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Firefighter Paul Raffield knew all about danger. Running into burning buildings, and rescuing people from danger was what he’d signed up for and he loved it. Little did he know the greatest danger he was about to face was the one to his heart.
A tough shout put Paul and his crew in grave danger. The aftermath of which left them all shaken. It was then that his eyes met that of a certain P.C., one he knew by sight only, but one he wanted to get to know a whole lot better. Realising life was too short, he decided it was finally time to take a chance.
Copper Cliff Harris loved the thrill of the chase. The paperwork? A necessary evil. One night he found himself attending the scene of a burning warehouse, it was there that the firefighter he’d been eyeing up finally approached him and asked him out for a drink.
When drinks turned into one hot night, both were left with questions to answer. Was one night of burning up the sheets enough?

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