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The Pirate and His Omega Thief by #GiovannaReaves


The Pirate and His Omega Thief
by #GiovannaReaves
Finding a mate was never in their plans—but fate keeps bringing them together.
Ashlyn Tuesday is a blackguard and a thief, moving from town to town robbing rich men of their gold—and their hearts. Moreover, every time his roguish smile gets him into trouble, one man comes to Ashlyn’s rescue, asking for nothing in return. Someday, though, that bill’s going to come due—and Ashlyn isn’t the type who’s ever ready to pay up.
Since the day he took up piracy, Captain Dagger Crowe’s only love has been the sea. Sure, he’s had bedmates—and there’s that one sweet little omega he keeps bailing out of trouble—but Dagger’s only real desire is to find the sunken treasure of Booker Thorin. Until that is, he actually shares a few kisses with that omega, when Dagger realizes he wants to plunder more than pirate booty. He wants to make the omega his own. More than that, he wants to win the omega’s heart.
Will his mistress the sea be kind to him and give him what he desires, or will her jealousy be his ruin?