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I often wondered if Vengeance came with a price. I never cared, not after the torture I’ve endured.
For me, Vengeance is best served through the eyes of my scope. The twitch of my finger. The pull of a trigger.
The death of someone who deserves to die.
Revenge, retribution, and retaliation are all that comes to mind.
Cruel and brutal punishment for the hell inflicted on my family is all I’ve ever been able to think about.
The betrayal fresh in mind years later, reminding me of the day my world came crashing down.
I lost everything.
The woman I loved.
My sister.
My parents.
You know what else I say about Vengeance?
It’s best served frozen.
No side dish of compassion. No extra helping of warning.
No dessert called a second chance.
The price I want for it.
Is written in blood.


Young woman in blue underwear sit on the floor, side view, studio shot, little amount of grain added


“You going to tell me what that bullshit was that went down in there a few days ago or you still think that whiskey is going to make this all go away? Because it sure sounded like you were pretending to be your brother.” Chaz is angry. Good. That makes two of us. Three if you include Nick who, after days of trying to find out who drugged Ivy is coming up with nothing. Ironic as hell that the one night someone dares to harm her, the security cameras at BURN had been disabled. Every fucking one of them.

I knew I should have gotten out of the chair and had him go in there when she started to stir, and like the torturer I am, I sat there listening to every pain laced word filter out of her mouth. Her words slamming deep into my soul, ripping me apart. Since then, I’ve been stewing in my own misery. All kinds of guilt and anger weighing me down.

I went along with her thinking I was him while listening to the hell he put her through all over again. Nearly jumped out of the chair to let her see me, begging to be her savior when she made a comment about my knife. Her suffering became its own ghost that will plague me the rest of my life.

Guilt cutting me so deep it had my insides spiraling with a crazy out of control need to remind Ivy what we had. The problem is, was, always will be I’m too fucked up. A man full of evil when everything about her is good.

“She’s not ready to see me yet,” I exhale. Been pacing the floor outside my bedroom, refusing the urge to go into my study and watch her yet again on my security cameras while Doctor Hanson’s daughter, Ellie, takes care of an irate Ivy. The woman screaming and hollering my brother’s name, asking her if she’s one of his whores all the while mixing it in with demanding answers. Answers I can’t quite give her yet. Not until I rein my shit in.

“I know. You could have at least let me talk to her. Took a big risk by doing that.” Right, and miss having to hear only what I’m sure was a touch on all the shit Drew did. Can’t choke any of it down. “Yeah, well, I’ve been taking risks ever since the first bullet I shot off splattered brains all over the place. On top of her not knowing I’m alive, I had to see how brainwashed he has her. She didn’t even move her head when I told her not to look at me. Part of it was due to the fact she hates him; other was she does what he says. Scared to death of the man. I would never have guessed the woman I used to know would surrender that easily. She was feisty, full of life. A willingly submissive woman she was not.” Not my girl. Everything she did was done because she wanted to do it.

I heard and felt the spice she used to shake around whenever she was angry wanting to pour out of her. Pretty sure the remaining drugs, the confusion of where she is, and why, held most of it back. That, plus, she’s frightened.

Hearing her speak the way she did. Expecting to be tortured, made to do things forcefully alienated me. Left me reeling about what needed to be done. Made up my mind the second I walked through that bedroom door closing, her cries behind me, it was time to make a call I never intended to make.



USA Today Best Selling and multiple Amazon top 100 Author Kathy Coopmans is a Michigan native where she lives with her husband, Tony. They have two sons Aaron and Shane.

She is a sports nut. Her favorite sports include NASCAR, Baseball, and Football.

She has recently retired from her day job to become a full-time writer.

She has always been an avid reader and at the young age of 50 decided she wanted to write. She claims she can do several things at once and still stay on task. Her favorite quote is “I got this.”

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