine.”
Her brows furrow with worry. “I don’t feel right leaving you like this. It’s at least a few miles to the saloon.”
“Don’t you worry about me. Have a good night, Angel,” I say to her and turning to leave on foot.
The walk will do me good. Which is perfect because the way I see it, I have her exactly where I want her. She’s already craving more, and probably wondering what kind of iron will I have, leaving without the benefit of at least one good orgasm.
For now, I’ll let her cool off and get her head back on straight.




I’m a Wall Street Journal (Begging for Bad Boys, April, 2017) and USA Today (Begging for Bad Boys, Alpha for the Holidays, Shifters in the Snow: Bundle of Joy, Shifters in the Shadows) Bestselling Author.

I love reading and writing steamy, high-action romance stories about firefighters, billionaires, and alpha males who know what they want and aren’t afraid of laying claim to the women who catch their interest. I love a happy ever after ending. I enjoy reading, hiking, the countryside, and traveling to destinations unspoiled by commercial tourism, like Las Vegas… 🙂

Like so many characters in my novels, I enjoy action, romance and unexpected love connections that take your breath away. For the next while, you’ll find me plotting and writing about my latest stories on my Macbook.



Cover Reveal

Rough Rider



Title: Rough Rider
Series: Sugar County Boys #3
Author: Madison Faye
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Coverlüv

Photo: Wander Aguiar Photography

Model: Brian L.

Release Date: August 20, 2018


Country swagger, filthy mouth, and one big, huge…gun.
The wildest outlaw in Sugar County is about to get his dirty hands all over one lucky lady.
And this is one cowboy who knows how to hold on tight.
No one ever said robbing a drug kingpin was gonna to be easy. But for a rough and tumble outlaw like me, it should be a cakewalk.
That is, before I crash in locked and loaded to find the prettiest little firecracker this side of the Mississippi sticking a gun in my face.
She’s the good girl gone bad – the gorgeous, tempting little socialite with a shotgun. Problem is, we’re after the same money. Problem is, one look at that fiery red hair and those sweet curves that won’t quit, and I’m hooked like a fish on a line.
Problem is, we already slept together.
Yeah. Shit.
I know the rules, and I know a rough, filthy country boy like myself should stay away from a rich, sassy heiress like Chastity Huntington. But I’ve already had a taste of her sweet lips, and gotten a tease of her soft moans. And now? Well now I’m gonna make her mine.
We’re tied to each other – literally – and on the run from some very dangerous people. But lucky for her, I carry a big gun.
Lucky for her, I know how to hold on tight and ride all night.
Lucky for her, I’m never gonna let go.
Also Available
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Free in Kindle Unlimited
99c for a limited time
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
#1 bestselling contemporary romance author Madison Faye is
the dirty alter ego of the very wholesome, very normal suburban housewife
behind the stories. While she might be a wife, mom, and PTA organizer on the
outside, there’s nothing but hot, steamy, and raunchy fantasies brewing right
beneath the surface!

Tired of keeping them hidden inside or only having them come out in the
bedroom, they’re all here in the form of some wickedly hot stories.
Single-minded alpha hero, sinfully taboo relationships, and wildly over-the-top
scenarios. If you love it extra dirty, extra hot, and extra naughty, this is
the place for you! (Just don’t tell the other PTA members you saw her here…)

Join the mailing list for author updates, special prices, and TWO free
starter-library books!

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Vengeance Promo Banner AUG 19

VENGEANCE by USA Today Bestselling Author Kathy Coopmans releases Aug. 19th!

Get notified the moment it goes live on Sunday!
Cover Photographer: Justin Forsyth
Cover Model: Justin Forsyth
Cover Designer: Ellie McLove
I often wondered if Vengeance came with a price. I never cared, not after the torture I’ve endured.
For me, Vengeance is best served through the eyes of my scope. The twitch of my finger. The pull of a trigger.
The death of someone who deserves to die.
Revenge, retribution, and retaliation are all that comes to mind.
Cruel and brutal punishment for the hell inflicted on my family is all I’ve ever been able to think about.
The betrayal fresh in mind years later, reminding me of the day my world came crashing down.
I lost everything.
The woman I loved.
My sister.
My parents.
You know what else I say about Vengeance?
It’s best served frozen.
No side dish of compassion. No extra helping of warning.
No dessert called a second chance.
The price I want for it.
Is written in blood.



USA Today Best Selling and multiple Amazon top 100 Author Kathy Coopmans is a Michigan native where she lives with her husband, Tony. They have two sons Aaron and Shane.

She is a sports nut. Her favorite sports include NASCAR, Baseball, and Football.

She has recently retired from her day job to become a full-time writer.

She has always been an avid reader and at the young age of 50 decided she wanted to write. She claims she can do several things at once and still stay on task. Her favorite quote is “I got this.”

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Defending the Net


3 Cover Reveal & #Preorder Sale ❤

Two hot-shot hockey players are about to clash in Genevive Chamblee’s sexy M/M romance ‘Defending the Net’.

Preorder now for only #99c. Releasing November 10th.

Amazon links coming soon!

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Brighton Rabalais only wants to play hockey. He’s uninterested in the politics behind the sport, but his recruiting to the Saint Anne’s Civets is as much about politics as it is his hockey abilities. He’s been hired to replace the enigmatic, three-time champion, veteran goalie, Gatien Glesseau, who happens to be as sexy as he is talented.
Their clashing is inevitable, but Brighton can’t get a read on Gatien. However, with his own secrets a concern, Brighton doesn’t need another complication. But when Gatien threatens to invade Brighton’s privacy, Brighton defends his heart with the same vigor and passion as he does the net.
#DtN_Reveal #GeneviveChamblee #HTPubs #preorder #GameOn

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Condemned: A Vampire Blood Courtesan Romance
by Julia Mills
Amazon Global:


It’s now or never – my brother is sentenced to lethal injection for a crime he didn’t commit and it’s up to me to save him.

My only hope isrenowned attorney, Remy Newman, and his price is nonnegotiable – my body and my blood.

This is about survival; not love or happily ever after or even a white picket fence…or is it?

The Vampire Blood Courtesans.
It’s not supposed to be about love…until it is.

New Release



FURY: Shifting Vale Haven (Dragon Guard Book 25)
by Julia Mills

Amazon Global:

Previously released as Her Dragon’s Fury, this book has been completely rewritten with new characters, new thrills & chills, and all the love you’ve come to expect from these schemxy Alpha Dragons. I simply cannot wait to hear what you think of

The books in this epic saga can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills, and exploits of the whole series from beginning to end. It’s up to you. ENJOY!

Drowning in visions of an ever-changing future, unable to recognize reality from fantasy, this powerful Guardsman was driven from the world of his kin and forced to take refuge atop the mountain of his Ancestors. Decades passed, the predictions eased, and Fury finally learned to deal with the loneliness. Life was pretty good until dreams of a fiery redhead with boundless courage and a heart of gold called to the soul of not only the man but also his Dragon.

Mourning the loss of two of the three people in the entire world she’d ever trusted, swamped with guilt and resentment, this strong-willed private investigator with the ability to see the past was thrown into a tailspin. Forced to leave the only home she’d ever known in search of answers, what started out as a simple road trip, quickly turned deadly. The dreams of her Guardian, a Purple Dragon who always provided comfort and refuge suddenly became all too real. Then to ensure she had to face a new reality, her ‘mythical’ Warrior burst onto the scene, sent a Demon packing, restored her fraying nerves, and filled her with a hope she’d been sure had abandoned her long ago.

Can these two miraculous beings join forces to save not only themselves but an entire village? Will the power of the Mother Goddess and the Ancient Dragon Kings be enough to defeat an enemy as old as time? Will Shifting Vale become a haven or a graveyard?

When the past meets the future in the present sparks will fly, but when Pippa meets her mate, the thrills and love are nothing short of explosive.

We all know Fate Will Not Be Denied, but no one escapes the Fury of her Dragon.

This book contains explicit sexual material and violence. It is only suited for mature readers 18 years of age and older.