Omega’s Wish


Omega’s Wish is the first book from new author, Sienna Willows – and it’s available now!
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Carson has never managed to make a relationship last for a month, let alone forever. The Alpha in him wants to settle down, but the spark he’s looking for always flickers out too fast. When he sees his Omega best friend, Kyle, hit on another Alpha, Carson’s blood boils with a feeling he can’t name. Falling into bed with Kyle is easy. The hard part is convincing the Omega that they’re perfect—fated—for each other.

Kyle can’t remember a time when he wasn’t in love with Carson. But now everything is happening so quickly, and Kyle doesn’t know what to believe. He’s already pregnant, and his brain is telling him that Carson is supposed to be pulling away by now, the way he has with everyone else.

His heart, however, is telling him something different. This could be the moment Kyle has been waiting for his whole life, but how can he know for sure? What if he makes the wrong choice?

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