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Freezing Point

Freezing Point
After the Shift Series Book 1
by Grace Hamilton
Genre: SciFi, Post-Apocalypse

In the dawn of a new Ice Age, families everywhere are taking to the road to escape the

frigid landscape—but you can’t outrun the cold.

No one could have predicted the terrifying impact of human interference in the Arctic.

Shifts in the Earth’s crust have led to catastrophe and now the

North Pole is located in the mid-Atlantic, making much of the eastern

United States an unlivable polar hellscape.

Nathan Tolley is a talented mechanic who has watched his business dry up due to gas

shortages following the drastic tectonic shifts. His wife, Cyndi, has

diligently prepped food and supplies, but it’s not enough to get

them through a never-ending winter. With an asthmatic young son and a

new baby on the way, they’ll have to find a safe place they can

call home or risk freezing to death in this harsh new world.

When an old friend of Nathan’s tells him that Detroit has become a paradise, with

greenhouses full of food and plenty of solar energy for everyone, it

sounds like the perfect place to escape. But with dangerous

conditions and roving gangs, getting there seems like an impossible

dream. It also seems like their only choice.

Grace Hamilton is the prepper pen-name for a bad-ass, survivalist

momma-bear of four kids, and wife to a wonderful husband. After being

stuck in a mountain cabin for six days following a flash flood, she

decided she never wanted to feel so powerless or have to send her

kids to bed hungry again. Now she lives the prepper lifestyle and

knows that if SHTF or TEOTWAWKI happens, she’ll be ready to help

protect and provide for her family.

Combine this survivalist mentality with a vivid imagination (as well as a

slightly unhealthy day dreaming habit) and you get a prepper fiction

author. Grace spends her days thinking about the worst possible

survival situations that a person could be thrown into, then throwing

her characters into these nightmares while trying to figure out “What

SHOULD you do in this situation?”

It’s her wish that through her characters, you will get to experience what

life will be like and essentially learn from their mistakes and

experiences, so that you too can survive!

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