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Delivering History



Title: Delivering History
Series: Freehope #4
Author: Jenni M Rose
Genre: Contemporary Small Town Romance
Cover Design: Amy Queau


Release Date: September 24, 2018




Pregnant with her
sister’s baby, her love-life isn’t even on the radar.
Just when Alexa
Walker has given up on finding her happy-ever-after to focus on her career as
the Bad Girl of Sweets, in walks Dylan James, steaming cup of coffee in his
outstretched hand. Alex has never been the nice sister. 
She’s the snarky
one. The skeptic. Unapproachable. 
That’s probably why
everyone was so surprised when she offered to carry a baby for her sister,
Beth. Making up for a decade-long feud is bound to take some sacrifices and
after finally burying the hatchet, Alex is ready to put her best sisterly foot
Upper crust, old
Boston money, and part of the infamous Boston Billionaires Club, Dylan doesn’t
have a lot of free time and he definitely doesn’t have time to hang around a
coffee shop that’s not even in his neighborhood, waiting for the Bad Girl of
Sweets to deliver her weekly confections. He doesn’t have time until he sees
her and knows he needs to make the time. She’s fiery and fierce, witty and
bright, and that was only their first introduction. Suddenly, chocolate croissants
aren’t all Dylan’s craving.
Dylan isn’t exactly
sure what he’s getting into with Lexi Walker, his Bad Girl of Sweets, but he
knows he’ll take her any way he can get her. Pregnant with someone else’s baby
or not.


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Author Bio
Jenni M Rose is
a sometimes writer with an all the time imagination.
Jenni can usually be
found at the grocery store or driving her kids from place to place. More often
than not, she can be seen typing away in the waiting rooms of local gymnastics
gyms or dance studios.
Married mom,
business owner, writer, taxi driver, accidental chicken lady.
Jenni’s hobbies,
aside from writing, include: weeping to the latest episode of This is
scouring Amazon for her latest read, and perusing Pinterest for
projects she has no intention of doing.


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