Rescue Me


💥 Coming ‘atcha on August 25th 💥
‘Rescue Me’ – Shady Pines Boys I
By Jason Banks

Local pretty boy Chet Ramsay has been in a proverbial rut for the past few years. Unable to utilize his two degrees, a B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communications and PharmD in Pharmacy, Chet finds himself stuck in a dead-end position at his local naturals grocery store. And he dreads every minute of it. The only thing keeping him from throwing caution to the wind and quitting said job is the simple fact it took him over a year to find someone willing to hire an overly educated guy for such entry-level work. After the previous year from hell, Chet was determined to overcome his depression and start reshaping his world after a small series of failed suicide attempts several months prior. A compassionate partner is what he needs most. But seems so far out of his reach.

World renowned actor Silvano Moretti has just relocated to Shady Pines, a small ski-resort town at the peak of The Colorado Rocky Mountains. He’s just barely escaped a brutal public relations nightmare in Hollywood after throwing his cellphone at a grocery store clerk, resulting in an assault and battery charge. A combination of both the bad press and a recent box-office flop sent him down a dark and twisty path of booze soaked self-loathing. It’s now high time Silvano step out from the limelight and focus on living a simpler, slower routine. The only problem is, he’s so used to being waited on hand-and-foot, he wouldn’t know a dishtowel from a cloth napkin.

A brisk night greets the snow peak-town just before closing time at the usually fast paced natural grocers, as an armed robbery riddles the staff and leaves the entire store in disarray. Much to Chet’s advantage, he spots a customer waving him down—encouraging him to seek shelter and hide from the masked gunmen inside a walk-in cooler. Trapped inside the cold storage closet for a couple hours, the two men share information about their personal lives to distract one another from wondering if they’ll walk out alive. But as destiny would prove, it turns out there’s more compatible between Chet and Silvano than simply being neighbors.

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