The Mob Boss and His Companions


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Title: The Mob Boss and His Companions (M/M/M/M/M/M)
Author: Casper Graham
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Official Release Date: September 6, 2018
Purchase Link:
Note: Double/Triple Penetration


Joseph ‘The Phantom’ Farron is frustrated in several ways. As a powerful mobster, he’s always swamped with responsibilities. He can’t rest properly or even enjoy a round or two of mind-blowing sex. He expects companionship and plenty of hot sex when he hires five men from “The Club” before sending them away. At least that’s the original plan.

Sterling Clayton, Preston Anderson, Coleman Watts, Nolan Hopkins, and Trent Romero are some of the most sought-after companions at “The Club.” No client has ever hired so many companions at the same time, and not for twenty-four hours. They’re professionals, though. They know what’s expected of them. Things turn out differently, especially with the appearance of those damn pesky feelings.

When they try dating one another, Joseph finds himself falling fast and hard. He isn’t perfect, but he’s protective of his lovers. When someone hurts two of his companions, he’s determined to avenge them.

Is happily ever after too elusive after all?

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