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New release from Jason Collins!

✫★✫★ CHASNG HEAT ✫★✫★

Yes, he’s straight. But who can blame me for lusting after a hunky firefighter?
I never meant to set fire to my bar, I swear. Lucky for me, it meant I got to meet Jackson. As far as rugged firemen go, this one is a mystery. He’s got a level head on his shoulders, and those shoulders are the kind I want to drape my legs around and never let go.
Except I can’t fall for Jackson, no matter how sexy, brooding, and ripped he is. Not because I don’t like firefighters (as if). Because I’m sure Jackson is straight.
I mean, I’m pretty sure.
But where there’s smoke, there’s sometimes fire. And if I didn’t know better, I’d think Jackson is burning white-hot for me. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s not into guys. He probably has a gorgeous girlfriend and zero interest in clumsy gay bartenders.


I carry plenty of guys out of fires, but Chase is the first one I don’t want to put down.
Nonetheless, I have to stay focused. It takes hard work and relentless dedication to keep myself at the level of physical fitness required to do my job. I don’t have time for a hot fling, and I definitely don’t have time to question my attraction to another man.
Still, I can’t stop thinking about him. I can’t help myself.
Adorably clumsy and sexy as hell, Chase is a mystery.
He says he wants to thank me for rescuing him from the fire. I know how he can thank me alright. His lips on mine, our bodies pressed together… That’s what I want from Chase.
It doesn’t help that my boss at the firehouse seems to think I’m perfect for his daughter. She’s friendly, but the spark just isn’t there.
She’s not my type. Chase is.
This is the first time I don’t want to put out the fire…I want to let the flames grow.