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Mailroom Delight

Mailroom Delight
by Khardine Gray
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Dear Jason,
Thank you for your emails. It sounds like you need to get laid,
or possibly have a sex marathon.
Today’s modern woman doesn’t need to be put in a category to serve men,

and I’m sorry if you think my advice lacks heart-warmth, or whatever it

was you said. It is what it is.

Now maybe you should take a lesson or two from me. It could spice up your

love life in the most unimaginable ways. Imagine being with a woman

who will rock your world. It’s the difference between a $2 hook up

and a mind-blowing experience.

I will gladly show you what I mean, so call me if you need

clarification on any of the matters discussed. I look forward to

meeting you.



That was the letter I sent my boss when he suggested my
advice column needed more heart.
That, was the letter he wasn’t supposed to get…
Jesus Christ, I was drunk. Wasted, off my face drunk.

I didn’t know how in the hell I managed to get myself in these sorts

of crazy situations.

And… I didn’t know that letter would open up my own personal
Pandora’s Box where my heart was in for the ride of its’ life…
If you love steamy, sexy romance with a drool-worthy
Alpha male you’re gonna love this.

Khardine Gray is a contemporary romance author who lives in England with her

husband, two kids, and three crazy ferrets.

She is well traveled, cultured, and a woman with a passion for dancing

and ice skating.

When not writing you can catch her shopping, indulging on pizza and hot

chocolate, or hanging out with her family and friends.

No need to spend money on an airline ticket. Simply pick up one of

Khardine’s books to become immersed in the fascinating stories and

characters she creates.

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