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Ruffles & Beaus

Title: Ruffles & Beaus
Author: Carina Adams
Genre: NA Romance/Love Triangle
Release Date: August 23, 2018

Every girl who dances on a pole has a story to tell, one that led her to the stage.

My last year of college was set to be the best yet. Only a few months stood between me and the life of my dreams. Until my manager was arrested for embezzlement, our department was wiped out, and everything fell apart.

I needed a job. I was willing to do anything to pay for school, hoping to simply survive. Desperate, I joined Soirée, the private party company that offered something no other did.
I wasn’t prepared for Roman, the boss who thought I was helpless and hated me as much as I detested him. Or, his best friend Reid, who assumed I was tougher than I was and pursued me in a way no one else ever had.
I never used a pole, yet I took my clothes off as men cheered. My past didn’t lead me there, though.
My story began with the secrets I told as I fell in love with two very different men.
And continued with the lies I weaved to keep us all from breaking.


I stood there, a helpless bystander, as he gave her the same grin he’d always used on the adults to get himself out of trouble when we were kids. The one that said he was sweet and innocent and could be trusted. Lying asshole. Cady responded with a slow, lazy smile of her own, one filled with promises I couldn’t even comprehend.
Not happening. My fingers locked around her upper arm and I hauled her to her feet before I knew what I was doing. “I’ve got it,” I snarled in his direction before I half dragged her up the stairs and down the hall to my room.
With every step we took she sputtered like an angry wet cat and tried to shake me off. My grip only tightened. As soon as we were in my room, with the lights on and the heavy door locked safely behind us, I let her push me away.
“What in the hell are you doing?”
“You said you were exhausted.” I lifted my chin toward the bed in the middle of the room as I dropped my suit jacket on the floor and pulled off my tie. “Get some rest.”
“There’s no couch. Where are you going to sleep?”
I had my shirt unbuttoned and on the pile before I answered. “You’re a smart girl. You figure it out.”
As I reached for the button on my pants, she nodded once. “Okay. So, I’ll be in Andy’s room.”
I lunged for her as she was twisting the handle, squishing her body between the door and me, my hands on top of hers, halting her. I hadn’t been prepared for how she’d feel. She wasn’t built like my other dancers, shorter and curvier, but I hadn’t stopped to think about how soft that would make her body. It was oddly comforting, and I wanted to sink into it and let her surround me.
Fighting whatever craziness my mind had started to manifest, I put my mouth to her ear, needing her to hear me. “If you leave this room, I will spank your ass. I’m too fucking wasted to take on every man here, but don’t think I’m too far gone to haul you back to this room, tie you to the bed, and punish you.”
Glimpses of that scenario ran through my mind, making me instantly hard. I had no idea where the thought had come from. I’d never tied any woman to my bed, or any where else, and I sure as shit had never spanked anyone in more than a playful manner. It should have disgusted me.
We must have gotten a bad bottle of booze. It hadn’t been stored right or something. Maybe one of Alistair’s loser friends laced it.
Instead of throwing her head back into my face and breaking my nose, or reacting the way any sensible woman would, Cady’s breath caught and she shivered underneath me. Not from fear or cold, but because my words had gotten to her.
She moved her head back slightly, fitting it into the spot between my neck and shoulder. Neither of us said a word. Her scent, one I didn’t recognize, invaded my nostrils. I fought the urge to turn her around and kiss her, to beg her to let me fuck her against the door for the entire house to hear.
Her breathing grew more ragged by the second and I knew that she was feeling it, this undeniable attraction. She spun, her back to the door, perfect fat tits shoving into my chest, and I couldn’t think anymore. My fist wound itself into her hair, holding her in place, as I leaned down in slow motion, almost daring her to push me away, and captured her lips with mine.
She tasted like strawberries and whiskey, her mouth warm and captivating as she gave me exactly what I wanted. It wasn’t enough. I bit her bottom lip lightly, tugging it open, so my tongue could find hers.
Fingernails traced down my bare chest, exploring. When they ran over my abs, Cady groaned as if it was the most delightful thing she’d ever touched. The sound made my dick jump. I worked hard for the body I had, pushed myself to stay in shape, so I could accomplish all the things I wanted. It was a bonus to know she appreciated the effort.
Jealousy, that she got to touch me while I was acting like a saint and keeping my hands in PG zones, hit me. I broke the kiss and stepped back, ready to strip her out of the ugly baggy clothes she’d put on and worship her body. She wasn’t fooling me. I’d seen enough during practices and the performance to know exactly what she was hiding.
In spectacular fuckface timing, Andrew chose that moment to pound on the door. “Yo, asshole. You forgot your phone. Reid’s blowing it up.”
Cady ducked and spun away from the wood, backing toward the bed, eyes wide as they darted around the room. Before I could offer an explanation, or beg her to give me five minutes to get rid of the pest problem outside our door and get back to business, the brat smirked at me. Then she began to laugh.
“Well,” she dragged her teeth over her lip making me groan inwardly, “that was a surprise. No more alcohol for us.”
Andy knocked again.
“You get that. I’m going to go to bed. To sleep.” She clarified. “And then you’re going to come to bed. For sleep. So we can get up in a few hours and pretend this never happened.”
“That’s how we’re playing this?”
“Partners don’t have sex, remember? It’s against the rules.”
Fuck the goddamned stupid rules. I hated them. I was going to rewrite the employee manual first thing on Monday.
Cady chuckled, as if she could hear my thoughts. “No, you’re not. They’re good rules. You don’t want to sleep with me. You’re just drunk.”
“I said that out loud?”
She giggled again and I couldn’t stop my own answering smile. “You did.” She moved forward, pushing me out of the way slightly, and opened the door. “Give it to me,” she held out her hand.
“Come next door and I will,” Andy’s husky voice replied as he handed her my iPhone. “I’ll give it to you so dirty you’ll be begging me for more.”
Without a reply, she backed up quickly and slammed the door in his face.  He obviously didn’t like his head attached to his body because I was going to remove it if he didn’t cut the shit.
“Here,” she didn’t wait for me to take it, but shoved the phone into my chest instead. “Call Reid. Tell him you’re too drunk to drive, that I’m not any better, and that we’re staying here. It’s been an,” her gaze settled on my stomach and her teeth scraped across her lips, “interesting first day at my new job and I’m exhausted.”
With a quick tug, her sweatshirt was over her head and on the floor, taunting me, before she face-planted herself onto the bed. “Good night.” It was no more than a mumble. The brat was out cold in seconds.
I didn’t dial Reid’s number. Or anyone else. He hadn’t been the only one who had called repeatedly. I especially didn’t want to deal with the force that was Livie tonight. Not when I was drunk and I had a hot as fuck woman in my bed.
No. Cady wasn’t hot. Cady was Ruffles, my employee. The bitter, snarky, clueless one. I wasn’t attracted to her.
She definitely wasn’t Brooke. I wanted my fiancé back. And only my fiancé.
Which is why it was perfectly safe for me to climb up onto the bed next to Cady. Friends could sleep in the same bed. The small width of the full size mattress wasn’t something I was used to, which was the only reason I threw an arm around her and hauled her back into my chest. She was soft and warm, which was why I dropped kisses onto her neck, inhaling her body spray, telling myself I loved the scent and needed to find out what it was.
It was all fine. Completely innocent. Nothing more.


An avid reader who loves epic and unconventional romance, Carina has an unhealthy obsession with Jason Statham, loves the sounds of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, is the crazy friend your mom warned you about, and believes one day she will go through the stones to meet Jamie Fraser. 
Carina has been writing and creating characters for as long as she can remember, allowing her to fall in love with the next man of her dreams with every new story.None of which are anything like boring Prince Charming.

Thankfully, fate stepped in and granted her the ultimate wish – a life full of men. Carina lives in a picturesque New England town with her husband, the man who ruined the thought of all others, and two amazing sons who always keep her on her toes.




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Anodyne Eyes

 photo Anodyne Eyes_zpsjq16fpji.jpg

Sci-fi Mystery/Thriller
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Would you modify your daughter’s DNA to end war forever?
In the near future, a World Oil War leaves the Midwest in ruins, except for pristine GMO crops controlled by a monopoly, Ambrosia, and the Army, which savagely protects the crops from starving war survivors.
A genetic engineer, Rachel Anne Lane hates violence and war, and has protected her unusual 16-year-old daughter, Alexis, since birth. If Rachel modifies Alexis’s special DNA, she can end all wars forever.
But Alexis rebels against her mother, traveling to the desolate Midwest to help survivors. Her healing gaze cures Jeff Trotter, a PTSD-afflicted soldier who’s searching for his father, Dan Trotter. Alexis and Jeff fall in love, though he dislikes her reading his mind, fearing she will discover secrets.
Desperate for more oil, the Army will kill millions of Americans with lethal GMO foods Rachel mistakenly developed. They’ll use Jabril El Fahd, the worst kind of brutal, mutated terrorist, who wants revenge against Rachel for his years of torture.
Helped by CIA and Army friends, and computer geek, Dan Trotter, Rachel chases Jabril across a post-apocalyptic U.S., desperate to save Alexis, Jeff, and the U.S. But Jabril is always one step ahead.
 photo Anodyne Eyes print front and back_zpsndot3lml.jpg
Chapter 1
Jeff trudged along the highway, now a barren strip of cracked cement, reminding him of a book he’d read. Before. Before the world had changed. The book had a dad and a son and they pushed a shopping cart over the bleak, empty road. Jeff wasn’t a little kid, though. He wasn’t sure, but probably close to twenty. He had a pack instead of a shopping cart, a gun and an axe handle. Did he have a dad? Of course he did. But who and where?
Not here. He hadn’t seen a soul. Today. Though it was early May, he was thankful the parching Texas sun that had spotlighted him all day was fading. Twilight was near. Woods lined the road now instead of horse meadows, and mesquite trees being the only cover. He didn’t feel like a solitary ant on a sand hill. The woods held cover. That was good. And bad. Others could use that cover, too. He eyed the woods. They were probably waiting.
It had been four years since his first attempt at making this trip. Four years of not knowing who he was, why he was here, why he wanted to go north. Four years of living in cardboard boxes in the ruined city of Dallas, or north of the city, out in the bush, a haze of headaches, running, hiding. Survival mode.
The headaches usually bored deep in the middle of his brain and jumbled his thoughts. But lately they had been getting better. His thinking was more clear. He was ready. This time he would get there.
He did another one-eighty check, walking backwards then forward again. The spring-green of the trees beside the road reminded him of another place, but where? A doe and fawn grazed on shin-high grass to his right in the ten yards of clearing between the trees and the crumbling, gray-black highway. Violet-colored flowers bloomed in the clearing, thick. For the last few miles, and as far as he could see ahead, the trees grew close to each other and undergrowth stuffed any empty space so it seemed like a violet carpet ended at a wall of green.
His gun, an M4 MWS, Modular Weapon System, hung like a satchel on his right hip; the nylon web belt crossed over his left shoulder and through the butt of the rifle. He’d fashioned a thin belt of Velcro scrounged from a trash bin in Dallas and looped it around his right thigh and the gun. It helped steady the gun on his hip, ready in an instant, like a gunfighter of the Old West. The gun rattled as he walked.
The doe lifted her head at the rattle. He put his hand on the gun, trying to muffle it. Both deer bounded away like stones skipped on a river—jump, jump, jump, then into the green on the last skip. Gone. Had the deer actually been there? Another tickle of a distant place smoked through his mind. The vapor of memory disappeared as quickly and completely as the deer.
His camouflaged fatigues were torn on the right knee, threadbare on the other, but at least there had been enough clothes in the pack to last. Lucky to find underwear, though. Dallas had many abandoned Walmarts. The one off Arapahoe near the Tollway had been perfect. He’d slept under some trees in a country club golf course on dead grass, but not bumpy. In the morning, it had taken only five minutes to get to the vacant Walmart. There were a couple of new packages of Hanes, size 34-36, tighty-whities, six per pack in a shopping cart, sitting behind the counter at the sporting goods department. No other clothes there fit him, although he liked his military garb. He felt a little safer in it.
What he’d really wanted was ammo for his gun, or a knife. But all the ammo in every store was gone. And all the knives. Oh well. At least he’d have clean underwear on if he got into a car accident. Yeah right. Hadn’t seen a car in forever.
The gun weight on his right hip felt good, open for the world to see and fear. The M4 MWS was a great gun, had attachments for the M203 grenade launcher, rail and night vision system, all kept in the pack on his back. It was a great threat. Bad thing, though: He didn’t have one damn bullet or one damn grenade. A fake.
Was that all he was, a fake man walking on an unknown road to a place he couldn’t remember? Was he a man? Inside he knew, felt it deep. It ran through him like dirty water through a broken house in a hurricane. Though he still had boy feelings and boy thoughts, he knew. The memories robbed him of sleep in the early morning: the pounding of his M50, chopping through trees in that Louisiana bayou, and the black man falling from one tree, limp and dead; an Army poker buddy burning and screaming and flailing like a torched scarecrow after an IED hit his Humvee; a man firing an RPG, the smoke trail an arrow at his Humvee. Jumping. The explosion. Darkness. Yeah, he was a real man. If only the path had been different.
He shook his head and gripped the axe handle. Real, hard, nothing false about it: a fairly nice club—absent its axe head, though still good hickory stock—heavy, hard and easy to swing. Blood stained the end he’d had to use yesterday on dogs, feral, crazy mutts that attacked him. He squeezed his eyes, pinched his face. The one he’d . . . Shit! She’d looked like his Lab back home.
There it was again—a memory about home instead of that stupid war. Seemed like when he got upset, memories popped into his head: bubbles floating up from a shifting sunken ship, breaching the surface, sometimes floating on the water reflecting the entire memory in a convex iridescence, but usually a mere glimpse before the bubble snapped into thin air. This time, the friendly panting face and happy brown eyes stared at him from over the top of a bed, his bed, his Lab, blond and her name was . . . ?
He sighed. Maybe another time. But she’d never bit him like that one yesterday. Right in the wrist. The puncture was beginning to fester, red and tender. Guess washing it out last night hadn’t helped. It had been his last two cups of water, too. He’d caught the water in a pan after running it over the bite. Had to conserve water for drinking. But even after boiling it, at the first swallow, thinking about the blood in it, he’d gagged and flung it in the bush.
Now his tongue was tacky on the roof of his mouth, his lips as dry and hard as a lizard’s tail, and the headache that had been doing so well was back. It had started in little fits, a nagging ache behind his right eye in the evening. Each morning the lack of it had given him hope. But yesterday as he’d walked and the day grew longer, the ache became a pounding that made him nauseous. It had been there this morning behind his right eye, and now his right eye teared trying to drown that evil gnome that surely lived inside his head, drilling behind his eye.
Water. Please. A stream or lake like the one he’d seen two days ago would be great.
There was nothing except dry road and the wall of trees and bush.
Survival methods came back: digging a hole in low ground, waiting for water to seep in the bottom (he didn’t want to wait); collecting dew on the grass (maybe in the morning); cutting a thick vine and sucking the end (no ropy vines as far as he could see, only trees and bushes).
He knew one thing, if he stayed on the highway, he stuck out like the lonely survivor he was: lonely, thirsty, without real protection, and soon to have an infected arm.
In the smudged twilight, the service station about a mile up the road was a beacon. Lights were on inside. That could be good, or bad—likely bad. He’d run across two guys, a woman and a preadolescent boy on the highway a few days ago. His first instinct had been to talk with them, join and help. Then he saw their eyes, soulless pools that followed him like a big cat eyeing a wounded zebra on the African savanna. The kid was the worst. He smiled brown crags of teeth and waved a filthy hand sporting long fingernails. Jeff ran—the other way. He could still run fast. Faster than them, that’s all that mattered.
There it was again. He had run before, and knew he was fast.
Somehow he was already off the highway, starting toward the green wall. He agreed with his legs. What he had to do was approach the service station from the rear. Or maybe from the side, so he could see the rear and the front. Whether they were good or bad folk, they would likely have both front and back covered. No matter how he approached, the highway at night was a bad idea. Though entering the deciduous forest made his skin crawl.
He shrugged off the thought of being tracked by someone or something behind the wall of trees, and broke into waist-high bushes that impeded every step. He waded forward for twenty feet and broke through to an old, two-track maintenance trail. It paralleled the highway. Surprisingly, he could see pretty well in the low light, so he shifted to a jog. If he didn’t get to the station before the end of light, he’d be a blind, easy target. Each step seemed to whip the evil gnome behind his right eye to drill deeper. He half-closed the eye. The musty odor of dead leaves and a faint skunk smell accompanied the beginnings of cool night air. That could be lucky: A skunk might keep predators away.
Trying to bring his concrete tongue out to moisten his cracked lips was no use. He gripped the axe handle at port arms. It could do some damage. A knife or a bullet would be better. Just one bullet. If they were good people in the station maybe they would give him a bullet. He would plead for two, and some antibiotics. How could all the people left be bad? There had to be some good people.
He slowed to make less noise. The clear space of the two-track allowed him to see a good distance ahead, though it felt like he was in a tunnel between trees and bushes on either side. About twenty yards ahead, a faint glow broke through from the left. It must be from the service station. Would there be traps set? Maybe even on this path? He inspected the ground. No signs of recent travel, though the dim light made it hard to tell. He forced his way through the bushes on his right, deciding to get deeper in the forest and watch his target.
A prickle ran up his neck when he entered the thicker forest. This was dark, wild country, and had been without the constant noise of nearby traffic for four years. That’s as far back as he had been awake enough to sort out this world. The only moving vehicles stuck to the wide freeways. He had specifically stayed away from them. A warning from his cardboard city pals. At least you could outrun people on foot. Out here there were no cars. So whatever animals had lived here once, had probably ventured back—he caught himself. That was another memory: cars and trucks on a highway close to where he’d grown up. How long since he’d been there?
His eyes grew more accustomed to the growing darkness. The brown vertical tree trunks alternated with black void. Leaves of a low-lying, unknown foliage floated in space—ghostly apple-green petals. He stopped and listened.
A faint breeze brought the night, ticked a few branches, rustled leaves. The smell of skunk was fading. Time to move forward.
Each step sounded too loud, crunching like an elephant dancing through crushed glass on tile. Maybe he should go back to the two-track. At least he would make less noise.
That’s what he did, and sighed in relief at his quiet steps. Then he thought about traps. Could be anywhere. He used his club like a blind man’s cane, touching the path ahead tentatively. Two taps with the club, one step. It took longer to cover the distance, but soon the back of the service station was visible through the web of foliage.
The back door, very solid, was closed. Fluorescent white light vibrated out of the window above it. A neon Kentucky Fried Chicken sign flickered on and off in reds and yellows atop the relatively modern building, probably tan-colored brick, judging from the scant illumination on the back walls.
Someone might be hiding on the far side of the building. He had to move a little further forward on the two-track to see the far side. A tap with his club, a step, a tap with his club—it touched a hard thing.
Bright lights flashed from the top of the building, blinding him. Netting erupted from the ground under him, surrounding him and closing high overhead. The netting rippled and settled and hung, a loose wall a foot around him. Still standing, he swung hard at the net with his club. It bounced back. A knife would sure be handy. Yeah, so would real bullets for whoever was coming next. Now he knew what a rabbit felt like in one of his traps, right before the end.
About the Author

 photo Anodyne Eyes Author Milt Mays_zpsrrvyf1mn.jpg

Milt Mays was winner of the Paul Gillette Writers Award in 2011. He grew up in Colorado, graduated from the Naval Academy and traveled the world as a Navy doctor. Two prequel novels are: The Next Day and Dan’s War. His website is
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Molly’s Man by Laylah Roberts

Molly’s Man by Laylah Roberts

Release Date: August 31, 2018 #teasershare


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He pointed at her. “And the next time I tell you to stay put, you damn well better.”

“You keep forgetting the ‘or else.’”


“When you issue a threat, you’re supposed to issue an or else. A deterrent to make me think twice before I disobey you again.”

“I should have just cuffed you to the chair. Then you wouldn’t have been able to disobey me.”

Fuck. Did I just say that? He had no grounds for cuffing her. And as a law officer he shouldn’t really joke around about such things. Not that it had actually been a joke . . . more of a threat. Which was even worse.

“Oh, kinky.” She didn’t look the least bit intimidated. He supposed he should be relieved she wasn’t annoyed or insulted.

“Are you a Dom?”

“Wh-what?” Surely he’d misheard her.

“Are you a Dominant? You know, do you enjoy tying submissives down and spanking their butts? Are you into leather and whips and handcuffs?” She glanced at the cuffs hanging from his belt. “Are those used for more than just arresting criminals?”

“What? No!”

“Ah, I suppose you can’t really mix work and pleasure, huh? Although I bet there’s plenty of submissives out there who have had one or two fantasies about you in that uniform.”

She gave him an admiring look.

Okay, when the hell had he lost control of this conversation? Had he even had control of it in the first place? He wasn’t so sure.

She’s ticking things off her bucket list. Number one, find a sexy man to tie her up and spank her…

Molly knows she’s not going to live a long life. Both her mother and grandmother died young. She’s determined to fit as much fun in as she can. Starting with quitting her job and moving to Haven where the men are sexy, protective, and dominant. It’s just her luck that the man she’s most drawn to is the very serious, very strict Sheriff of Haven.

He’d lost the love of his life once, it won’t happen again…

The only thing that kept Jake going after the death of his wife was his job. Enforcing the law, following the rules, having routines and guidelines, that’s his life. Then a red-headed dynamo moves into town and rocks his world upside down. She infuriates him, intrigues him, and she pushes his comfort zone. So he decides to push back…

Contains one protective Dom and the woman who will turn his life upside down.


Laylah Roberts grew up in rural New Zealand. She worked her way through several libraries, devouring romance books. She finally worked up the courage to write her own story and she’s never looked back. She loves dominant, Alpha men who meet their match in her strong heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s busy running after her young daughter and trying to tame her never-ending pile of laundry.

You can find her here:

Twitter: @laylahR


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Title: Pawn
Series: Broken Bows MC Duet #2
Author: Kerri Ann
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: August 23, 2018
I escaped hell. I was free.

I thought I could go back to normal.
I can’t.
Right now normal hurts.
I’ve seen things—done things—I’m not the same girl I was.
It changed me—he changed me.
The bar is locked up. The Horsemen clubhouse is no place for me, and I don’t belong anywhere that feels familiar.
I’m alone. I’m broken.
The only thing that feels right is my pain.
Our club is in ruins. It’s left me at the helm.
Twists and turns took me down this path that lead to further destruction, and I know King had orchestrated it all.
Thing is, I’m no one’s pawn.
The club is all I have, and King won’t take us down. We’ll play this out our way.

One way or another, he’ll pay for the damage to us, to them, to her…


With an avaricious appetite for stories, Kerri Ann can be found quite often with her nose in a book or writing it. On many occasion it has been said that she’s in her own world, living in the stories of those she reads about, giving them a life they deserve.
She can easily be found under a tree in the shade, or reclining at Starbucks scribbling notes about new stories and new characters, all while keeping the coffee chain in business.
Whether late at night, at a music festival, or sitting on a ski lift, when the thoughts arise, Kerri Ann will add them to those in progress. So be wary, your antics could be in her next book.




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A Vampire Thirst Markus

thumbnail_Vampire Thirst Solease M Barner Final-2.jpg

Title: A Vampire’s Thirst Markus
Author: Solease M Barner
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Editor: Tabitha O. Smith
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
A Vampire’s Thirst…Dark, Dangerous and Deadly!
Markus Black’s passion has been his work and building his empire…nothing will stand in the way of his goal…until he’s hit by a mysterious Thirst and his life begins to unravel. Then it hits…a tantalizing scent that takes his breath away and has his heart thudding in his chest like a jackhammer.
He craves the owner of this scent like nothing he’s felt before. He must have her. Must find her…and he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his. When he finds out she’s a Witch on the run, Markus realises things are going to be harder than he first thought.
Rachel Jones is fleeing for her life…a Vampire proclaiming his love wasn’t on the agenda, especially when she’s been brought up to despise them. Rachel can’t deny the pull towards him…but will it be the death of both of them?
The hunt is on, the battle fierce…only the strong survive a Vampire’s Thirst.

Author Bio:
International & Amazon Best Selling Author Solease Barner lives in a quiet area, which she adores. She loves to spend time with her family especially her husband and daughter. She’s been called the social butterfly by many friends. She’s a huge movie buff, and loves to read books. She writes poetry as a way to release stress. She also believes reading a book on the beach is a slice of heaven! Solease is the author of “Secrets of the Ghosts – The Sleeper”, “Secrets of the Ghosts – AWAKENS”, and “The Draglen Brothers Series – DRAKEN” , Showken BK2 The Draglen Brothers Series, Layern BK3-The Draglen Brothers Series, GEMI BK4-The Draglen Brothers Series , Domlen’s Way BK4.5 -The Draglen Brothers Series, Warton BK5 – The Draglen Brothers Series and A Draglen’s Wedding BK5.5- The Draglen Brothers Series. Domlen BK6- The Draglen Brothers Series. Passionate Roar- A Zodiac Shifter Romance, Passionate Yearning – A Zodiac Shifter Romance, Devious BK1, Revenge BK2, Desired Revenge- The Reigning Sisters and A Vampire’s Thirst: Markus She also will be releasing a new series with wolf-shifters coming soon!

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Quickly he jumped down from the roof and sped to her. She was standing on the porch, her hand on her hip, and she had a bag!

“The spell I used is not going to work forever, so we need to get going. If this is a trick, I’ll kill you.” There was no smile, but he didn’t smell any fear, either.

“I promise you, the only thing I want to do is protect you.” In his mind, he wished he could say, “Tasting, sucking and feeding from you is what I desire the most.”

Without waiting for her to change her mind, he scooped her into his arms, grabbed the bag and ran, faster than he had ever moved before. He knew Floyd would be at the agreed rendezvous. When he looked down, her eyes were tightly closed. He could see her mouth moving, but no sound was coming out.

He felt nothing but pride. Even though he didn’t want to admit to, or discuss anything about, a blood-mate, secretly it made his chest swell with pride. Once they arrived, he set her down at the door.

“You can go on through; you’ll be safe here,” he told her as he leaned down closer to smell her. He was aware that this would look weird, but he couldn’t help that; his body was so drawn to her that he craved her scent.

“Where are we?” she asked, looking around. He watched her closely, not wanting to alarm her with his intensity.

“It’s safe, and I left a trail for your aunts. Please go inside, it’s for you, baby.” The ‘baby’ part was out of his mouth before he stopped to think. He usually never said sweet things to a woman, but a romantic side was surfacing when he was around Rachel.

Her eyes widened, and then she relaxed. She looked down, and reached out to touch the ring he wore on his left hand. As he watched her gazing at it, he wondered what she was thinking.

“That’s a unique ring,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

He never talked about his father’s ring. It was heavy silver, carved with ancient designs, set with a black onyx stone. Back when he had first become a vampire, and Ida Grace was teaching him about his new life, the first thing she had said was that he must let go of all reminders of his human life before his change. Her explanation had been valid, but he hadn’t cared, so he told her it was a ring he had found on the street. He had never spoken of it again, but now Rachel was admiring the ring.

She turned, opened the door and walked in, and he watched her closely, wanting her to be pleased with the accommodations he had arranged for her. Slowly she walked further in, still not speaking.

“The fridge is stocked with everything; this house is bigger than you would think, with all the bells and whistles.” He stayed close to her, inhaling her intoxicating scent.

“So, no one is going to find me here? Please explain how” When she faced him, it was almost enough to knock him off his feet. His thirst came upon him as never before, and he felt his fangs emerging. He walked to the bar and poured himself a drink.

After downing three full glasses of whiskey, he was able to speak. “This place used to be my home, but just so you can ease your mind, it’s been spelled to be invisible to anyone whose name is not on the list.” He pointed to a list of names on the wall next to the door.

“So you placed my name on the list?”

“Yes, and I’ll add your aunts, but you still haven’t said anything about the place. Do you need anything?”

She finally set her bag on the floor and walked to the bar, pouring herself a stiff shot of tequila. He could tell she was worried. He wanted her to feel safe.

“Are you leaving?” she asked, without meeting his eyes.

“No, I want to stay with you. Unless you want me to leave.”

“No, stay with me. I don’t like being alone.”

She walked over to the sofa and took a seat, and he followed her. He sat as close as possible to her, almost touching.

Ida Grace walked in, smiling.

“Floyd said you found your blood-mate, but I didn’t believe him until now.”


Red & Blue


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Firefighter Paul Raffield knew all about danger. Running into burning buildings, and rescuing people from danger was what he’d signed up for and he loved it. Little did he know the greatest danger he was about to face was the one to his heart.
A tough shout put Paul and his crew in grave danger. The aftermath of which left them all shaken. It was then that his eyes met that of a certain P.C., one he knew by sight only, but one he wanted to get to know a whole lot better. Realising life was too short, he decided it was finally time to take a chance.
Copper Cliff Harris loved the thrill of the chase. The paperwork? A necessary evil. One night he found himself attending the scene of a burning warehouse, it was there that the firefighter he’d been eyeing up finally approached him and asked him out for a drink.
When drinks turned into one hot night, both were left with questions to answer. Was one night of burning up the sheets enough?

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Deadly Passion

Title: Deadly Passion
Series: Heaven’s Heart Book One
Author: Amanda Pillar
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 23, 2018




Can two assassins outwit each other to claim the ultimate prize? 
Dru is a blood-bound assassin, tied to Hell and her master for eternity — okay, not ‘eternity’, but it sure as Hell feels like it. She’s got a slight attitude problem, a strict no-touching rule and she has claws and knows how to use them. She’s also willing to earn her freedom at any cost, even if that means stealing from an angel.
Azrael was once a member of an elite unit in Heaven’s army, but after a priceless artifact was stolen on his watch, he was thrown out of Heaven. Now the fallen angel is on a mission: find Heaven’s Heart, save his missing comrades, and get even with the angel who took his wings.
The first time Azrael and Dru meet, she leaves him for dead. The second time, they’re tasked with the same mission — retrieve Odin’s Orb. Will their sparking passion derail their best-laid plans? Or will they play for keeps?




Amanda Pillar is a USA Today Bestselling author and award-winning editor who lives in Australia.
Amanda has had numerous short stories published and has co-edited six fiction anthologies and solo-edited two: Bloodstones and Bloodlines. She is the author of the Graced Series, the Tangled Threads series, the Heaven’s Heart series, and co-author (with K.V Adair) of the Moonlit Hills series.
In her day job, she’s an archaeologist.



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BENT by Derek Masters
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Easy Glamour



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A Bad Boy Hollywood Romance

Rhett Legend Delgado is the bastard son of Hollywood royalty and a soon-to-be Rock God. He’s got a big chip on his shoulder, a big rage in his gut, and a big hunk of manhood in his pants….all of which he intends to use to get what he wants.



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Maggie Marr is the USA Today Best-Selling author of over 20 hot contemporary romances. She got her start in Hollywood pushing the mail cart and eventually became an motion picture literary agent. You can find her at all the usual spots like FB, Twitter, and Pinterest or at She is a pop culture addict and when she isn’t writing or reading you can find her binge-watching her favorite shows. You can always email her at


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