Back to You


So excited to be a host for this Bookstagram Tour! After reading the ARC I loved this book and hope you do too!
For the next few days a few awesome accounts will be hosting a tour for Back to You new novel by debut author Kim Breyon. Each account will be featuring a question from a game of Ask5 these two friends are playing during their childhood together.
Take a peek and get to know this brand new friends to lovers/second chance romance from @kimbreyon! Be sure to click through each participate to see each one!
Riley’s question for Beckett:
“What kind of car do you want to drive when you’re older?”
“I don’t know, maybe a truck. I just want dark windows so people can’t stare in on me. I hate that.”
Tour hosts:
9/12 @kimbreyon
9/13 @scrollmatesblog
9/14 @mmromancequotes & @keepholdingontobooks
9/15 @scrollmatesblog & @clairecastleauthor
9/16 @booksandteawithbee
Presented by @kimbreyon and @scrollmatesblog
Grab your copy today:
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