by Kayden McLeod
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Life seemed so normal before I met the perfect guy.
Then everything changed.

Sun, swimming and camping is the picture perfect vacation for Katrina. She

needs a break from what has become her everyday life. She meets

Kalvyn, tall, dark, with captivating green eyes. The attraction is

instant, highly sexual, skittering on the edge of dangerous. In her

heart, she knows there is something about Kalvyn he isn’t saying.

When strange sighting of wild cats in the campgrounds, her life falls

to shambles, and she has nowhere to turn. Kalvyn tries to protect

her, but what man can protect the woman he loves, from himself?

Kayden McLeod is a paranormal and fantasy author, who dreams big, and writes

bigger. She gets her inspirations from all manners of life and events

that surround her. She is best known for her paranormal books, the

Coven Series. Now, she embarks on new adventures in the dark world of

Shadowdyn, found in the pages of the Demon Queen Series. As well, she

has started to write her first YA fantasy books under the name Kinsey


She is an award winning Cover and Graphic Artist, and the co-owner of

Otherworlds Publicity. In the past, she’s completed cover

art for a variety of publishers, although her freelance makes up

most of her portfolio.

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