Home to Faithful

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Home To Faithful By Anna Bishop Barker is now LIVE! Part 2 in the
trilogy is now live!



Decorated Marine and former FBI agent Sam Beckett is going home.

Home to the place he couldn’t wait to leave.

Home to the town that nowhere else in the world could replace.

Home to the people that matter.

Home to the girl that he could never forget and to the battle he would
face to win back the woman that she had become.

And home to a predator who waits to take the things that Sam cherishes.


Delilah Prescott had a perfect house.

She had spent a lot of time and effort and blood and tears to make it that way.

If she lived and ate and slept alone in that house, well, loneliness
didn’t give you scars.

At least not like the ones that fists gave you.

And if she didn’t remember how to laugh or love, again, this was the
price she was willing to pay.

But Sam was back.

And suddenly that price seemed too high, and her perfect little house
seemed like a perfect little prison.


And while Sam and Delilah tear each other’s bodies up with passion
while trying to fix each other’s hearts, the predator is watching.



Sometimes the fairy tales are true. The woods aren’t always safe.

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