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Written on my Heart


Written On My Heart by Annabella Michaels is now available on Amazon and KU. ❤️❤️❤️


Garrett Sullivan’s heart was broken when he learned that the man he was secretly in love with, his best friend, Akio, was head over heels for someone else. Romance writer by trade, starry-eyed dreamer by design, Garrett leaves Chicago to mend his broken heart. After months of wallowing in his own misery, Garrett barely recognizes himself anymore. With only two weeks until he has to return home, he sets off for the beautiful island of Maui, hoping the sand, sea and sun will help him pull himself together.
Dean Wilder has worked very hard to become a household name and for his roles as a leading man in the biggest action films to grace the big screen. Considered one of Hollywood’s sexiest bachelors, Dean has had a string of meaningless relationships. The only thing his past partners have taken seriously are his fame, his fortune and the status they gain by being his plus one. Fed up with playing unfulfilling characters, frustrated and tired of being alone, he longs for serious film roles and a meaningful relationship. Desperate for a break, Dean sets off for his vacation home along a private stretch of beach in Maui.
Sparks fly when Garrett and Dean see each other for the first time, and after a wild night of passion, they agree to spend their vacations together, exploring the island and each other. But what begins as a bit of harmless fun soon turns into so much more than either man bargained for, and they must face some difficult decisions; about their lives, their careers and their hearts.