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Red Ops #3
by David McCaleb
Genre: Thriller
Pub Date: 8/28/18
The assault on America begins with an attack on Red Harmon’s family . . .

Trained to endure extreme danger and survive impossible odds, elite military

operator Red Harmon has battled our nation’s enemies for years.

While in the Rocky Mountains for R&R, his family is violently

attacked by an international squad of assassins. No ordinary

wet-team, this group is only the vanguard of a power play threatening

national security.

Danger is everywhere . . .

Red and his young daughter escape a brutal firefight, but are separated

from his wife. Evading though the woodlands, stripped of his unit’s

support, Red puts his survival skills to the test all the way from

Pikes Peak National Forest to Israel’s West Bank. He must defend

his country, protect his family, and identify the unthinkable forces

that are willing to slaughter anyone in their path.


Red Ops #2

David McCaleb has a real winner here. Red Harmon is a guy I’d want on my

side.”Marc Cameron, New York Times bestselling author of Brute Force

To save his family—and the free world—
Red Harmon is back in the line of fire . . .

A sinister enemy is stalking elite military operator Red Harmon and his

loved ones. Turning the hunter into his prey, Red uncovers a plot

that spans nations and draws him into the remote snow-covered ravines

of North Korea. His objective: penetrate the darkest prisons of

this mysterious nation to restore national security—and save all he

holds dear.

Caught in the danger . . .

Red’s not the only one who’s been living with secrets. His wife Lori is a

lot more than the typical suburban soccer mom she appears to be, and

she’s stumbled onto something massive. The future of world peace

depends on them—and on an enemy soldier with a powerful personal

agenda. If Red’s mission fails, the balance of superpowers may

never recover . . .

With effusive writing and strong characters, McCaleb delivers a

decades-spanning tale brimming with excitement,

intrigue, and deception. Red Harmon is a keeper!”

Alan Jacobson, USA Today bestselling author of The Lost Codex
Red Ops #1
Amazon Bestseller!

Meet Red Harmon, a special ops veteran who learns he never left the call

of duty . . .

To a trio of muggers, Red looks like just another suburban dad. But when

they demand his wallet at knifepoint, something snaps. In the blink

of an eye, two muggers are dead, the third severely injured, and Red

doesn’t remember a thing. Once an elite member of the Det, a secret

forces outfit whose existence is beyond classified, Red thought his

active service was over.

But his memory is coming back–and a lethal killing machine
is returning to duty . . .

Facing an unthinkable nuclear threat, a volatile international power play,

and a personal attack against his family, Red has no choice. He must

rejoin his old team, infiltrate the enemy camp, and complete the

biggest mission of his life . . .

“David McCaleb has a real winner here. Recall is a smart and well-plotted

thriller, a fantastic read that I could not put down. Red Harmon is a

guy I’d want on my side.”

– Marc Cameron, New York Times bestselling author of BRUTE FORCE

“If you’re looking for suspense, nonstop action, and a hero you can root

for, The Red Ops series will clean your X ring.”

– David Poyer, USA Today bestselling author of TIPPING POINT and


“Strap in tight and leave your disbelief behind. Just my type of

action thriller. I read it in a blur.”

– George Easter, Editor of Deadly Pleasures magazine.

David McCaleb was raised on a farm on the rural Eastern Shore of

Virginia. He attended Valley Forge Military College, graduated from

the United States Air Force Academy, and served his country as a

finance officer. He also founded a bullet manufacturing operation,

patented his own invention, and established several businesses. He

returned to the Eastern Shore, where he resides with his wife and two

children. Though he enjoys drawing, painting, and any project

involving the work of hands, his chosen tool is the pen.

Recon is the third novel in the Red Ops series that began with the

acclaimed thriller Recall, which was nominated for the International Thriller Writers

Best First Novel Award, and continued in Reload.

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