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Where do you go when you’ve lost everything? Down. Crawling my way out from the bottom of that hole, I never expected an angel to be waiting for me. She makes my life better, she makes me want to be a better man for her and my son. But, I’m still hiding a huge secret and I’m afraid to see the look on her face when she finds out.


Secrets and lies. Been there done that, and have the scars to prove. He’s hiding something and I want, no I need him to tell me. When he won’t I try to move on, but I can’t. Every smile, every come on, every look sucks me back in. Until one night I allow myself to have what I want and it changes everything.

WARNING: This is not a safe romance. It may contain scenes that may make some readers uncomfortable as well as a cliffhanger.




assorted plastic toy bricks


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got to the restaurant. Rick sitting across from both Landon and Logan had not been it. Brice’s younger brothers didn’t come around much since Landon found Courtney being attacked in her apartment all those months ago. I think he still felt some guilt that he didn’t catch his dad before he got in the house. The twins were identical; it was almost weird to see another person that looked exactly like Landon sitting right next to him. The only reason I knew who was who was because of a nasty cut under Logan’s left eye. “What kind of trouble have you been getting into, Log?” I clapped him on the shoulder pointing to my eye with the other. Logan grinned.

“Oh nothing I can’t handle, J. I hear you have a hot girlfriend.” His eyes were laughing at me.

“Well, you hear wrong.” I grinned.

“Maybe if you came and worked out with me, you wouldn’t be so flabby and your girl wouldn’t have dumped your ass.” I didn’t even answer him. I pulled my shirt up to show him my perfectly sculpted flab-free abs. Just to punctuate my very obvious statement a waitress sighed as she walked by eyeing my exposed abs, then flushing bright red when she realized we heard. She scurried away clearly embarrassed.

“Not an ounce of flab on them, Junior.” I laughed loudly.

“Is the pissing contest over or can anyone join?” Brice walked up propping his arm on my shoulder. “I got it better than all of you so I must be doing something right.”

“Yeah, bless Court for taking pity on you. She really is a saint for putting up with that giant ego.” Landon jumped into the mix for the first time. My stomach chose that moment to growl and I took the seat next to Rick.

“There’s still time to back out. We can sneak you out the back and no one would ever know.” Logan acted like that was the best idea he’d ever had and who knows, maybe to him it was.

“You guys don’t get it. You can’t possibly understand until you’ve experienced it for yourselves. I’d do anything, walk across broken glass for her.”

“Would you walk across Legos for her?” They looked at me as if I were stark raving mad. “You’ve never stepped on a Lego before? It’s the worse pain in the world. I couldn’t imagine stepping on a bed of them.” I shuddered with mock fear.

“Yeah, I’d walk through Legos for her,” Brice replied wistfully. That was the moment it all became clear in my head. If Tiffany demanded it, I would walk across one thousand Legos for her. Why was it that I would willingly cause myself physical pain if she demanded it, but the idea of opening myself up and hearing my soul to her had me running for the hills? I made a decision in that moment. The next time I had the chance and got her alone, I would tell her everything and pray to God that she still liked the man who stood in front of her.


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