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The Dead of Cold by Allie Quinn

The Dead of Cold by Allie Quinn

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Being telepathic and telekinetic has made Jane’s life far from simple. When she accidentally bumps into Milo, she thinks her powers are off kilter. Not only does she learn all his secrets, but she discovers he’s a vampire. After all, vampires don’t exist. At the same instant, he becomes her dream lover every time she falls asleep. When Jane later learns the evil plans of Milo’s greatest adversary, Bart, she has no choice but to put herself in danger to warn Milo. She just isn’t prepared for the fire that burns between her and Milo while she’s awake. It’s stronger than any dream sex she could imagine. She soon learns she will do whatever necessary to save Milo so she can stay safe in his arms. But is their passion and love and the fact destiny has made them soul mates strong enough to hold back the terror Bart brings to them?

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