Deviant Attraction


NOW LIVE!!! Deviant Attraction: A Dark and Dirty Collection by Jennifer Bene is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

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Sometimes you can’t fight attraction.
No matter how deviant it may be.

In this naughty collection everyone has their deviant desires, secret fantasies, and wicked attractions that tempt them into the unknown. Whether it’s a private party where a good girl gets the chance to bring her dark side out to play, or a high school reunion where a second chance at the love of her life gets even better when his best friend wants to play too — ‘The Invitation’ and ‘Reunited’ will give you all the kinky menage romance you can handle!

And if you’re feeling extra naughty, the twisted novella ‘The Rite’ brings together danger, dark lust, and a magical HEA to take you through the darkness and into the bright light of love.

USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bene brings all three of her hot, deviant, and oh so dirty novellas together — available in print for the first time!

Includes all three novellas and their accompanying short stories: ‘The Invitation’ with short story ‘Ben’s Day’, ‘Reunited’ with extended ending ‘A Night Off’, and ‘The Rite’ with extended ending ‘Magic is a B*tch’!

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Cover Reveal

Her Imperfect Match by Taylor Dawn




Her Imperfect Match by Taylor Dawn

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Release Date: 31st August



Roman Duval, Duke of Somerset, needs a wife so he can claim his inheritance. He puts the task of finding one on the shoulders of his incompetent assistant. His worst fears are realized when a short brunette with an atrocious southern accent steps into his Paris mansion. “I asked for a leggy blonde with impeccable taste and class!” With the deadline on his inheritance looming, Roman has no other choice than to keep Mia around for the task at hand. Will he be able to stay in a marriage for a year with a woman who insists that tea shouldn’t be served hot and wears…gasp…unicorn house slippers?

One year of contracted marriage might turn out to be the love of a lifetime.

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Title: Irish
Series: Reed Security Series
Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Genre: Contemporary/Security Romance
Release Date: August 18, 2018
Derek “Irish” Cortell. Badass close protection agent. Sexy, panty-melting smile. Superhero? There’s something strange about the men at Reed Security. When socially awkward Claire Grant works up the nerve to talk to Derek in the grocery store, it opens up a whole new world for her in which her fantasies are becoming reality. Yes, she’s a librarian. Yes, it’s quite possible she’s immersed herself in too many books, but her eyes couldn’t possibly be deceiving her. Could they? Though Claire and Derek seem to have your typical romance, there is nothing typical about Derek or the people he works with, and soon Claire will find out just how super Derek really is.

   “Not a chance in hell. I happen to like my hands wrapped around your juicy ass.”
She reared back and looked at me in horror. “You think my ass is juicy?”
   “Uh, you’ve seen it, right? It’s big and perfect for me to grab onto.”
She struggled to get down and then pushed me away and stalked out of the water. “I can’t believe you just said my ass was big,” she yelled over her shoulder.
   I stood there a minute trying to figure out what the hell I said that was so wrong. She had the most gorgeous ass I’d ever seen. Didn’t all girls want a big ass like that Kardashian woman? I ran after her and gripped onto her arm, swinging her around to see me.
   “I like that your ass is big.”
   She burst into tears and I stood there with wide eyes, wondering what I was supposed to do. There was a reason I didn’t date women. I didn’t know what the hell to say to them on the best of days. Sex was easy. Please them and they’ll be screaming your name the whole night. This…this was totally foreign to me.
   “Having a big ass is a good thing. Men like to know they have something to grab onto. Besides, we want to know that you’re sturdy enough that we won’t break you when we fuck you.”
   She looked up at me through her tears and cried even harder. “So, now I’m sturdy? Like a tree? Next thing, you’re going to tell me I have big thighs.”
   “Big? No, definitely not big. They’re thick and muscular.”
   “Thick?” She spun away from me and ran for the beach blanket, grabbing her stuff and throwing it in her bag.
   “I like that you’re not a stick,” I said, trying to fix this before I totally fucked up the rest of our day. “If I wanted a model, I would go find one. But those women are all beauty and no brains.”


   She sniffed and wiped at her face. “Well, I’m glad to know that I’m thick like a tree, I have a big ass, and apparently I don’t have beauty, but I have brains.”
I’m a stay at home mom that loves to read. Some of my favorite titles are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. I started writing when I was trying to come up with suggestions on ways I could help bring in some extra money. I came up with the idea that I could donate plasma because you could earn an extra $500/month. My husband responded with, “No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book.” I didn’t think I had anything to share on blog that a thousand other mothers hadn’t already thought of. I decided to take his challenge seriously and sat down to write my first book, Jack. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing. From there, the stories continued to flow and I haven’t been able to stop. I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Between reading, writing, and taking care of three small kids, my days are quite full.


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Honor and Love


★★★NOW IN KU★★★

HONOR and LOVE by Andi Jaxon and AJ Alexander are now #FREE on #KindleUnlimited

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Love (SEAL’ed Book 2) →

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“I was honestly blown away by how much I loved Avery, Amber, and Charlie!”
– The Red Hatter Book Blog (about Love)

Book Tour

If I Want You

If I Want You
by Rachel Brimble
Genre: Romantic Suspense

When local journalist, Tori Peterson, fails to prevent a child abduction

outside her niece’s school, her horror and guilt sparks a vow to do

whatever it takes to get little Abby Brady home to her parents.

While Tori battles the vile memories of her own kidnapping as a child, she

accepts the help of widowed father, Mark Bolton. As he and Tori join

forces with the local police, their attraction and intimacy

grows…along with their fears for Abby.

Links are uncovered between Abby’s disappearance and Tori’s kidnapping,

and Tori is forced to accept the monster who held her captive is

back. But this time, Tori is all grown up, and there is no way she

will let him hurt another little girl.

Rachel lives with her husband and two young daughters in a small town near

Bath in the UK. Here first novel was published in 2007. Since then,

she’s had several books published with small presses and since 2012

has written mainstream romance and romantic suspense for Harlequin

Superromance (Templeton Cove Stories) and Victorian romance for

eKensington/Lyrical Press.

Agent represented in the US, Rachel is a member of the Romantic Novelists

Association and Romance Writers of America, When she isn’t writing,

you’ll find Rachel with her head in a book or walking the beautiful

English countryside with her family. Her dream place to live is

Bourton-on-the-Water in South West England. And in the evening? Well,

a well-deserved glass of wine is never, ever refused…

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Your next adventure from Danielle Norman releases September 13th.
Meet The Iron Ladies starting with Roadster!



“Here, take this, you need it.”
Those words used to mean something different to Adeline Morgan.
Once upon a time, they preceded her next high.
Now they had a deeper meaning, they were the sacred code of a whisper network of women.
Women who’d been helped by The Iron Ladies.

The wives of controlling husbands.
The partners of cheating men.
The lovers of playboys leading secret lives.
As an Iron Lady, Adeline helped them all. And she loved every minute of it.

And with each case Adeline grew jaded.
Every man had the potential to break hearts and destroy lives.
Until she met the one determined to prove her wrong.
He didn’t want to break her heart…he wanted to steal it.

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Breaking Free


Title: Breaking Free

Series: Meet the McIntyres #4

Author: Rebecca Barber
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 18, 2018


I missed
I missed my
crazy family.
But I
needed to get away for a while.
Figure out
who I was. Where I belonged.
When I
packed my bags and moved to Melbourne I had no plans.
I just
needed time and space.
I didn’t
count on meeting that one person who could change my life.
The one
person who could help me break free.
My family
sucked ass.
Except for
my brother.
He was all
I had these days, at least in terms of family.
In every
other part of my life though, I was killing it.
My business
was booming. I had great friends who I partied Saturday nights away with.
Then Ryan
stumbled into my life.
I thought I
had my shit together, until he upended my world.
He changed


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99c for a limited time!
Author Bio
I’m just me. A clumsy, introverted, bubble bath loving, chocoholic who would rather read a book than go shopping. And god forbid if you try and make me shoe shop!
I’m one of four kids to school teacher parents. A wife to a football obsessed husband. Mother to a fur-baby who isn’t aware of how big he is. Aunt to the most crazy/adorable little girls. And sister to two very determined sisters and one easy going brother.
I live in Canberra Australia and work too many hours a day at my day job.
I’m a book whore who can easily (and happily) read a book from start to finish in a day and when I do have spare time, you’ll find me in the writing cave.
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New Release



Author: MV Ellis

Title: Cold, Hard, & Heartless

Genre: Rock Star Romance

Series: Heartless Few, book 2

Release Date: August 18, 2018

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

Cover Designer: Claire Smith

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 On sale for 99c! 

Amazon: US | UK | CA | AU

Cold. Hard. Heartless. 


If I don’t rise, I can’t fall. If I don’t give, I can’t take. If I don’t love, I can’t lose. If I don’t break, I can’t heal. If I don’t care, I can’t hurt. 


And if I don’t expose my heart, it can’t get broken.


As a boy, Arlo Jones learned that hearts could literally be broken. His shattered into a thousand tiny pieces when his dad died, and he vowed to never let that happen again. He had to be cold, hard, and heartless.


As a man, he has his shtick with chicks. He’s never been in love, or even in lust. He gets horny, fucks, and sends them on their way. Rinse. Repeat. It ain’t broke, so no need to fix it.


Until London. Meeting her is the start of something big, like the first bump of coke or hit of the pipe. From day one, the only way forward is deeper in, and there is no easy way out.


If this is love, he’s never going to be the same again.




 Heartless Few Series 

Available on


Catching London

(Book 1)

Available now!

Amazon: US | UK | CA | AU


Pushing Arlo

(Book 3)

Releases September 1, 2018

Preorder for half price!

Amazon: US | UK | CA | AU


MV ELLIS knows what it’s like to fall head over heels in love with a badass musician. She followed her heart halfway around the world to be with one. She moved from London to Sydney after a steamy holiday romance with a sexy bass player in sultry Brazil.


Twelve years, two children and a dog later, and she’s still smitten. All this with a guy she sat next to on a bus for 36 hours! She has toured internationally as a “WAG,” and her experiences inspire her writing.

Ellis’s love of romance began when she was 11 years old, after a summer spent secretly reading her auntie’s books. She’s been a sucker for an alpha hero and strong heroine ever since.


An avid reader, Ellis always knew she’d write a book of her own one day. She was right about that. Following a career spanning advertising, marketing, and social media, she finally wrote Catching London in 2017.


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