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More Perfect

Title: More Perfect

Author: Daniel Janaka

Publisher: NineStar Press, LLC

Release Date: August 27, 2018

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 59900

Genre: Contemporary, contemporary, reunited, drug/alcohol use, infidelity

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Jimmy has already grown used to being alone in his mid-twenties. One failed attempt at romance after another has left him both weary and defiantly independent. That is, until Luke stumbles into his life, flashing his adorably crooked smile and wielding his boyish charm. Jimmy stands no chance against the boy of his dreams.

All seems picture perfect, but as the dust settles and the reality of day-to-day life takes over, Jimmy’s happily ever after begins to suffocate. Differences arise and disagreements become the norm as Jimmy and Luke navigate the sometimes-troubling waters of early adulthood.


More Perfect

Daniel Janaka © 2018

All Rights Reserved

Chapter One

“I never do this right. It’s like every time is the first time for me.”

Jimmy struggled to quiet his shaking hands as Luke took a drag from the bowl, resting his free hand on the steering wheel. Jimmy had fantasized about being close to him for weeks, but the confidence he’d so naturally possessed in his daydreams was nowhere to be found, all the charisma and charm replaced instead with a resounding fear that shot through him like an electric charge of restlessness. His leg fidgeted, bobbing up and down to its own chaotic rhythm. His whole body trembled.

“It’s freezing in here,” he noted, hoping to hide his nerves behind the chill.

“Sorry, it takes a while for the heat to warm up.” Luke reached for the air vent and adjusted its direction, guiding it toward Jimmy. “That should help.”

Luke pulled another waft of smoke deep into his lungs, holding it in for a few seconds before gently releasing it into the air. Jimmy watched out of the corner of his eye, trying not to stare but unable to look away. Luke’s adorably lanky arms remained suspended for a moment as he emptied his lungs. His skin was pale, his nostrils highlighted by a soft pink glow. His shaggy hair crowned his boyish frame, an unorchestrated mound of waves and curls.

The streetlight above flickered, struggling to illuminate the quaint Brooklyn neighborhood, abnormally free of any distraction. No pedestrians, no traffic, none of the usual late-night clamor. The hybrid cinema-bar was only a block ahead. Its sign shone in the distance as Jimmy peered through the dirty windshield.

A group of rowdy men exited, interrupting the silence with their laughter as one man pulled out a cigarette before passing the pack along. The twenty-minute intermission between screenings provided a welcome opportunity to grab a smoke, use the bathroom, or be alone with a dangerously captivating new friend.

It had been a challenge to quiet his overactive mind while trapped in the dark theater—sitting so close, feeling the accidental graze of Luke’s arm against his own. He had been forced to keep his eyes fixed on the screen ahead as he struggled to absorb the subtitles that fired off one after another while his mind ran in circles, left only to imagine those puffy eyes surrounded by soft dark circles like remnants of a constant lack of sleep. When the first film had reached its finale—the score rising in an unnecessarily epic crescendo—the lights slowly rose, illuminating the sparsely filled space.

Jimmy hid a yawn as Luke leaned in and whispered, “I don’t want to sound like a freak, so of course no pressure, but I have some pot in my car if you want to smoke a little before the next one. It might be more fun to watch it with a buzz.”

It didn’t exactly fit the construct of what Jimmy had in mind for the evening, but the warmth of Luke’s breath as it grazed against his ear thwarted any desire to refuse. It had, however, been some time since his last encounter with the unpredictable herb. He grew concerned about what he might do or say while stoned, fearful that the smallest dent in his armor of coolness could send Luke running back to Jersey.

Jimmy took the pipe, silently commanding his hands to cease their incessant shaking. His fingers grazed Luke’s in the exchange.

“Just pull it in, and let it sit in your lungs for a while before you let it out.” Luke reached over and took Jimmy’s hand, guiding it around the pipe in the right direction. His fingers were long and slender but knotted at the knuckles; his fingernails short and frayed, jagged around the edges. He placed Jimmy’s thumb over the small hole at the side of the pipe. “You’ve got to cover the hole when you pull in at first,” he explained.

Jimmy willingly took instruction, delighted to be touched. He pulled in a small, apprehensive drag and waited for a moment, holding the smoke in his lungs as he had been instructed to do. He glanced over at Luke who to his surprise was smiling in approval. Jimmy smiled back as he admired Luke’s childlike expression, more a grin than a smile whereby only the left side of his mouth was raised. There was something sinister about it, devious even, but charming. Steadily, Jimmy exhaled.

“There you go,” Luke exclaimed. “You got it.”

Jimmy smiled and flicked the lighter again, already a pro. He pulled in another drag, this one bigger.

“Now we’re talking,” cheered Luke.

A ball of fire barreled down Jimmy’s throat, scorching the terrain as it made its way to his lungs and filled them beyond capacity. He hurried to exhale but began coughing, his insides erupting as heavy clouds of smoke burst out. He heaved for air between attacks, desperately trying to regain composure.

“It’s—I took—oh, man.” His eyes filled to the brim.

Luke chuckled and placed a caring hand on Jimmy’s shoulder, holding back his amusement while he offered support.

The coughs grew fainter and the outburst subsided. Jimmy’s breathing returned to normal. He dried his eyes and sat upright, eager to recover. His head was lighter. Time began to crawl. He passed the bowl back to Luke who received it with another half smile before the glass vessel met his mouth. Luke cradled it with only the tips of his long, delicate fingers. His rosy lips puckered as he released another effortless stream of smoke. He moved with such precision, his methodical gestures casting a spell on Jimmy as he imagined Luke’s moist lips pressed against his own, pot-flavored saliva mixing.

Luke turned to Jimmy, catching him midstare.

Jimmy looked away, gearing his attention ahead.

Silence lay awkwardly suspended between the two. Jimmy’s leg sprang into action, bobbing up and down chaotically as he struggled to come up with something to say, anything to distract from his embarrassment. It was his dead dog, Sneakers, who entered his mind at that particular moment, becoming the topic of his incomprehensible rant. He anxiously traversed the subject, hoping that as long as he continued he might find a point, some meaningful way of making the story relevant.

Luke charged forward.

He pounced without warning, catching Jimmy off guard, a dangling word about Sneakers still struggling to escape, quashed by Luke’s eager lips. Jimmy sat frozen, suspended in a state of shock as his lips acquiesced. His eyes remained wide open. He glanced around to assess the situation in hopes of regaining consciousness. Luke’s eyes were sealed shut. Jimmy closed his.

Luke grabbed Jimmy’s face, pulling him closer. Jimmy kissed harder, adding his tongue to the mix in hopes of returning to his body and ending the sudden, ill-timed fit of numbness. Luke accepted, offering his tongue as well. It twirled around Jimmy’s, slithering in and out of his mouth with skill. The haze was lifting. Jimmy reached over, trying to touch Luke’s face, but Luke’s arms created an impenetrable barrier. He settled for his elbows before eventually resting his hands on Luke’s thigh. Jimmy caressed Luke’s leg as a rush of excitement filled him. Blood charged through his body. His senses now on

overdrive, he could finally taste the boy attached to him, feel his moistness. He lunged forward, pushing Luke back into his seat. His hands were now free to roam as they pleased. He ran them up and down Luke’s torso, traversing his stomach and chest until resting on Luke’s face. Luke moaned softly. Jimmy leaned in farther, pressing closer, wincing in pain as the center console stabbed into his side, but continued on his mission to devour him.

Luke pushed forward, sending Jimmy crashing into the steering wheel.

The horn burst into action.

Their mouths broke apart as they surrendered to laughter, the tips of their noses still touching. Jimmy peered behind and noticed the men near the theater staring. He peeled away.

“I guess we should get going?” Jimmy suggested.

“I guess,” Luke replied as he wiped the sides of his mouth clean. “Don’t want to miss the next one.”

Jimmy’s heart pounded as he exited the car, flattening his shirt and rearranging his hair.

Luke approached, offering his hand.

Jimmy placed his hand in Luke’s, quieting his enthusiasm as best he could as they began down the sidewalk. Their fingers locked together as a sense of ease washed over him. There was no concern for the group of men watching as they approached. He no longer worried about being awkward or unprepared. The chatter of his overactive mind had quieted.

They entered the theater, still joined together, and took seats in the back row.

“More privacy back here,” Luke said with a wink.

Jimmy smiled brightly, unable to contain his excitement as the lights dimmed.


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Meet the Author


Daniel has always had a love for storytelling. Originally from New York City, he moved with his family at a young age to South Florida, and received his B.A. in Studio Art and Film from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. After graduating, he returned to New York where his love affair with the Capital of the World continued. In 2007 he relocated to Los Angeles, California where he now resides. Daniel received his M.F.A. from the American Film Institute Conservatory. He works in post production in the film and television industry, but spends most of his free time reading and writing.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


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Title: Tryst
Author: Shaniel Watson
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 9, 2018
Cover Design: Opium House Creative


Three things you absolutely must not do, especially when you’re the boss.
One… have an affair with your summer intern.
Two… have an affair with your friends’ daughter.
And three… have an affair with your ex’s niece. 
It’s going to be a brutally hot summer in the city, and someone might just get burned.


Shaniel Watson is the author of the Imperfections Series. Her first book was published in 2015. She writes stories she likes to read, sultry emotional stories with imperfect characters who eventually get their happy ending. 
Shaniel lives in New York and is a proud mother.


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On Andross Station By #JCLong

Title: On Andross Station

Author: J.C. Long

Publisher: NineStar Press, LLC

Release Date: August 27, 2018

Heat Level: 2 – Fade to Black Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 37000

Genre: Science Fiction, science fiction, adventure, romance, gay

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Hikaru Adachi has come to Andross Station to discover what happened to colleague and fellow Inquisitor Katya. Thane, a tracer, has arrived at the station seeking a bounty on Galen Horn, one of the Unity of Planets’ most wanted men. They will find their paths cross as their interests intersect, and soon they are on a hunt that is more dangerous than they know, for Horn has enlisted some dangerous allies, including one from Thane’s past. If Thane and Hikaru together can’t bring Horn down, he will set in motion a plot that will see the entire station destroyed in an attack of massive proportions.


On Andross Station

J.C. Long © 2018

All Rights Reserved


One second the café was calm, the next it exploded into chaos. Tables flew and chairs tipped and slid over the floor as people scrambled away from sudden gunfire. Only one person at the café seemed to

maintain her calm. She dropped behind the table she sat at, taking shelter from the bullets. The shooter moved with purpose, seeming to seek an angle to make her his next victim, but she was not going to be so easily caught off-guard. She drew her legs back and then slammed them into the table as hard as she could. The table, made of some sort of ultra-light plasteel material, soared, slamming into the gunman’s knees. The woman jumped to her feet, efficiently disarming the shooter before pistol-whipping him with his own gun. With a harried look, she walked away from the café.

“Rewind image five seconds.” The hologram projector obeyed Hikaru Adachi’s command, playing back to the moment right after the woman disarmed and incapacitated the gunman and looked toward the camera. “Freeze image.” The image’s movement halted. Hikaru squinted, focusing on the woman’s face.

This was the last moment recorded of Katya—no other camera in the station caught sight of her. It was as if she walked out of the frame and then disappeared. No matter how many times he combed through the security footage, he couldn’t find a single sign of her again.

“Vi, time to arrival at Andross Station?”

“We will be arriving in just under two standard hours,” answered the “voice” of his personal VI, which he called Vi. It was a generic voice, free of any identifying inflection, the same sort of VI used throughout the Unity of Planets for ease of communication. The voice was easy for those not accustomed to speaking Terran—not too fast, not too slow. Only Hikaru could hear it, its “voice” processed directly to his brain.

Hikaru rolled his head, trying to release tension in his neck. “Reaccess information regarding Katya’s current assignment.”

“Note that access to some of the information is listed as restricted,” the AI informed him, as it did each time he asked to access it. “Most recent updates to assignment were made twenty-nine standard hours ago.”

That time significance was not lost on Hikaru, even though it was probably lost on the VI. She’d received an update on her assignment an hour before the shooting at the café. It was unlikely to be a coincidence.

He examined the material on a secure personal access point, as was proper protocol. It didn’t do much to alleviate his confusion. According to the files, Katya was assigned to Andross Station to monitor what might be a hotspot for subversive activity—not much surprising; Katya was, like Hikaru, an Inquisitor, enacting the will of the Unity of Planets as they were ordered. Inquisitors often found themselves in the role of watchdogs, keeping an eye on pockets of discontent that might boil over into open rebellion. The assignment was classified level two—which meant discontent was high, and in certain conditions might spill over into violence.

Twenty-nine hours ago, it was upgraded to a level four—danger imminent. After that, everything was sealed. When given the assignment to investigate Katya’s disappearance, Hikaru was granted a temporary higher security clearance, which gave him access to one more piece of information, and it was probably the most critical piece he could get: approximately thirty-one hours ago, the Unity learned that Galen Horn, a notorious terrorist and murderer, was on his way to Andross Station. Two hours later, the threat level was upped, and an hour after that, Katya was gone.

Hikaru didn’t believe in coincidences. Galen Horn was somehow related to Katya’s disappearance. If the connection was there, he’d find it. He was one of the best; it was why they sent him.

Hikaru disconnected the data stream with a sigh, sat back in the chair, and stared at the bulkhead of the small fast-cruiser all Inquisitors used to convey themselves to their missions. He’d set out from Engiminon VI with little notice very late in the night; when an assignment came, you didn’t wait until morning; you boarded the cruiser and set off. Once on board, he opted to review all the material he could relating to the assignment, foregoing sleep. Now he was too close to his destination for sleep to be a valid option.

Instead he would spend the time remaining in his transit to reinforce his psychic walls. Being a telepath was difficult, but it was most challenging on a space station or vessel. People crammed into contained areas while recycled air swept through, carrying the emotional vibrations of every passenger with it. If given the choice, Hikaru would never go to space stations, never make a transit on a crowded ship. But he was an Inquisitor, and he didn’t have the luxury of choice.

He sat on the bed cross-legged and then closed his eyes in preparation for the mental exercises to come.

He spoke aloud to Vi. “Has the station’s security been notified of my arrival?”

“Affirmative. Their head of security will meet you at the docking bay.”

“Thanks, Vi.” Inquisitors and local security or police forces never got along well; the security teams didn’t take kindly to an “outsider” stepping on their toes and taking over. Not that it mattered, in the end. Inquisitors had the authority, and Inquisitors did not work with other forces. The security team would just have to take a step back. They wouldn’t like it, but what they liked wasn’t of great concern to Hikaru.

“Notify me when we begin docking procedures,” Hikaru instructed Vi. With a deep breath, he began building his mental walls, visualizing impenetrable steel panels falling into place one by one, until he was encased in a psychic Fabergé egg. Something told him he was going to need them on Andross Station.


NineStar Press, LLC | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Meet the Author


J.C. Long is an American expat living in Japan, though he’s also lived stints in Seoul, South Korea—no, he’s not an army brat; he’s an English teacher. He is also quite passionate about Welsh corgis and is convinced that anyone who does not like them is evil incarnate. His dramatic streak comes from his life-long involvement in theater. After living in several countries aside from the United States J. C. is convinced that love is love, no matter where you are, and is determined to write stories that demonstrate exactly that. J. C. Long’s favorite things in the world are pictures of corgis, writing and Korean food (not in that order…okay, in that order). J. C. spends his time not writing thinking about writing, coming up with new characters, attending Big Bang concerts and wishing he was writing. The best way to get him to write faster is to motivate him with corgi pictures. Yes, that is a veiled hint.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | eMail


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The Bull Rider’s Return



Title: The Bull Rider’s Return
Series: The 79th Cooper Mountain Rodeo #2
Author: Joan Kilby

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 28, 2018
No good deed goes unpunished…
Rough rider Cody Starr relishes his reputation
as the bad boy on the rodeo circuit. When he impulsively leaves his prize money
as a tip for a struggling waitress so her little boy can get a heart operation,
Cody keeps quiet about it, knowing he’s only atoning for past sins. His good
deed is outed when Kelly Reid drives across three states to thank him in
person. Despite the fact that Kelly forces him to confront his past and
question everything, Cody starts to fall hard for her.
Single mom Kelly Reid thinks Cody is a Hero
with a capital H. She believes in Cody, but she knows that nothing long term
can come of their intense attraction until he believes in himself. Is Cody the
love ‘em and leave ‘em guy he claims to be or could he possibly be the man of
her dreams?   


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Ricky tugged on his mom’s arm. “Give Cody his present.”

“All right.” Kelly wiped her fingers carefully and moved the soiled food
containers out of the way. Then she reached into her tote bag and took out a
folded article of clothing wrapped in tissue paper. “I hope it fits. I had to
guess at your size.”

“It’s a lucky vest for you to wear when you’re bull riding,” Ricky spilled the
beans excitedly. “Mom made it to match your chaps, didn’t you, Mom?”

“Yes, but Ricky, you know he has to wear a protective padded vest when he’s
riding, right?” She glanced at Cody. “Usually he’s telling me how rodeo works.”

“I forgot.” Ricky’s small shoulders slumped. “If you can’t wear it riding, it
won’t bring you luck.”

“Just owning it will do that, little dude,” Cody said. He held up the tailored
black leather vest. The western-style yoke was trimmed in black snakeskin and
the front closing studded with buffalo and Indian head buttons. All hand
stitched from the looks of it. He ran a hand over the soft leather. No one had
ever made him anything like this before.

“Thank you,” he said, incredibly touched. “I don’t know what to say. This vest
is so special I’ll save it to wear for good.”

“I know it doesn’t begin to repay—” Kelly began.

Finally they were getting to the crux of her visit. Cody was shaking his head
before she finished the sentence. “That money I gave you was a gift, no
strings, no expectations. Seeing Ricky looking so healthy is payment enough.”

Seeing her looking beautiful and carefree was a bonus.

“Well, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m not sure I said
that at the time.” Her cheeks pink, she gestured to the vest. “Try it on.”

He pulled the vest on over his chambray shirt and buttoned it up. “It fits like
a glove.”

“Perfect,” Kelly agreed happily. “I’m so glad.”

“Honestly, you didn’t have to,” Cody said.

“Neither did you.” Her smile was so sweet it pierced his heart.


Author Bio
Award-winning author Joan Kilby writes sweet, sexy
contemporary romance with a touch of humor. When she’s not working on a new
book Joan can often be found at her local gym doing yoga or being dragged
around the neighborhood by her Jack “Rascal” terrier. Her hobbies are growing
vegetables, cooking, traveling and reading–not necessarily in that order.
Happily married with three children, Joan lives in Melbourne, Australia. She
loves to hear from readers so feel free to drop her a line. For contact details
and more info on Joan’s books, go to


Author Links


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Rock My Heart by Stephanie Julian


Rock My Heart by Stephanie Julian is coming soon on September 18th!
#rockstar #romance #badboyromance
The rock & roll lifestyle nearly cost him everything…

On the surface, Sebastian “Baz” Valenti is a rock god with the lifestyle to match. With his drop-dead gorgeous looks and his band, Baseline Sins, at the top of the charts, he can have any woman he wants. But the constant touring and recording has taken its toll. Now he’s turned to scoring films, a gig that has introduced him to the one woman he really wants but can’t have…

Trudeau Morrison is all business all the time. As managing director of ManDown Films, it’s her job to keep Baz focused on business too. It’s not an easy task, considering Baz has made no secret of his desire for her. But Tru doesn’t want to get involved with a rock star, even if he is the hottest man she’s ever met.

Trouble is, once Baz gets an erotic taste of Tru, he’s not going to give her up. Now he just has to show her that rock-steady is nothing compared to rock and roll…

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Hard Trigger


Title: Hard Trigger
Author: S.L. Hannah
Publisher: AOH Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
 Release Date: August 28, 2018


“Your mother’s opiates are coming from Jose
Herrera’s distribution network.” My pulse races as my stepfather speaks these
words. Because taking on the Herreras also means taking on Diego.
Reckless, and hardened by a volatile past,
Victoria does not see a future with Diego Herrera as a realistic option. As their childhood
friendship ignites, they find themselves on opposite sides of a bloody feud
between the two most powerful families in Mexico City. And she’s a Moreno
now—brought up to be the secret weapon nobody suspected.
But Victoria can’t deny the attraction.
Diego’s commanding muscles, the coarse, dark hair of his solid chest, that
rugged scar above his sensuous lips…
Loyalty is in the eye of the beholder.
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My body is spent.
I want to feel him release inside of me. I want to collapse on top of him. I
want to keep fucking like two animals trying to survive a wilderness that is
both beautiful and vicious. Our chests heave in a unison that signals it’s not
over, and he starts pumping into me…
Except I’m
not just an animal. I turn my head towards the end table, lean over, and grab
his cell phone.
“Call them
off.” I shove the phone into his palms. “All of them. Tell them I’m not here.
That they made a mistake.”
pumping into me, he stares at me with widened eyes. “Don’t be fucking crazy.
Let me walk you out of here and make everyone believe you’ve disappeared. At
least for a little while.”
hitting that spot. That warm and sensitive spot that makes me second-guess every
decision and every goal I’ve ever made or had. That makes me want to curl up
and be swept away and taken care of, even though I’ve never wanted that to be
any part of my long-term plan—because I’ve seen everything my mother has gained
and lost by being…taken care of.
searches my face for a place to reason. “What I’m offering…they’re going to
catch up to you eventually. And before you catch up to my uncle again. He’s the
second-in-line to a multinational business. You killed one of his men last night.
You almost killed him. You think no
one noticed? This would give us…a chance,” he pleads.
Although he
doesn’t say it, it’s the same proposal he made on our trip, except without the
I freeze.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted. I’ve always been tempted. He’ll never
know how many times I ran my finger around the circumference of that diamond
band on the nightstand before I drove off, deciding on a different destiny. I
knew the moment I stepped in the old Peugeot that Diego’s ring would forever be
imprinted on my finger.
“I can’t.”
My response
makes him choke on whatever he was about to say and roar in frustration. He’s
not the type of man to accept defeat.
His fingers
fumble on the phone screen. Awkwardly he holds it against his ear, spitting in
Spanish as he does what I’ve asked him to do.
He throws
the phone and then locks his forearms around my neck, pulling me closer to him.
His cock is still stiff, and it throbs inside of me, reminding me of why we’re
even in this position.
his lips find mine, biting, absorbing, demanding. And I reciprocate. I have
never been unwilling. Our tongues tangle as our bodies rock in unison again.
Author Bio
S.L. Hannah was born in Poland, grew up in Canada, and moved
to Southern California to pursue her love of single-engine airplanes. Her
latest, Hard Trigger, is a rogue romance that will be published on August 28th,
2018. Visit her online at to learn about her other books, to
get updates about her new release, and to connect through social media. S.L.
Hannah lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and garden of succulents. When
she’s not writing fiction, she continues to solve the aviation problems of the
Author Links


Cover Reveal

The Good Samaritan



Title: The Good Samaritan
Author: RC Boldt
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Cover Me Darling

Photo: James Critchley

Model: Charlie Garforth

Release Date: September 18, 2018
The biggest story of her life is the one he wants to
I’m homeless by
I have no intention
of returning to my former life after what I’ve done.
This—living among
the filth and discarded remnants of others—is what I deserve.
As atonement for my
sins, I give back; I help those who cannot help themselves. But it’s always
under the guise of anonymity.
Newspaper headlines
throughout the city are clamoring to discover my identity.  Including the
beautiful woman who manages to see through my “armor.”
She has the
capability to put my entire life at risk.


Pre-order Links


Author Bio


RC Boldt
currently lives on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, enjoys long walks
on the beach, running, reading, people watching, and singing karaoke. If you’re
in the mood for some killer homemade mojitos, can’t recall the lyrics to a
particular 80’s song, or just need to hang around a nonconformist who will do
almost anything for a laugh, she’s your girl.


Author Links


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Hey, Whiskey by #KayleeRyan


NOW LIVE IN AUDIO!!! Hey, Whiskey by Kaylee Ryan is now available in AUDIO!!!

a smoldering, unforgettable, beautiful romance… a stunning journey that had me hanging onto every single little word” – Renee Entress’s Blog

“I absolutely loved getting lost in this story. It was sweet, funny and a steamy slow burn romance.” – Sultry Sirens Book Blog


I’m over this year, and I’m over relationships.  I’ve learned that the only person you can count on in life is yourself.  Moving forward, I’m living for me.  Working toward standing on my own two feet, that’s my goal.  Funny how meeting him changed my path.

It’s been years since I’ve been back in this small town of West Virginia for more than a day or two.  Spending time here brings back a lot of fond memories.  When I stopped by an old friend’s bar, I was expecting to grab a drink and catch up.  What I didn’t expect was her.

We share an undeniable attraction, but we continue to fight it.

Until one night in Vegas changes everything.