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When We Kiss by Tia Louise


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“Heart-warming. Heart-pounding. Deliciously naughty. This might possibly be Tia’s best book yet!” –Melanie Harlow, USA Today bestselling author

“A super sexy novel that will leave you breathless and smiling from ear to ear.” – Aleatha Romig NYT bestselling author


Kiss me…
You’re too law-abiding for me.
What makes you say that?
That uniform. Those handcuffs.
Maybe I should put you in handcuffs.
Maybe I’d like to see you try…”

Tabby Green:
Preacher’s niece.
Website designer.
Bad Girl.

Chad Tucker:
Retired military.
Deputy sheriff.

He’s a hot cop with a square jaw, a sexy grin, and a tight end.
I’m a bad girl, a “Jezebel”—just ask all the old biddies in town.
We’re oil and vinegar. We don’t mix.
But when we kiss…

She’s got flashing green eyes, red-velvet lips, and luscious curves in all the right places.
She’s a bad girl all right, and after what I’ve lost, I’m not looking for trouble.
But when we kiss…
Oil and vinegar DO mix,
And when they do, it’s electric.

A full-length, STAND-ALONE, opposites-attract romance about heroes, bad girls, and what happens when you stop fighting and surrender to love. NO Cheating; NO Cliffhangers!

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