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Touching Sin by J. Saman will go LIVE in 3 days!

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➜ Release: September 20, 2018

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I know she’s lying the moment I see her.  

That her name is as fake as her story. She’s barged into my life like a beautiful nightmare, turning everything upside down.

It hasn’t stopped me from trying to help her. Protect her. Save her from the threats that seem to come out of nowhere.

She’s put my entire world at risk. My reputation. My business. My livelihood.

But Mia brought me back to life. And I will do anything to save hers.


I was running for my life the night I met Jake.

Broken down on the road to nowhere. Lost. Homeless. Scared out of my mind.

I don’t care. I’m willing to risk it all to start over. Desperate to hide and never be found again.

But it doesn’t take much for Jake to break down my defenses. A soft word. A gentle touch. He becomes mine, but more importantly, I become his.

Until the nightmare of my past shows up, pissed off as hell…

Now Available

Prophet by S.M. West


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This book will blow your mind.” – The Romance Rebels

Prophet is captivating and consuming!” – Goodreads reviewer


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Money is my mistress.
Solving problems, my trade.
Until the tables turn, and trouble finds me.
Now on the run, I need a plan.
But not before I’m blindsided by a pain-in-the-ass stranger.
Curves, startling blue eyes, and she hates me.
I don’t trust her and with good reason.
My plan is simple: use her.
Then I kiss her. Touch her. Crave her.
She was my way out, now she’s my downfall.

Prophet is a full length, standalone enemies-to-lovers romance with a HEA.

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Emma’s Dream (Morgan’s Run Romances Book 1) by M. Lee Prescott


Midnight Rose

by Dani Hart


Defending Kyra (Guardians Book 1)

by Susan Hayes






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The Weekend Getaway
E.S. McMillan

Stress…walls closing in…I need a break.
A normal getaway for peace and quiet turns into something unexpected between two.
The Weekend…

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“He’s not my sugar daddy. But he sure is sweet.”

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Author: V. Theia
Series: From Manhattan.


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💫💫✫W-A-N-T-E-D✫💫 💫
By; Dee Palmer
I waited ten years for the right guy, then four come along at once.
Still…it is nice to be WANTED.

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April Zyon Author


#NewRelease ➠ Army
(Night Rebels MC)
by Chiah Wilder

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Michelle Heard

It’s live!!!!

Dying to experience life, I cross an ocean to get away from my fears. I find my safe haven in the form of Detective Aiden Holden. He shows me what love is, but then our lives collide. Our little world shatters, and I’m caught in the crossfire.
I’m forced to return home, to let go of the only person who has made me feel like I could be more.
How do you return to a cage once you’ve tasted freedom?
My only hope is that Aiden will cross an ocean for me.


Model Credit: Drew Truckle.
Photographer Credit: Eric David Battershelll.
Cover Artist: Sybil Wilson, PopKitty Design.

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Corlay Brock is a single mother, struggling to make ends meet. Her mischievous seven year-old son, Nathan, is a baseball aficionado. When his love of baseball lands him in a little hot water, a kind stranger steps in to help the boy and bears a striking resemblance to Nathan’s favorite Player, MVP, Ryan Priest.

After being forced into an early retirement for a gambling addiction, Ryan Priest is lost without his celebrity status. Now, he meets this kid – a baseball fan, no less – who is in dire need of a babysitter. He can’t just turn his back on this kid, but a babysitter? He should walk off, seeing as how the boy’s mother is so resistant to his help. However, this ornery little boy is kind of winning a place in Ryan’s heart. And, truth be told, Ryan might just be falling for the kid’s mom, too.

Now in censored and uncensored copy, which version are you going for?

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If you’re looking for something a bit different, this is your book!
“This book was so raw. Real. True.”
“A truly great psychological thriller to rival the best, and highly recommended.”
“A seriously mind-altering, heart-achingly good read that for anyone, with or without mental health issues will just “get”.”
“This story is not only hard hitting, it’s so gripping and intense that it will bring out so many emotions in you that I warn you that by the end you will be an absolute mess. KA Duggsy has written an epic and tragic story that left me reeling for days after reading it.
A brilliant 5 Star read!”
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The Shadow Keepers Series by Jas T. Ward – Author

Welcome To The Grid. Welcome Back to the World of The Grid. Where heroic bad-asses looking for a second chance fight a war among us in the shadows.

Before The Madness – Candyman
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Madness –
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Bounce – A Novella from The Grid –
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J Morgan Woodall

Celebrating One Year Anniversary. Like A Fox On The Run is marked down to half price $0.99! Don’t miss this!

“Special Inspector Burlington!” Officer Stella Jones called out from her black-and-white, just as he was about to climb into his unmarked Rocket-Aire. “I think you need to see this!”

He sighed and turned slowly. “I see you still refuse to call me Matt.” He watched her climb out and saunter in his direction.

He couldn’t help but admire her petite form as she did. The black, one-piece spandex duty suit she wore was skin-tight and complimented by knee-high trooper boots. With the investigation winding down and Frost and his cohorts expelled from the area, she’d shed her Kevlar and laser-reflective tac-vest, allowing him to fully appreciate those perky little girls she boasted.

He glanced around quickly to make sure none of the other officers on-scene were taking notice. It was probably one of the worst kept secrets in the Huntsville Precinct that Special Inspector Burlington and his Executive Officer had a thing for each other. Still, appearances meant everything.

“Just trying to keep things on a professional level, sir.” Even in the dark, he saw the twinkle in her gorgeous, green eyes. “Besides, kinda hot calling you sir. Bit of a turn-on.”

“Oh, you really are a tease!” He loved the way her gun belt sat on her hips at just the right point. Very sexy. He stepped closer into her personal space, staring down at her, a challenge. “You’re charging my laser with all this foreplay.”

She held her ground … and held his eyes. He was well-pleased at both. She had taken his challenge. Promising.

ON SALE NOW! Available at all major eBook outlets! A new kind of down-home, sci-fi/ fantasy in the same vein as Firefly, blending dystopian futurism, romance, adventure, fantasy creatures and just the right touch of adult fantasy. If you enjoy Heavy Metal, Blade Runner, or the above-mentioned, you’re sure to enjoy this action-filled romp, Southern style!

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J Morgan Woodall



J.L. Leslie


Go one-click 120 Days by J.L. Leslie on KU today!!

Bad things happen to good people every day. I hear this saying all the time. I’ve never really believed it. Not until I was one of the unlucky ones.

Now I have to be strong and live my life. Easier said than done. I have to figure out how to be normal again. How to be myself again. Only how do I do that when everything around me feels different? When my home is no longer my home? When my mind doesn’t think the way I want it to? When my body doesn’t even feel the same?

I try not to count the days that I can go without reliving my attack. One day…Three days…One hour…

I try to date. Be happy with a man. Only I seem to blame every man I meet. None of them understand what I’m going through. None of them understand me.

Except for one.

**120 Days (Morgan Family Series: Book Four) is a standalone, full-length novel. If you read 90 Days (Morgan Family Series: Book Three) then you had the pleasure of meeting Melanie and James. This is their story.

This book contains graphic material including rape, adult content, adult language, and sexual situations. It is meant for mature readers only.**

Montana Ash

Book three in the Elemental Paladins series

Cali couldn’t believe how bold she was being with the silent male in front of her. Nobody could blame her for one night of debauchery six weeks ago – she hadn’t known who or what he was. The same excuse wouldn’t hold true now but she couldn’t seem to bring herself to care. Not when she had such a pretty specimen of manhood in front of her….. and in the palm of her hand. That night had been a rush of torn clothes and getting each other off as quickly – and as often – as possible. They had both been a little crazed in their lusts and she really hadn’t given the man her best when it came to foreplay.



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Calling all paranormal romance and reverse harem fans 😀 Anyone want an extra, fun, sexy short story based on Maeve and her guys from Forbidden Hybrid? Well … you’re in luck! Forbidden Hex will debut in this fabulous Halloween anthology, releasing October 29th. Available now for pre-order for only 99p/99c 😀

Have you ever been tempted to investigate that scratching noise coming from under your bed? Or the shadows that seem to shift on the wall from the corner of your eye? Well, this is your chance…
Sometimes the monsters that watch you from the darkness aren’t scary—they’re sexy. And, of course… sometimes they’re both.

Discover what really goes bump in the night with 18 of your favourite Reverse Harem Authors in this Halloween Anthology filled with 16 deliciously naughty stories that will give you only treats; no tricks… unless you beg for some, that is.

This collection is teeming with never-before-seen Paranormal Romance tales that will sate and satisfy as much as they intrigue. Prepare yourself for a glimpse of the threshold between our world and the supernatural with angels, demons, witches, werewolves, elves, and so much more!


Author Alanea Alder

My Angel – Etain ViAerlin (Fae)
Book nine in the Bewitched and Bewildered series

Vivian Mercy has been running from the past for so long she doesn’t know any other way of life. When a panicked call comes from one of her only friends she finds herself returning to the city of her nightmares where her dedication as a doctor and resolve to help others is put to the test.

Etain Vi’Aerlin has been watching over Noctem Falls for centuries. Sent by his queen he became a silent sentinel in the shadows helping Magnus whenever he could. While the sickness around him claims more lives he discovers what it feels like to be helpless, as an ancient warrior he doesn’t have the skills to fight this unseen enemy.

At any other time finding a mate would be cause for celebration, but Etain wants Vivian as far from Noctem Falls as possible, unfortunately, as the only doctor with an intimate knowledge of diseases she has to stay in the city, and finds herself working tirelessly to discover a cure in the middle of the deadly chaos sweeping the levels.

As Vivian’s past is revealed she finds herself not only combating the terrible virus but also the rebellious faction of the Founding Families. Etain vows to stand by her, even if it means abandoning the post assigned by his queen.

It’s a race against time to unravel the lethal secrets the virus is hiding before the city itself is lost forever.

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Author Alanea Alder
My Savior – Darian Vi’Alina (fae)
Book 4 in the Bewitched and Bewildered series

Amelia has dreamt of her mate since she was a little girl. All her life visions of a golden prince have warmed her heart and promised a fairy-tale future. She longs for the day when they will finally be together.

When the fateful day arrives and she meets Darian for the first time, she is nearly destroyed by his unequivocal rejection. His continued denial of their destined relationship has her doubting her own self worth and the visions she has had all her life.

Darian is teetering on the edge. He refuses to acknowledge Amelia as his mate and shadows continue to spread across his heart. He has grown used to the emptiness in his soul and almost fears the barrage of emotions she elicits. When an unexpected tragedy sends Darian spiraling into a hopeless abyss, will Amelia have the strength to pull him out, or will she succumb to her own darkness?

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Ambere Sabo
I was born the Princess of an MC I knew nothing about. Thrown into their world of crazy when I had no other options. Despised by the club for things out of my control. It took me a long time to find my way in this life, but I became the Princess I was born to be. Now they have taken my Pops from me, and I will bring hell on earth to those who caused his death.

The Silent Sons have promised to help me find those responsible. I was looking for answers and found Mr. Tall, Dark, and Brooks dy. Will he be my saving grace in this life or will we both lose our lives when we find an enemy more twisted than we could imagine?…/dp/B074W471P3…/dp/1973835878…/dp/B074W471P3…/dp/B074W471P3




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I could have impressed him, if not for last month’s unforgettable one-night stand.
I left it with more than orgasms and a pleasant memory–namely, his wallet.
Now he’s staring me down like I’m the dirt under his Italian loafers, and I’m supposed to take it.
But the thing about being Judith “Jude” Humphry is I have nothing to lose.
Brooklyn girl.
Infamously quirky.
Heir to a stack of medical bills and a tattered couch.
When he looks at me from across the room, I see the glint in his eyes, and that makes us rivals.
He knows it.
So do I.
Every day in the newsroom is a battle.
Every night in his bed, war.
But it’s my heart at stake, and I fear I’ll be raising the white flag.


Dee Kelly
The last book in the Illusion Series – Encore.
Will be releasing October 24th, 2018.
Available for pre-order from the following retailers –
iBooks –
kobo –
nook –
Amazon UK-
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Sawyer Weston has done the unthinkable—he’s fallen for his brother’s girl. He’d never purposefully hurt Noah, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen if he can’t get her out of his system.
A stolen kiss between them finally brings Sawyer to his senses. No matter how much he wants her, Amelia has made her choice.

When tragedy strikes, Sawyer finds himself taking on more responsibility than he ever imagined. Can Sawyer remain the rock his family needs in their time of crisis? Or will he succumb to his deepest desires and fall in love with Amelia all over again?

Just an Illusion – Encore is the conclusion to Sawyer Weston’s story. Every thought, every feeling, are yours for the taking. Are you ready?



T.J. Spade

Take You Home

Book three in The Everett Files series

“We can form a plan in the morning, but, until then …” He nipped at the lobe of Makayla’s left ear and worked his way down her neck. He traversed her jugular and felt her pulse throb enticingly. Caleb ran his hands down Makayla’s lean torso and sprung a pajama button free with his exploration.

“Who cares about tomorrow?!” She rose up and kissed Caleb’s neck and then his jawline. He was only wearing pajama pants and she quickly got those out of the way. Makayla shimmied down between those lemon-scented sheets and found him alert and waiting.

Caleb Everett is an artist, a psychic, a police consultant … a fugitive. For as long as he can remember Caleb has been able to see into the minds of murderers – he knows what makes them tick, and he knows what they’re planning … until now.

This time around, Caleb doesn’t know who to trust – everyone has an agenda, and his father, Raymond Everett, is the spider at the center of a vast web of corruption and murder. With the help of a beautiful, but ruthless assassin, Raymond plans to send his son to Hell once and for all.

Who can Caleb protect when no-one is safe?

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MY ONE AND ONLY Book 10 Micah Sageson (witch)

Micah has spent so many centuries hiding who he is that he’s forgotten how to be himself, and despite always being there for others, he finds it impossible to ask for help. As weeks of sleepless nights catch up with him, he faces the fact that he needs his unit brothers no more than ever.

Living in Storm Keep with mixed blood, Serenity fought for everything she has. When she disobeys the dictates of her Elders to help the sick in Noctem Falls she is unprepared for the kindness and support she receives from its citizens, including her own witchborne mate.

As both of them are forced to reveal their own long kept secrets to save a city, will they be able to overcome their own deep-seated fears to make their mating last.

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The Forbidden Love Series

Stone and Madison met each other when his heroin addicted father dropped him off at Madison’s trailer park at the age of 14. Both were victims of drug addicted parents and a life of poverty. With no one to guide them, take care of them or love them, Madison and Stone take on the role of adults and take care of each other.

This is a story of two young people fighting to survive in an environment that’s set up to destroy them. With no guidance and no love, they turn to each other. A strong bond forms between them and as they get older, their bond blossoms into a love they cannot deny. But, the odds are against them. There are secrets threatening to destroy their unconditional love. Murder and Revenge unravel the twists and turns that will change the course of their lives forever. Stone has killed for her once before. Will he kill for her again





Angel Rose


A TIME APART ~ New By ~ J Morgan Woodall

They say, in time, true love comes to us all. But in what time, you just can never be sure.

It was the vacation from Hell. Dylan Foster was a middle-class Atlanta suburbanite vacationing with his family on Florida’s scenic Gulf Coast for a week. Only thing was, since they’d been there, they’d been trapped inside their beach house for four solid days by monsoon-like weather. And after four days in close quarters, Dylan needed to get out, if for nothing else, to get a coffee and donuts. For the truth was, despite all appearances, Dylan’s marriage to his wife Gina was slowly falling apart, as an extramarital affair, years of indifference and inability to compromise slowly ate away at the foundation. Being shut in with each other in such a claustrophobic situation only reminded them of the charade they were living. It was so bad he was willing to strike out in the midst of a drenching deluge to escape the discomfort.

But this storm was no ordinary storm, and its violent intensity soon had him regretting his decision. After an almost apocalyptic crash of lightning sent a mysterious jolt of energy coursing through him, he quickly sought shelter at the first place he came to, a run-down souvenir store on a strangely unfamiliar stretch of the beach. If that wasn’t peculiar enough, what he found really made him scratch his head. Like a VW microbus in the parking lot straight out of Woodstock. Or the fact that the inventory inside looked like it hadn’t been updated since Nixon was president. Even the beautiful young lady who owned the place looked like she’d just stepped off the screen of a campy 70’s sitcom.

But any port in a storm, right? And the young lady, Sadie had hot coffee and dry clothes, not to mention an infectious personality that made riding out the storm with her a lot quite pleasant. But as the afternoon fades to evening and the storm rages on, two become comfortable and more at ease. An inevitable attraction begins to develop between two very lonely people. And before the night is over, choices will be made that will ripple across both time and space with far-reaching consequences.

A Time Apart isn’t a sci-fi story. It’s a love story, first and foremost, with just the right twist of sci-fi to flavor it perfectly. Not too much and just enough to enjoy. Pop a top on one today and taste for yourself.

J Morgan Woodall


Cory D Cyr
Dusty Summerford
Bite & Release 3: Riley by Cory D. Cyr
Only 99¢ or FREE KU!!
It can be read as a standalone!

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Gracie Wilson

Look What YOU Made Me Do is a debut poetry book from Romance Writer Gracie Wilson who is a YA/NA Amazon, International Best Selling Author and now thanks to this book an Amazon #1 Best Seller.
– And words are my power, and this is your final hour! – ��Look What YOU Made Me Do is a collection of poetry from childhood to adulthood about loss, family betrayal, and taking back your power. You will find slam poetry included, a song written as a child, and poems about coming out of that darkness.��

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Release Date. 17/10

On the run since the murder of her parents, time has come for Leda Kingsman to take her rightful place as pack leader. First she needs to fight for what was stolen from her and her little brother, Sam.

A shifter without a pack, Taz Whelan worked his way into the Lee County Wolves as a tracker. Always the loner, Taz never found anyone he wanted to spend more than five minutes with. That’s until stubborn Leda entered his world.

As Leda leaves the Lee County Wolves under false pretenses, Taz lets her go, a decision that haunts him. When he discovers the true reason and what she has been keeping from them all, nothing will stand in his way as he searches for her before the forbidden secrets she holds takes her from him forever.



Elle Boon

Xan’s Feisty Mate

Breezy has loved Xan Carmichael for years, but she’s tired of trying to get him to notice her. She’s suffered long enough and is ready to move on.

Xan didn’t want a mate, but when someone tries to harm the only woman who calls to him and his wolf, he’s ready to rip the world apart to keep her safe.

The past has a way of coming back and haunting your present, and Breezy has just become the focus of a deranged killer. Will Xan and the rest of the Iron Wolves be able to save her before whoever is out to end her life succeeds, or will the stubborn alpha claim her in time?…/dp/B01AB4CLHY…/dp/B01AB4CLHY…/dp/B01F9FY6RS…/dp/1523712503…/xans-feisty…/id1082937288……/xans…/1123387412…


Author LeAnn Ashers

Techy (Devils Souls MC #2)
by LeAnn Ashers (
My story isn’t a very conventional one. I met my man online, which isn’t a shocking thing nowadays.
I sure didn’t know that he would rescue me from hell.
I had been stuck in hell with no way out. Then Techy swooped in with guns blazing and took me out of there. A knight in shining leather.
I didn’t expect to feel what I feel; that I would fall in love, that I would feel safe and protected.
I had never felt that before.
Until Techy.
Techy is a member of the Devil’s Souls MC, the most notorious MC in Texas. They love hard and fight harder. You mess with their family, hell is something you’d beg for.
Shit hits the fan when someone from my past comes to get what my dead father never gave back to him.
My name is Alisha and this is my story.

A man is after my woman.
He won’t be a man much longer.
He dares to try and take her from me?
Hell is something he’ll beg for. Because nobody, and I mean nobody, looks in Alisha’s direction in a way I don’t like. If they do? They’ll be eating their teeth.
If you threaten her? Death is an easy way out.
I will do whatever it takes to protect her.…/dp/B06XQHT3VS…/dp/B06XQHT3VS…/dp/B06XQHT3VS…/techy…/1126007159…



✪✪✪ Beauty’s War IS LIVE! ✪✪✪
By Anna Edwards & Claire Marta

Welcome to the Gods Reborn Series, a place where emotions can destroy a planet, supremacy is the ultimate goal, and the possibility of love can change everything that you know forever.

US →
UK →
CA →
AU →


Grab a copy of Something Worth Saving absolutely FREE!
One-Click today! Limited Time Only, freebie ends 9/21 ❤

❤ Something Worth Saving by Mayra Statham ❤
This isn’t a boy meets girl kind of story…
This is about what happens AFTER I do’s,
After babies and carpools….
This is about reconnecting when life has pulled you in two different directions.
Are you ready for Owen & Nadia?


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Spend some quality time with everyone’s favorite sexy bad boys, the Blackthorne Brothers. The entire Blackthorne Brothers Saga by A. Blackthorne is now available on Amazon or for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Grab one and curl up with your newest book boyfriend tonight!…


¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)
✮ (¸.•´✶Blood & Secrets

The Night Movers Vampire Series

Book 2

Amazon Link:

Keeley Saunders has finally got her life together and the future looks rosy for the lonely single parent. She has a new job as PA to the Russian billionaire vampire, Gregor Antonov, her daughter is about to start full-time school, her dad is finally getting help with his alcohol addiction, and she’s found love with the man/vampire of her dreams.
But people are keeping secrets which rarely a good thing.
Just when things couldn’t get any better for Keeley she is the victim of a brutal attack that changes her life forever.
Will Keeley ever get a chance at real happiness again? And are all secrets bad?

#HelenBrightAuthor #OneClickNow

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Natasha Blackthorne
❤A Measured Risk ❤ – Scorching Hot Regency Romance

He is her most dangerous temptation and now he is demanding her submission. Dare she take the risk?

• * ❤ *•.¸¸❤¸¸.•* ❤ * •

Read #FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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J.L. Leslie
💝💝💝 NOW AVAILABLE ON KU! 💝💝💝 Go one-click 120 Days by J.L. Leslie on KU today!! Bad things happen to good people every day. I hear this saying all the time. I’ve never really believed it. Not until I was one of the unlucky ones.

Now I have to be strong and live my life. Easier said than done. I have to figure out how to be normal again. How to be myself again. Only how do I do that when everything around me feels different? When my home is no longer my home? When my mind doesn’t think the way I want it to? When my body doesn’t even feel the same?

I try not to count the days that I can go without reliving my attack. One day…Three days…One hour…

I try to date. Be happy with a man. Only I seem to blame every man I meet. None of them understand what I’m going through. None of them understand me.

Except for one.

**120 Days (Morgan Family Series: Book Four) is a standalone, full-length novel. If you read 90 Days (Morgan Family Series: Book Three) then you had the pleasure of meeting Melanie and James. This is their story.

This book contains graphic material including rape, adult content, adult language, and sexual situations. It is meant for mature readers only.**




´´*•.😈 Blurb

She was a goddess, a fantasy come true in a tight red dress. The kind of woman that turns every head when she walks into the room. That night, every man in the place wanted her. She could’ve had one or all of them. Why she chose him, he hadn’t a clue.

Still, she had her issues. He had to admit, he found her just a tad bit, shall we say, peculiar for his liking. But tolerating her quirkiness was just a small price to pay for the companionship of this sexy enchantress. Besides, she was just supposed to stay the night and be gone come morning. Just a no-strings-attached fling and they’d both be on their merry ways. Well, that was his plan anyway. Unfortunately, it wasn’t hers.

She was no stranger to the game. She’d played it a lot longer than he had, and she’d never lost. She knew exactly what it took to make a man’s wildest dreams and his darkest desires come true. She would make sure he enjoyed every wicked second of their time together. The biggest difference in his plan and hers was that he would never see the coming of morning.

But then again, things sometimes don’t always go as planned. And that’s something both mortal and immortal are soon to discover.

The Devil in Detail is a lusty, naughty little tale that takes you on a wild ride of supernatural decadence. If you are easily offended and blush at high-octane erotica, this may not be the story for you. But if you don’t mind stepping outside the box for a few pages … with an ending you’ll never see coming, buckle up and hang on tight! It’s going to be quite a night!

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J Morgan Woodall


by Anna Edwards
A Dark contemporary Romance
🥀 Available everywhere:
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“Welcome, ladies, the next few weeks will decide your future. But before all that, let me introduce you to my son, Nicholas. To one of you, he’ll be a future husband. To the rest, a nightmare who will haunt your dreams for whatever time you have left.”
Victoria, born into a life of luxury, is about to discover that this will cost her a chance of freedom. She’s been hidden away to protect her virtue. Will the sheltered life leave her struggling in upcoming trials?
Nicholas is the son of a Duke. He’ll inherit the title on his thirtieth birthday. He’s been prepared for this moment all his life, but he didn’t count on falling for one of the girls he has to torture to choose a bride.
The ‘Legacy of Succession’ is a dark romance set in a corrupted aristocratic family. Nicholas is arrogant and driven; Victoria is the chaste rich girl. Together, can they free themselves of a society intent on corruption and inflicting pain that’ll destroy more than just their lives?
Let’s build a better world together rather than just extinguish the fires of hate.
🥀About Anna
Anna hails from the rural countryside near London. She previously worked as an accountant, and while she still does a bit of accountancy on occasion, the majority of her time is now spent writing and looking after her family.
An avid reader herself, Anna turned to writing to combat depression and anxiety after her diagnosis in 2015. She loves travel, hunky heroes with dirty mouths, demure but spunky heroines, and dramatic suspense. You will find all four woven into each of her magical stories.
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If you’re looking for something a bit different, this is your book!
“This book was so raw. Real. True.”
“A truly great psychological thriller to rival the best, and highly recommended.”
“A seriously mind-altering, heart-achingly good read that for anyone, with or without mental health issues will just “get”.”
“This story is not only hard hitting, it’s so gripping and intense that it will bring out so many emotions in you that I warn you that by the end you will be an absolute mess. KA Duggsy has written an epic and tragic story that left me reeling for days after reading it.
A brilliant 5 Star read!”
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If you could remain masked and anonymous, how far would you go?
Come along to a Masquerade Ball where wicked temptation awaits!
#JFSilver #MrandMrsAverageJoe
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Recycled Memory is Live!
Free to read on KU!
🖤Purchase Links🖤
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WICKED by A. Blackthorne
Don’t go calling me “typical.”

Sure, I might seem like a run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter bad boy: corded with muscle, covered in tattoos, and ready to get down and dirty without a moment’s notice. And, yeah, the only thing I love more than hot women is hotter action.

But, love it or hate it, there’s always been more to me than all of that. There’s always something more beneath the surface.

More than even I’d expected, as it turns out.

Tough as I might be, my childhood was even tougher; everything I thought was worth learning was learned on the streets. Kept secret, however, was the most important thing of all: my true identity. I was kept in a web of lies perfectly tailored to keep me ensnared and in the dark.…/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi…


Manhattan Sugar is now LIVE!

Available on Kindle Unlimited


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“I can be the kind of man you crave. One you can rely on, lean on, expect him to blow your fucking mind open without having to work for it. I’m him, India. You’re all I’ll ever want. Take a chance on an old man. Love me. Feel how I love you. Because I do, India. I love you until my insides boil with it.”

#AlphaholeFreeZone #LayTheSugarOnMeGray #NotSoSugarDaddy

“Would you marry me?”

“Maybe.” Freddie gave him a mock serious and assessing look. “Hop up on your knees again. I want to see if the view is worth keeping you around for that long.”

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My Ruined series is coming out of KU TODAY!

If you’re yet to meet Blake, my sexy single dad, and want to use your subscription then you need to act quick!

Here’s the links:
Tracy Lorraine

5.0 out of 5 stars Must Read with Ambitious Need!
By Adriana Fox on March 24, 2018

I finished book one about 5 am Saturday morning. I have found this novella a fantastic must-read. It was the perfect book for me since not only did it keep me captivated on each page, but it also left me wanting to read more of this series. As a novella, I enjoyed that it was a great quick read due to the fact I am always busy it was the perfect novella length. The main female Character is relatable with how a person in the real world would feel and handle the situations that she faces.She faces a lot of inner emotional turmoil when she finally finds a man she is head over heels for. Without ruining the plot and providing too many spoilers I can say If I were Alexandria I would go through the same thought process.
#1click your copy now.
The Ambition Serial by Kassandra Klay



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Title: Strength

Author: Amy Daws

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: September 17, 2018

Cover Designer: Amy Daws

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He thought getting a second chance at life was difficult, but resisting the spark he feels with her will test all of his strength.

Vi Harris comes with baggage most men can’t handle. A famous ex footballer for a father and four professional footballing brothers. Brothers she helped raise after their mother died.

Dating isn’t easy when the infamous Harris Brothers not only play defence on the pitch, but block most love

interests from getting too close to their sister.

Hayden Clarke isn’t the guy you take home to meet your parents. He’s brooding, troubled, and just survived the darkest days of his life. Which is why a distraction like Vi could cost him everything.

When Vi’s bright, cheeky smile and oversized dog crash into him without warning, he can’t help but get wrapped up in her. Despite his better judgement, he enlists Vi to help him with a special assignment that’s anything but romantic.

Through it all, she doesn’t see his flaws. She doesn’t see him as broken. She sees him as the man he’s been fighting his whole life to be.

But what happens when her strength becomes his weakness?

*This is the re-titled, re-covered, re-edited, and all new bonus content version of the original book, That One Moment.*


Strength CR HTML

ItsLive-second chance

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Amy Daws is an Amazon Top 25 bestselling author of sexy, contemporary romance novels. She enjoys writing love stories that take place in America, as well as across the pond in England; especially about those footy-playing Harris Brothers of hers. When Amy is not writing in a tire shop waiting room, she’s watching Gilmore Girls, or singing karaoke in the living room with her daughter while Daddy smiles awkwardly from a distance.


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The Palm Reader

The Palm Reader
Jackson Walker #2
by Christopher Bowron
Genre: Thriller, Suspense

“… fantastic characters and a truly spellbinding plot—the best book in its genre

I have ever read.” Susan Keefe,

A gripping thriller, which excels in unusual twists and turns,

explorations of family heritage and truths, and one man’s ongoing

journey as he explores new connections and threats to his

life. Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Jackson Walker once again faces his demons in this

haunting sequel to Devil in the Grass. Now

working as an investigative lawyer for Peter Robertson, Jack teams

with Janie Callaghan to solve the disappearance of a sleazy client

specializing in taboo pornography. Meanwhile the evil head of the

Church of Satan weaves an intricate web to lure Walker as the

sacrificial lamb in an Everglades Black Mass ritual.

Christopher Bowron has always loved a great story, and possesses a unique

gift of the magic to tell one. He can be described as a “thriller writer,

with a mysterious undertone,” who can take his readers on

believable journeys to the sharp edge of reality and the

paranormal. The use of seat belts is optional while reading his

work, but you may need to buckle up and hold on tight from time to


Christopher’s roots are Canadian, and his two children make the fifth generation of

his family to live in Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario. His other

home in Southwest Florida, in an area of everglades and ocean,

provided him with ammunition for his imagination. This inspired his

love of writing, and became the backdrop in the creation of his first

published, best-selling novel. “Devil In The Grass” and

soon to be released sequel “The Palm Reader.”

He is fortunate to be able to live his own personal great story, which includes

graduating from Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts in History,

creating a wonderful family and life, running a successful real

estate brokerage, having the opportunities to enjoy fine wine, sports

and getting away to do some salt water fishing in Florida whenever


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Book Tour

Beautiful Lies

Title: Beautiful Lies
Series: The Beautiful Series
Author: Emery Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 13, 2018

“Wow, what a beautiful book! It’s a gorgeously slow-burning second-chance-romance that is sweet, passionate and functional with ALL the feels, and I loved every moment of it.” ~ Amazon Review




“The best kind of angst, deeply moving emotions, and true love all come to play in a beautiful story of redemption and forgiveness with Beautiful Lies.” ~ The Red Hatter Book Blog

Gifted artist. Drug addict. A beautiful liar with the soul of a poet.
Connor Vincent.
Once upon a time, my foolish heart believed that my love would be strong enough to fix him.
How very wrong I was.
We soared to the greatest heights and crashed to the lowest depths together.
Starting over wasn’t possible.
Yet here he was, heart in hand, asking for another chance.
Only a fool would agree.
But when it comes to Connor, I’ve always been a fool.
My muse. My bluebird of happiness. The cunning thief who stole my heart.
Ava Christensen had been the best thing in my life, but I ruined us.
One more chance to get it right.
I would show her that I’ve changed. I’m not hell-bent on self-destruction anymore. I won’t be careless with her. Not again.
This time everything will be different.
But once again my past catches up to me, and I’ll have to prove that I’m stronger than my addiction. Stronger than my secrets and lies. Strong enough to be the man she deserves.
No more secrets. No more lies.
They say that truth is beauty … they’re lying.
Beautiful Lies is the second book in The Beautiful Series but can be read as a complete standalone.

Emery Rose has been known to indulge in good red wine, strong coffee, and a healthy dose of sarcasm. She loves writing sexy alpha heroes, strong heroines, artists, beautiful souls, and flawed but redeemable characters who need to work for their HEA.
When she’s not working on her latest project, you can find her binge-watching Netflix, trotting the globe in search of sunshine, or immersed in a good book. A former New Yorker, she currently resides in London with her two fabulous daughters and one grumpy, but lovable Border Terrier.



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Rite to Reign

Title: Rite to Reign
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: December 11th, 2018
Something wicked this way comes…
>Willful witches, supernatural sorcerers, cruel queens, and powerful priestesses fall out of favor and rise to rule in this highly sought-after collection of spellbinding stories!
More than 20 award-winning and bestselling authors have come together to curate this bewitching boxed set collection of the best PARANORMAL ROMANCE and URBAN FANTASY books in the genre, each brimming with stories of royal magic.
Journey through worlds of danger and mayhem, where witches and warlocks battle for influence and wizards fight for unrestricted power.
But reader beware: the highly addictive stories in RITE TO REIGN will put you under their spell. One click to secure your limited edition copy today!
Buy Links:
Participating Authors: 
Heather Marie Adkins
Teresa Roman
JJ King & Candace Osmond
SJ Davis & P. Mattern
Scott Hungerford
Shawna Romkey
Ash Krafton
Christine Ashworth
Anna Santos
Melissa Winters
Colleen S. Myers
Andie M. Long
Alex H. Singh
Sabrina Ramoth
L.C. Ireland
Louisa Bacio
Grace White
Helen Scott
Carma Haley Shoemaker
Kyndra Hatch
Mirren Hogan & Stephanie Barr
E.B. Black
Elle Middaugh
Kat Parrish
Tanya Dawson
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Love Spell

Title: Love Spell

Author: Mia Kerick

Publisher: NineStar Press, LLC

Release Date: September 17, 2018

Heat Level: 1 – No Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 43300

Genre: Contemporary YA, contemporary, YA, non-binary, bullying, homophobia, coming-of-age, humorous

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Chance César is fabulously gay, but his gender identity—or, as he phrases it, “being stuck in the gray area between girl and boy”—remains confusing. Nonetheless, he struts his stuff on the catwalk in black patent leather pumps and a snug-in-all-the-right (wrong)-places orange tuxedo as the winner of this year’s Miss (ter) Harvest Moon Festival. He rules supreme at the local Beans and Greens Farm’s annual fall celebration, serenaded by the enthusiastic catcalls of his BFF, Emily Benson.

Although he refuses to visually fade into the background of his rural New Hampshire town, Chance is socially invisible—except when being tormented by familiar bullies. But sparks fly when Chance, Pumpkin Pageant Queen, meets Jasper (Jazz) Donahue, winner of the Pumpkin Carving King contest. Chance wants to be noticed and admired and romantically embraced by Jazz, in all of his neon-orange-haired glory.

And so at a sleepover, Chance and Emily conduct intense, late-night research, and find an online article: “Ten Scientifically Proven Ways to Make a Man Fall in Love With You.” Along with a bonus love spell thrown in for good measure, it becomes the basis of their strategy to capture Jazz’s heart.

But will this “no-fail” plan work? Can Chance and Jazz fall under the fickle spell of love?


Love Spell

Mia Kerick © 2018

All Rights Reserved

Chapter One

Shine On, Harvest Moon

Just call me brazen.

It occurs to me that brazen—unabashedly bold and without an inkling of shame—is the perfectly appropriate word to describe moi right about now. It is, however, the only perfectly appropriate part of this evening. Which is perfectly appropriate, in my humble opinion. So get over it.

I lift my chin just enough to stop the stiff orange spikes of glitter-gelled hair from flopping forward onto my forehead. Who can blame me? These spikes are razor sharp—best they stay upright on my head where they belong. And gravity can only do so much to that end.

Okaaaayyyy…sidetracked much? Forces rebellious thoughts on business at hand.

Chance César is a brazen B.

I stare ’em down, but only after I pop the collar of the blinding “Orange Crush” tuxedo I’m rockin’ and shrug my shoulders in a sort of what-the-fuck fashion. Rule of thumb in this queen’s life—first things must always come first.

Pop, shrug, and only then is it kosher to stare. I clear my throat.

“Eat your ginger-haired heart out, Ed Sheeran.”

Based on the buzz of scandalized chatter blowing about in the crisp evening breeze, I’m reasonably certain that nobody in the crowd heard me speak. And although several of the girls currently gawking at me may do double backflips over my red-haired counterpart across the pond, they don’t give a rat’s ass about Chance César. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that they view my atomic tangerine locks as more reminiscent of Bozo the Clown than of the smexy singer-songwriter.

They are, however, completely unaware that this carrot top is going to make Harvest Moon Festival history tonight.

Refusing to succumb to the impulse to duck my head, I take a single shaky step forward onto the stage that’s been set up on the dusty ground beside a vast—by New England standards—cornfield. The stage doesn’t wobble, but my knees sure as shit do. Okay, I’m an honest diva and I tell it like it is. And I’m what you might call a freaking wreck.

Nonetheless, this brazen B takes a deep breath, blows it out in a single gush, and starts to strut. This boy’s werkin’ it.

Smi-zeee!! Yeah, my smile is painted on, just like my trousers.

Chance, you are by far the edgiest Miss Harvest Moon this ramshackle town has ever had the good fortune to gaze upon. I am a major fan of positive self-talk.

Using the feigned British accent I’ve perfected—thanks to long hours of tedious practice in my bathroom—I dish out my next thought aloud. “I wish I’d put in a tad more practice walking in these bloody heels before going public in ’em.” And despite one slight stumble—a close call to be sure—the clicking sound my pumps make is crisp and confident. I saunter out onto the catwalk.

#TrueConfessions: Faking foreign accents is a hobby of mine. I can yammer it up in improvised French, German, Mexican, Russian, and plenty more accents, but I don’t mimic Asian languages, as it seems too close to ridicule. My plan for the rest of the night is to continue vocalizing my abundant thoughts in Standard British, with a hint of Cockney thrown in for charm. After all, New Hampshire is the “Live Free or Die” state, and I’ll do what I laaaa-like. Yaaasss!

“Introducing this year’s lovely…or, um, handsome Miss…ter…Harvest Moon. Let’s hear an enthusiastic round of applause for Chance César!” Mrs. Higgins always speaks using a lolling Southern twang,

although I’m sure she’s lived her entire life right here in less-than-gentile, way-too-many-dirt-roads, Fiske, New Hampshire. (Like, can you say backwoods Fiske without it sounding too much like backward Fiske?) TBH, I’m thrilled: it seems I’m not the only one with an affinity for a colorful accent. But the applause is disappointingly, but not surprisingly, scattered.

“Woot!” A solitary hoot splits the night—it’s quite impossible to miss— and I recognize an undeniably shrill and nasal quality in the sound. I know without a doubt that the hooter is my best (only) friend, Emily Benson. In my not so humble opinion, Emily’s hooting for my benefit is as liberating a sound as Lady Gaga bellowing “Born This Way” live on the Grammy Awards after emerging from a large egg.

My Emily is everything! Not to be dramatic, but whatevs.

In any case, the single, supportive hoot is followed by mucho expected heckling. “Chances are, Chance César is gonna moon the crowd!” It’s a girl’s voice, for sure. I do not have a lot of female fans here in Fiske.

“Come on, Miss Harvest Moon, bend over and flash us your full moon!” A dude mocks me next. I’m proud to say I’m an equal opportunity victim of harassment.

I don’t blink once in the face of the jeering. This type of inconvenience is par for the course in my life, and thus, I consider it a challenge of stoic endurance. I simply place one fine pointy-toed pump in front of the other, my eyes focused on the mountain in the distance. I’m especially proud that, amidst the chaos, I remember to offer the crowd my best beauty queen wave.

Yeah, this is some beauty pageant realness.

“Thank you, lovelies, for coming here today.” I speak in my most Princess Diaries-esque tone.

“Werk it, girlfriend—werk hard!” Yes, it’s Emily again. And like always, she’s got my spectacular back.

“Aw, shit, we must be havin’ a lunar eclipse or somethin’.” It’s another pubescent male voice, and a deep one at that. “There ain’t no moon to be seen ’round these parts!” The heckler is a douche I know too well from school named Edwin Darling—whom I less than fondly, and very privately, refer to as

“Eddie the Appalling.” I watch as he looks away from me to take in the full moon in the dark night sky and shrugs.

The lunar eclipse one-liner is actually fairly humorous. I toss out ten points for creativity in Edwin’s general direction by allowing a restrained smile, but I never remove my eyes from the single treeless spot on Mount Vernier.

Time for a mental detour. Why is this one spot bare-assed of all trees?

That’s when the music starts, and I’m more than glad for the downbeat. It helps me focus, plus it’s much easier to sashay to the sound of a jazzy snare drum than to the unpleasant clamor of heckling. Not that my backside won’t wiggle righteously to any sound at all. Because, rest assured, it will.

“Shine On, Harvest Moon.” Whoever is in charge of the sound system plays the Liza Minnelli version, which may be the silver lining to this farce. For as long as I can remember, it’s been the more traditional, not to mention folksy, Four Aces version for Miss Harvest Moon’s victorious stroll up and down the creaky runway. I will say that tonight is a first for the Liza rendition, and I’m curious as to whether it is coincidental.

But who really cares? Ring them sparkly silver bells for Liza M!

On a side note, I wonder: Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Liza Minnelli’s voice brings out the dramatic streak in me? Okay, okaaaayyyy…so maybe it doesn’t take more than a gentle nudge to get me going in a theatrical direction. But, hey, drama ain’t a crime. My mind is pulled to the back of my bedroom closet (how ironic), where my flapper get-up hangs. Panic sets in… Should I have worn that instead? But it’s a muted peach—not a vivid orange—as seems fitting for a pumpkin festival. And then there’s the whole not-a-single-soul-except-Mom-Dad-and-Emily-has-yet-seen-Chance César-in-full-female-garb thing that held me back from rockin’ the vintage coral dress with its spectacular tiers of flesh-colored fringe.

Tonight is Beans and Green Farm’s Annual Harvest Moon Festival, and for northern New Hampshire, this is a big freaking deal—the whole town shows up for cheesy shit like this. In light of this recognition, I confirm that pumpkin orange attire is mandatorbs. I mean, I went so far as to dye my hair for tonight’s festivities; the least I can do is choose garments that enhance my Halloween-chic style.

At the end of the catwalk, I indulge the audience by providing them with their deepest desire. I stand there, still as a scarecrow—for ten seconds, give or take—so they can drink in the sight of me, from spiky glittering head to pointy patent leather toes. I allow them this rare opportunity for freeze-frame viewing pleasure. Whether they admire me for having the balls to strut around ultraconservative Fiske wearing a scandalously snug-in-all-the-wrong-(right)-places orange tuxedo and four-inch black pumps—which I will admit is a public first for me—or they wish the shining harvest moon would fall on my house and crush me while I sleep, what they all really want most is a good long moment to study me.

To twerk or not to twerk, that is the question.

When the spectators finally start to squirm, I throw out a few of my best vogue fem moves to the tune of some subtle arm, wrist, and hand action, followed by several full-body poses, avoiding the death drop move as I haven’t yet mastered it in pumps. And when it’s time to once again get this glam show on the road, I pivot on my toes and strut briskly—America’s Next Top Model style—back to the stage where my boss, the owner of Beans and Greens Farm, stands nervously clutching my crown.

Mrs. Higgins is a tall glass of water, in the manner of a large-boned Iowa farm girl, but she’s accustomed to crowning petite high school junior girls, not nearly grown senior boys in four-inch heels. I crouch beside her politely and, I dare say, delicately, and she carefully nestles the crystal-studded crown in my spiky mop of neon-orange hair.

“Be careful, Mrs. H,” I warn beneath my breath. “Those spikes might look harmless, but they’re sharp enough to slice off your little finger.”

She offers me half of a crooked smile, for which I give her credit. I, Mrs. Higgins’ very own “boy with the bad attitude on cash register three,” have broken about every rule Beans and Greens has established for its hordes of Fiske High School summer workers, right down to the “no jewelry at work” clause. But a couple of points go to the lady because she manages to force out a grimace that could be mistaken for a smile…if your standard for smiles is on the low side. Besides, I’m not about to remove my nose ring. It in no way impedes my ability to count, ring up, and bag cucumbers.

This is when I spin on a single heel to face the crowd.

“You don’t happen to have any…very brief…words of wisdom for our audience, do you, Chance?” Mrs. Higgins asks, speaking into an oversized microphone. But despite the laid-back accent, I can tell she’s wary. Like a rat in a corner.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.” My clipped British accent momentarily stuns the woman, and I take the opportunity to snatch the microphone from her less-than-dainty hand. Realizing it’s now in my possession, Mrs. Higgins shudders. “I just want to thank you all, my beloved coworkers at Beans and Greens Farm, for voting me in as this year’s Miss Harvest Moon.” I wipe imaginary tears from my eyes with my wrist, sniff for added effect, and, of course, I employ a most gracious, high-pitched tone of voice. “I am so honored to represent you all here tonight.” I sound like Eliza Doolittle in the stage play, My Fair Lady.

The crowd is silent. Maybe it’s a stunned silence. I sincerely hope so.

I follow dainty sniffling with my best duck-faced lip pout. Mrs. Higgins makes a sudden grab for the microphone, but I’m more agile. I only have to twist my shoulders ever so slightly to the left to block her move. She eyes me with a new respect.

And then I lower my voice so it’s all man—momentarily losing the delightful British inflection—and pose my question to the crowd.

“So you thought voting for me as Miss Harvest Moon would humiliate me—dull my shine or rain on my parade, perhaps?” I wag one well-manicured finger at the crowd while swishing my ass back and forth in matched rhythm. “Well, in your face, my sorry backwoods homies, cuz I’m here and I’m queer and I’m shining on—just like that big ol’ harvest moon!”

Without hesitation, I bend, just enough to grab Mrs. Higgins around the waist, and lift her off her size eleven feet (by my best visual estimate) and swing the lady around, probs ’til she’s seeing more stars than the ones in the dark Harvest Moon sky.

I’d bet my ahhh-mazing ass that no other Miss Harvest Moon has ever given Mrs. Higgins a joyride like that!


NineStar Press, LLC | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Meet the Author


Mia Kerick is the mother of four exceptional children—one in law school, another at a dance conservatory, a third studying at Mia’s alma mater, Boston College, and her lone son still in high school. She has published more than twenty books of LGBTQ romance when not editing National Honor Society essays, offering opinions on college and law school applications, helping to create dance bios, and reviewing English papers. Her husband of twenty-five years has been told by many that he has the patience of Job, but don’t ask Mia about this, as it is a sensitive subject.

Mia focuses her stories on the emotional growth of troubled young people and their relationships. She has a great affinity for the tortured hero in literature, and as a teen, Mia filled spiral-bound notebooks with tales of tortured heroes and stuffed them under her mattress for safekeeping. She is thankful to NineStar Press for providing her with an alternate place to stash her stories.

Her books have been featured in Kirkus Reviews magazine, and have won Rainbow Awards for Best Transgender Contemporary Romance and Best YA Lesbian Fiction, a Reader Views’ Book by Book Publicity Literary Award, the Jack Eadon Award for Best Book in Contemporary Drama, an Indie Fab Award, and a Royal Dragonfly Award for Cultural Diversity, among other awards.

Mia Kerick is a social liberal and cheers for each and every victory made in the name of human rights. Her only major regret: never having taken typing or computer class in school, destining her to a life consumed with two-fingered pecking and constant prayer to the Gods of Technology. Contact Mia at or visit at to see what is going on in Mia’s world.

Website | Facebook | Twitter


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Title: Heathens
Series: Badlands Book 4
Author: Natalie Bennett
Genre: Dark Erotic Thriller
Release Date: September 16, 2018


Frequently misunderstood.
I can be your best friend or your worst fucking nightmare.
The Savages are my family and the Badlands is our paradise.
When that’s threatened, no one is safe.
Carnage and chaos unfold around me.
Loyalties are tested. Truths start to unravel.
When everything I know teeters on the verge of going up in flames, the only girl I tried to save, may end up saving me.
Old soul.
Unusually stable.
I was the good girl, the one who saw beauty in people.
When the devil marked me everything changed.
The world I’ve been chained to is merciless and cruel.
I was ready to leave it all behind, but then he found me again.
He needed saving, I needed a reminder of who I was.
Nothing could prepare me for what came next.
Heathens is book 4 in the bestselling Badlands series. This is a complete story with no cliffhanger, however, books 1-3 must be read prior.

Natalie Bennett is the creator of erotic stories that always come with a warning label. She writes about depraved alpha a**holes and women that love to hate them. Her books don’t follow any specific tropes, have no set word counts, and tend to deviate from traditional HEA’s.
When she isn’t in front of her computer she’s spending time with her husband and their three little boys.
Natalie is an avid fan of caramel frappes, horror movies, Shameless, and of course, reading.
You can find Natalie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.