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Protect Me


Title: Protect Me

Series: Spotlight Collection #2

Author: Cary Hart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 21, 2018
Who will you be when no one is watching… when the
lights go down?
I don’t know who I am anymore. It’s been so
long since I’ve been allowed to think for myself. And now that I can, all I can
think about is him. My protector. His massive build which should frighten me
but makes me feel safe. And his intense eyes that linger on me when he thinks
I’m not looking. But why would he want me? I’m broken.
I vowed never to get close to anyone again. Do
the job, get paid and survive. That’s all. Then she’s thrown into my life,
needing a place to hide. She thinks she’s damaged, but she just needs someone
to show her how strong she really is. Damn if I don’t want to be that man. But
I’ve got a past of my own, and no good deed goes unpunished.


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Shapiro –
She wraps
her arms around my neck and lets her body collapse against mine. Her front
sliding down. Her legs wrapping around my waist before she hits the floor.
 “I didn’t like you locking me in here.”
“I didn’t
like locking you in here either. I didn’t know what else to do. If you would
have left and something happened to you . . .”
“I wouldn’t
have left.”
I know
she’s drunk, but this conversation has sobered up fast.
“No.” She
nods slowly. A small grin creeps up on her face.
looking at me like this has me losing all resolve. It’s all I can do to keep
from slamming her against this wall, but she deserves better.
“Why don’t
we lock up and get you to bed.”
I reach to
pull her arms off and set her down, but she resists. For being drunk she sure
does have a lot of strength.
“Don’t put
me down. I’m dizzy.”
drunk, huh?”
“Drunk on
you.” She reaches up to tap my nose.
Okay so
maybe drunk Penny is kind of cute.
“Is that a
smile, Frances.”
I can’t
help it. This girl, she makes me feel things I have never wanted to feel
before. So I smile.
“There it
is.” She reaches between us to trace my lips with her finger.
I’m sure in
her head she is being soft and sensual, but in real life, she keeps jabbing her
finger against my teeth.
“Time to
lock the door.”
I walk us
over and prop her up against the wall with one knee as I free a hand to lock
“Oh!” Her
eyes go wide. “That feels so good.”
does?” I ask as I stretch up to slide the lock into place then set the alarm.
“This.” She
puts all her weight onto my leg and grinds.
Fuck Me!
You’re killing me.” I glance down and see Penny’s eyes hooded and filled
with lust. “I think it’s time I take you to bed.”
Remember that movie? Oh, what was it?” She taps my temple. I guess to help her think. “You know that one where they
sing that song about fire balls or balls of fire.”
“No clue.”
I bounce
her up to shift her weight. Wrong
move. With all her grinding I’m hard as a rock.
“Oh yes!”
she shouts as she flings her head back.
I lose
balance, and she slams it against the wall. “Ouch!”
“You okay?”
I snake my
arm up the base of her neck and into her hair. Massaging her scalp.
She leans
into my touch. Closing her eyes for a brief second before they spring open.
“Take me to
bed or lose me forever.”
I know it’s
a movie quote, but damn, don’t I want those words to mean something. Standing
there with her body wrapped around mine I would give anything to push her up
against that wall and take—
Her mouth
crushing to mine interrupts my thoughts. My mind is telling me to pull away but
my body is screaming for me to stay.
Kissing her
back? Nothing good could come from it. My guard would drop, and she would
become even more vulnerable. I can’t do that.
Penny moans my name against my lips. Begging me to kiss her back the way she is
kissing me.
I can’t. I won’t.
I try to
keep repeating those words in my head.
“Fuck,” I
I don’t
know what comes over me, in that brief moment, but the tension that had been
building since I met her became unbearable. I had to let go.
her cheeks, I took control of the kiss. Owning it. Fusing our mouths together
while our tongues intertwine I turn her around and pin her against the wall.
Her body
stiffens, and I freeze.
“No. It’s
totally me.” She breathes out an excuse. “I just . . . I don’t know. I guess I
. . .”
“Let’s go
to bed.” I swing her legs around and hold her in my arms.
“Ohh!” She
She’s so
“I’m a
princess.” Her smile crooked, yet bright.
I kissed a
drunk girl breathless. Great. Maybe she will be so out of it she doesn’t
“Yes, you are.”
I agree as we walk into the bedroom and I lay her down gently. The mattress
barely dipping. “Here, lift up.”
Ohhhhh,” she coos staring at me with her doe eyes.
I know what
she wants, but it can’t happen. The kiss was a mistake. Maybe if it happened
another time. After this was all over with it could be more, but right now. It
just can’t be.
Yanking the
covers down, I let her get adjusted before I pull them back up.
“Get some
“I don’t
want rest. I just want you.” She untucks her arms and makes grabby hands like
you see in those memes.
Shaking my
head. “You are something else. You know it?”
“I know
it.” Her smile sleepy.
“Night.” I
turn to leave the bedroom to get as much distance between us as possible, but
Penny? She has other thoughts.
“You didn’t
tuck me in. Tuck me in, Shapiro. Tuck me in
good.” Penny turns over onto her side, throwing the covers off.
“What are
you doing to me?” I moan, rubbing my face.
I swear
this girl is going to be the death of me.
“Don’t make
me beg,” she whines.
Closing the
distance, I reach for the blankets and pull them up as I go. Tucking them under
her chin. Stepping back, I admire her from a distance.
Distance is safe. It’s needed.
“You sure?”
I start
from the bottom and tuck the blankets under her like she’s a burrito. “Snug as
a big in a rug,” I whisper.
Her lips
pucker and I walk out.
Tonight is
definitely a moment to remember. I’m just hoping she forgets.


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Author Bio
Cary Hart
hails from the Midwest. A sassy, coffee drinking, sometimes sailor swearing,
Spotify addict, lover of all things books!
When not pushing women down the stairs in the fictional world, Cary has her
hands full. Soccer mom in all sense of the word to two wild and crazy, spoiled
kiddos, and wife to the most supportive husband. In addition to writing full
time, she enjoys binge watching Netflix, laying around in her hammock and
baking up cookies for her family and friends.

Cary writes
real, raw romance! In her stories the characters deal with life’s everyday
struggles and unwanted drama, they talk about the ugly and they become the
broken. Everyone deserves a happy ending, but sometimes before you can
appreciate the light, there has to be darkness.
As a child,
if someone would have told her she would become a writer, she wouldn’t have
believed them. It wasn’t until she got her hands on her first romance novel,
that the passion grew. Now, she couldn’t imagine her life any other way – now
her dream is her reality.


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Divine Hart



Title: Divine Hart
Author: Heather Shere
Genre: New Adult/Second Chance Romance

Cover Design: Rebel Graphics

Photo: Wander Aguiar

Models: Andrew Biernat & Desire Lynn

Release Date: October 19, 2018
Being a poor kid in a rich town was tough. When you’re a
skater boy from a dusty trailer park, they see you as nothing more than a
desert rat. Despite this, Preston Hart knew what he wanted…she was his world.
But could he ever be the man she deserved? He didn’t believe he was worthy.
That was his weakness and weaknesses could be exploited. When he was offered
the chance to make something of his life, he knew the cost might be too high.
But faced with losing everything he held dear, he took the helping hand;
however, everything comes at price and Preston paid dearly. 
Being a rich girl in a rich town should have been easy. But
when you’re the daughter of an influential businessman who traded your silver
spoon for his belt buckle, money couldn’t buy happiness, it could only buy the
makeup to hide the bruises. Despite this, Skye Divine had found her solace…he
was her world. But he abandoned her when she needed him most and without him,
she faced a choice: run for her life or stay in the desert and die.
She’d made it this far on her own and while her life might
be falling apart, she’d rather be homeless and starving than go back home. But
when her luck finally runs out, she may be left with no option. 
Then two worlds unexpectedly collide and this time? The
tables have turned. 


Author Bio

Heather Shere is a wife of twenty some odd years and wants you to know that you get less for murder. She’s also the mother of two adult shaped kids, who she thinks she messed up just enough to make them highly successful individuals, who are also hilarious.

She has a masters degree in snark and nothing entertains her more than someone who can word battle with her. She considers herself an awesome cook and an expert baker but wants to eat out most days, however nothing is made ‘the right way’ unless she makes it herself.

When she gets bored she likes to tinker with different hobbies like crocheting, scrapbooking, stamping and card making. Her newest and most fulfilling passion is writing and she welcomes you into the deep dark depths of her mind.

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Country Liquor


Title: Country Liquor
Series: Sugar County Boys #4
Author: Madison Faye
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 17, 2018


Country devil. Tongue like heaven.
They call him the Liquor King.
Wild, untamed, dangerous, and undeniably dominant.
This is wrong. This is filthy.
…But this just might be love at first lick.
First he made me
scream, then he made me gasp for more.
I made a deal with
the devil. I’ll be his fake wife for a cut of the huge inheritance he’s about
to land. It’s all supposed to be pretend. But that’s before I get lost in those
gorgeous, fierce eyes. That’s before I fall for that filthy mouth, those
tempting lips, and that body carved out of marble.
…That’s before I
wake up hungover, half-naked, and totally actually married to
the hottest, most toe-curlingly alpha moonshine-making outlaw in Sugar County.
I’m so screwed.
Being a Marine
sniper left me a little wild. But seeing her? Well, that makes me crazy.
The moment I lay
eyes on her, I know one thing: she’s mine. That firecracker mouth, those curves
that beg for my filthy hands to hold on tight, and that ass a
man could sink his teeth into. She has me obsessed and driven to claim by
any means necessary – even if I have to throw her over my shoulder
Sweet as pie and hot
as summer rain. She’ll be my captive. My prize. My perfect country bride. I’m
gonna show her how we do liquor out here in the country.
…And I could sip her
sugar all day long.


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Also Available
99c for a limited time
Free in Kindle Unlimited
99c for a limited time
Free in Kindle Unlimited
99c for a limited time
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
#1 bestselling contemporary romance author Madison Faye is
the dirty alter ego of the very wholesome, very normal suburban housewife
behind the stories. While she might be a wife, mom, and PTA organizer on the
outside, there’s nothing but hot, steamy, and raunchy fantasies brewing right
beneath the surface!

Tired of keeping them hidden inside or only having them come out in the
bedroom, they’re all here in the form of some wickedly hot stories.
Single-minded alpha hero, sinfully taboo relationships, and wildly over-the-top
scenarios. If you love it extra dirty, extra hot, and extra naughty, this is
the place for you! (Just don’t tell the other PTA members you saw her here…)

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starter-library books!

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When You Became Mine

Title: When You Became Mine 
Author: A.S. Teague
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 4, 2018
Cover Designer: Kerry Heavens with Rebel Graphics
Cover Models: Alexis Susalla and A.C. Parker
Cover Photographer: Lindee Robinson Photography
I was twelve years old when I fell in love with Piper Kelley. Even at the age of eight, she was everything I wasn’t: brave, bold, and beautiful.
The night of my college graduation party, I finally made my move, but Piper only had eyes for one man—my younger brother.
With a battered heart, I left for Vegas, determined to put her behind me. But eight years later, fate proved once again that it had never cared about my plans.
Now, I’m back home, and determined not to fall into the same trap I spent the majority of my adolescence trying to escape.
But when Piper finds herself at the risk of losing her medical license, I realize just how far I’m willing to go to protect her.
I was twelve when Piper Kelley became mine.
It’s time I let her know.
A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.



Dirty Gambit

Title: Dirty Gambit

Author: Airicka Phoenix

Genre: Dark Romance

Publication Date: March 29th, 2018


For a girl with no family, no job and a rap sheet as long as her arm, eighteen-year-old Angelina Ramos never stood a chance at happiness. So, when her blood is found at the scene of a robbery that ends with three dead, Lena does the only thing a foster kid knows how to do — she runs. But she’s not going alone.

Jaxon Westwick has never met anyone as fierce, beautiful, or haunted as Lena . . . or as crazy. No one else has ever seduced him into handcuffs just to kidnap him, hold him hostage, and drag him clear across the country.

But Lena’s on a mission to find peace and nothing is going to stop her, not the cops, not the mob boss out for her blood, and definitely not her gorgeous hostage, no matter how he tempted her. After all, how could someone like her ever belong in a world as untainted as his? 

Airicka Phoenix is a multi-genre author of novels starring strong female leads and sexy alpha heroes. She started her journey after never finding the type of books she wanted to read. Her love of tortured souls and forbidden romance carried her into writing her own hard-earned happiness. Currently, she lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her babies and can be found hard at work on her next project.


For more about Airicka, visit her at


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Shadows & Spells (A Havenwood Falls High Novella)

Title: Shadows & Spells (A Havenwood Falls High Novella)

Author: Cameo Renae

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: October 12th, 2018

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Welcome to Havenwood Falls, a small town in the majestic mountains of Colorado. A town where legacies began centuries ago, bloodlines run deep, and dark secrets abound. A town where nobody is what you think, where truths pose as lies, and where myths blend with reality. A place where everyone has a story. Including the high schoolers. This is only but one…

This sequel to Bound by Shadows continues the story of Eris and Rylan.

Rylan Gilles has found a new life in Havenwood Falls. A better one. One with a new pack, a new family, friends, a job, and even a girlfriend. He vows to himself to never allow his past to interfere with his future. But when an enemy of his father, a psychotic shifter named Lars, hunts down and kills his old pack’s alpha, they turn to Rylan to lead and save them.

Eris Blaekthorn has been working on growing her newfound magical powers, and with that has come intense nightmares that feel more like premonitions. Horrifying images of a large, dark shifter ripping Rylan to shreds and killing him plague her dreams. But when she tries to discuss these with Rylan, he shuts her out.

Dead set on keeping his personal vow, Rylan’s determined to handle Lars on his own, but Eris knows where this will end. She hopes he’ll turn to her and his new pack for help, while she fears that he’ll do the opposite. If he faces Lars alone, her nightmares may soon turn to reality. But if he doesn’t, he risks losing everything, including the girl he loves.

This is a Young Adult paranormal tale in the Havenwood Falls High series of Young Adult fantasy stories featuring a variety of supernatural creatures. The series is a collaborative effort by multiple authors. Each book is generally a stand-alone, so you can read them in any order, although some authors will be writing sequels to their own stories. Please be aware when you choose your next read.

USA Today Bestselling author, Cameo Renae, was born in San Francisco, raised in Maui, Hawaii, and now resides with her husband and children in Alaska.

She’s a daydreamer, caffeine and peppermint addict, who loves to laugh, and loves to read to escape reality.

One of her greatest joys is creating fantasy worlds filled with adventure and romance and sharing it with others. It is the love of her family and amazing support of her fans that keeps her going.

One day she hopes to find her own magic wardrobe and ride away on her magical unicorn. Until then…she’ll keep writing!

Happy Reading! Xoxo

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Bound by Shadows

Shadows & Spells (Pre-Order):


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Errant Spark

Errant Spark
Elemental Trials Book 1
by Ronelle Antoinette
Genre: Fantasy Romance
How can you afford to risk it all for love when your life
is not your own?

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but In

Egalion’s Imperial court, you can’t tell one from the

other…especially when they change at the flip of a coin. Behind the

luxury and splendor lies a realm of treachery where cloak-and-dagger

political maneuvering threatens to destroy the peace of two thousand


Twenty-five-year-old Battlemage Jex Xander has a mouth that frequently
gets him into trouble, while in contrast, Enari Namelum speaks not at all.

When Jex becomes the target of a faceless curse-slinger, Enari, the girl he

has protected since the day they met, must now protect him. A string

of ritual human sacrifices coupled with Jex’s growing inability to

keep his feelings (and hands) to himself only serve to complicate

matters. Amidst the mounting chaos, passion and romance should be the

last thing on their minds, but life and the Goddess seem to have

other ideas.

In a world as enticing as it is perilous, love, danger, and magic will

collide, leaving lives irrevocably changed. The events of a single

summer stand to change the course of more than just the kingdom of

Egalion and the ones dismissed as pawns may yet prove to be the most

important players.

Errant Spark” is the hush before the storm, the last deep breath before

the plunge. The flint has been struck and it’s possible the whole

world might go up in flames…because love in the Imperial court is

as dangerous a thing as backroom politics and jealousy can be as much

a driving force as silver and gold.


Fantasy? Action? Romance? Yes! This romantic fantasy novel by Ronelle

Antoinette is a broad, epic, sweeping fantasy with more twists and

turns and ups and downs than a wild roller-coaster! The first

installment of the Elemental Trials series is one of those books that

really is so much more than what the blurb can convey. Described as

“surprisingly complex and visionary” by one reviewer, “Errant

Spark” will leave you mesmerized from the first page to the last.

Hailed by Amazing Stories Magazine’s Ricky L Brown as “a simple story

about interesting characters with just enough romance and magic to

make it work. […] Errant Spark is as complex as George RR Martin,

with a world that is well-suited for conniving and cavorting. Rest

assured, there is plenty of sex and violence, but not as raw and

stabby as the aforementioned works. It’s more like a big kid’s

version of a fairy tale.

Recommended for:
Mature teens and up
Fans of epic fantasy and romance
Those looking for characters they want to eat…
or take home and enjoy
Readers who can appreciate a gorgeous tapestry of

magic, myth,

and mayhem

Connoisseurs of fine love stories that complement the plot
and that ‘slow burn’
Lovers of surprises, twists-and-turns, and well-placed,
necessary supernatural elements
Anyone looking for sex, magic, love, fantasy, and a story
that will sweep you away
Those who don’t mind staying up all night so they can
turn that final page

As of 11/21/16, a series glossary has been included at the end of

this novel (in ebook and print form only).

Flash Point
Elemental Trials Book 2
A 2017 Book Excellence Award finalist in fantasy
Scandal will shake foundations.

A night of careless passion leaves Battlemage Jex Xander and Adept

Enari Alycon in a precarious position. Long-time lovers they might

be, but the Imperial ambassador and the daughter of Egalion’s High

Mage have rather public roles in the court—whether they wish it or

not—and scandal couldn’t come at a worse time.

Treachery will tip balances.

When a hostile kingdom reluctantly agrees to parley, the fate of

two-thousand years of peace is on the line. In the midst of

negotiations, Enari becomes the target of one of the Greater

Maelstrom. She and Jex must race against time to save her life and

that of her unborn child. What happens when an earth-shattering

secret, a demon bent on destruction, and a kingdom teetering on the

brink of war collide is anyone’s guess.

Choices will have consequences.

The decisions of a few will determine the fate of many, and who or what

will remain standing in the end is still uncertain. Hearts and lives

are on the cusp of irrevocable change…and not necessarily for the


And secrets? Those will change everything.

Ronelle Antoinette lives in western Colorado with her husband, two cats, and

one dog-who-believes-he’s-a-person. While she is a mother of none,

she’s an auntie to what should qualify as a small army. She is an

admitted caffeine addict, chocoholic, and hopeless romantic who has

carried on a passionate affair with the genre of fantasy since she

was old enough to read ‘chapter books’.

Ronelle dabbled in creative writing for many years before making it a career.

(She even considered it as a major in college, though she ended up

getting a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology.) She published

her first novel, Errant Spark, in July of 2016.

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The Rodeo Cowboy’s Baby



Title: The Rodeo Cowboy’s Baby
Series: The 79th Cooper Mountain Rodeo #5
Author: Heidi Rice

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 18, 2018
happens at the rodeo… Doesn’t always stay at the rodeo!
A year after her marriage has crashed and burned–along with her dreams of
becoming a mother–Irish newspaper columnist, Evie Donnelly, is not
impressed with her editor’s suggestion she head down to Marietta to find some
‘new meat’ for her dating column. With her confidence as a woman at an all-time
low, surely the last thing she needs is to risk hooking up with a rodeo cowboy?
Despite a troubled past as a foster kid, calf roping champion Flynn is
a man who adores women. Maybe he doesn’t do commitment, but he does do good
times and he is only too happy to help when he discovers a smart, funny and
beautiful but undeniably fragile woman behind Evie’s tough exterior who is in
desperate need of his own personal brand of sexual healing.
But when the rodeo is over, Evie and Flynn can’t forget those three
stolen nights together in Marietta–especially when their wild, wonderful ride
turns out to have even more unforgettable consequences.


Purchase Links
Author Bio
USA Today
Bestselling and RITA-nominated author Heidi Rice is married with two sons
(which gives her rather too much of an insight into the male psyche). She also
works as a film journalist and was born in Notting Hill in West London (before
it became as chi-chi as it is in the film starring Hugh Grant). She now lives
in Islington in North London – a stone’s throw away from where they shot Four
Weddings and a Funeral… (She has asked Hugh to stop stalking her, but will he
She loves
her job because it involves sitting down at her computer each day and getting
swept up in a world of high emotions, sensual excitement, funny feisty women,
sexy tortured men and glamorous locations where laundry doesn’t exist … Not
bad, eh.
Then she
gets to turn off her computer and do chores (usually involving laundry).


Author Links


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No Tomorrow


Title: No Tomorrow
Author: Carian Cole
Genre: Contemporary Romance Standalone
 Release Date: September 13, 2018
The people we love are thieves.

They steal our hearts. They steal our breath.

They steal our sanity.

And we let them.

Over and over and over again.
They say you never forget your first time.

Mine was with a homeless musician who effed my brains out under a

He was my first love. And fourteen years later, I still can’t get him out of my

He broke all my rules.

He also broke my heart.

I watched him climb to stardom, cheering him on from afar.

But I was never a fan; just a girl in love.

Like a tornado, he spiraled, leaving a path of destruction in his wake.

But love conquers all, right? It has to. Because here I stand, ravaged and
ruined, needing it to be true.

You can’t go back, but I want to. Back to the bridge. Back to when he sang only
for me. Before he was famous. Before he shattered my heart.

I thought I knew everything about him.

But I could not have been more wrong.

He promised me every tomorrow. And here I am, waiting.

And hoping.


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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio

I have a passion for the bad boys, those covered in tattoos, sexy smirks, ripped jeans, fast cars, motorcycles and of course, the sweet girls that try to tame them and win their hearts. My debut series, Ashes & Embers, follows the lives of rock band members as they find, and sometimes lose, the loves of their lives.

Born and raised a Jersey girl, I now reside in beautiful New Hampshire with my husband and our multitude of furry pets and spend most of my time writing, reading, and vacuuming.

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