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Sinister Hunger


“A pet must always be dressed appropriately in their Master’s presence.” He snaked his gloved fingertips down Vincent’s chest, abdomen, then around his flaccid cock.
The hunter seethed a protest but did not move.
He gripped Vincent’s cock “This will not only let me control you but tells me where you are at any moment. I like to keep a close watch on my belongings.”
Maddox snapped the cock ring into place, then slithered a hand up and down Vincent’s shaft. He brushed a thumb lightly over the slit and grinned when Vincent sucked in a breath.
“So that’s what I am in all this? A possession to you?”
“And what a beautiful possession indeed, Vincent. Obeying my orders will soon be all you can think about. You will learn to worship them. Crave them.”
The hunter seized Maddox’s arm into an iron-like hold. “Like fucking hell I will.”
Maddox smiled and continued fondling Vincent’s cock with his spare hand. “You truly believe that? That you will win here, even when it is you, not I, who has everything to lose?”