The Enigma Broker

The Enigma Broker The Enigma Series Book 8 by Charles V. Breakfield & Roxanne E. Burkey Genre: Techno Thriller Inexplicable drops in world markets for oil, copper, coal, and other commodities are destabilizing nations to the point of economic collapse. A conspicuous increase in production numbers for primary oil producing companies results in a call for help from governments and a large oil distributor. The R-Group quietly engages amid fears that further drops in value could devastate civilization. Jacob Michaels is called directly by ePetro’s Mike Patrick, CEO of the multinational oil broker, due to some prior data and network … Continue reading The Enigma Broker


Claron Siblings O’Rifcan Series Book 1 by Katharine E. Hamilton Genre: Clean Romance Tossing her belongings into a suitcase and escaping heartbreak seemed like the best idea for Rhea Conners. She’d simply travel across the ocean to visit her grandfather in Ireland and heal. Then she’d come back. Simple. But what she doesn’t expect is to find solace and healing in the form of the O’Rifcan family. One member in particular: Claron. Claron enjoyed his life farming the land his grandparents gifted him. He lived his life quietly and contentedly, until Rhea arrived. He’d steered clear of relationships and entanglements … Continue reading Claron


GLIMMER   AUTHOR: ASHLEY MUNOZ   RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 14, 2018   GENRE: CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE/MC ROMANCE   COVER DESIGNER: DEE GARCIA Ramsey    I had one goal: get through this stupid year. That’s all my mother had left to live, and I wasn’t spending it anywhere else but by her side.   Then I met him.   Single father, alleged MC member, and the worlds best mini pizza maker.   I was playing with fire, and I should have known better than to assume I wouldn’t get burned. My goals, future, none of it mattered once his demons came to … Continue reading Glimmer

The Last Resort Motel: Room 419

Title: The Last Resort Motel: Room 419 Author: Ann Mayburn Genre: Surprise Marriage Romance (Older Man/Younger Woman) Release Date: September 24, 2018 When Ivy goes to Las Vegas with her parents she never expects to wake up married to Deacon, one of her dad’s best friends and her teenage crush. Especially considering the last time she saw him she’d kissed him and he totally blew her off. She thought he wasn’t interested, but the ring on her finger says otherwise…now if she could only remember actually getting married. Deacon has spent the last few years biding his time, giving Ivy a … Continue reading The Last Resort Motel: Room 419

Every Tear You Cry

Title: Every Tear You Cry Series: Redeeming Love Series Author: J.E. Parker Genre: New Adult Romance Release Date: September 24 2018  Two broken families. One reason to love again. Clara Marriage almost killed me. All I ever wanted was my Prince Charming. Instead, life gave me a monster. That nightmare is over, but my sons and I will never be the same. I’ll do anything to make them happy. Anything except fall in love again. But when Brantley and his daughter come into our lives, everything changes. I try to fight my feelings, but I don’t stand a chance. I only … Continue reading Every Tear You Cry

Dead to Rights

  Hook: Dead to Rights  by Melissa Snark  Release Date: 9/25/2018     Amazon Global: iBooks: Nook: Kobo:       Series Page:       “All children, except one, grow up.” ~Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie   No one knows this better than I do—but I also understand the awful truth. Neverland is a wondrous island of adventure full of cannibals and crocodiles, fairies and fiends, pirates and peril. Or is it? There, children are free to frolic forever…   Until forever ends.   Neverland is a lovely lie, a seductive … Continue reading Dead to Rights

Kaznachei’s Pain by V.F. Mason

She changed everything. And demanded it all. Kaznachei’s Pain by V.F. Mason is releasing on October 4th!/ Keep reading for a short excerpt! ADD TO YOUR TBR: KaznacheiA long time ago, life was nothing but never-ending suffering. The brotherhood welcomed me with open arms, giving me a chance even though I hated everything about it. For years I lived on the edge of desperation, seeking solace in things that never gave me peace. Until she showed up, changing everything…and demanding it all. A beautiful yet stubborn FBI agent who made me crazy with every breath she took. Unfortunately, her … Continue reading Kaznachei’s Pain by V.F. Mason