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Daddy Bear


The Daddy is back. 7th September.
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There are always two sides to every story, now you can hear Frank’s.

Frank is Forty-Five, He wasn’t looking for another relationship having recently escaped his previous one. But then he never knew he was going to meet Carter.

Carter is Twenty-Two, Immature and Insecure he is desperate for a boyfriend someone to make him feel loved. He wants a Daddy to take care of him.

This is the Daddy Bear story so far from Frank’s point of view. Find out the unanswered questions as we step into Frank’s world.
What are Frank’s real feelings about Carter?
What really happened at the hospital when he visited his ex-partner, Charles?
When he was left alone in the flat with Brandon what did they do?

A hot age gap, gay romance.

Is Carter a young chaser that’s given Frank a morale boost or is there more?

If you love very hot gay erotic romances. The Daddy Bear series is for you.

Catch up with the series both books at 99¢ /99p
Daddy Bear

Carter – Daddy Bear 2