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Dove Spread Your Wings


๐Ÿ’žAvailable now for pre-order from Amazon – RELEASE AUGUST 29 ๐Ÿ’ž

Part 2 of the Recovery trilogy – and sequel to the bestselling Phoenix: Rise from The Ashes – Dove: Spread Your Wings continues the story of Lucas as he recovers from the fire that changed his life forever.

After surviving a fire that left him emotionally and physically injured, then rejected by a partner who couldn’t cope with the aftermath, Lucas spent a year drinking in silence at the local gay bar. The bartender, Connor, eventually won him over and he started to live again. As Lucas begins rebuilding his life, his mother Gayle refuses to accept Connor’s presence and hopes Lucas will reunite with his ex. Still battling nightmares, depression, and guilt, Lucas has to choose: stay in the darkness or let Connor help him find the light?

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