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Omega’s Choice

Omega’s Choice
The Black Ridge Wolf Pack Book 1
by Lilli Carlisle
Genre: Paranormal Romance

In a realm of elves, ogres and white witches, where danger is

ever-present, Princess Helena Lichtenberg lost her parents at a young

age. Raised by her uncle and aunt, Helena values family above all

else. Now, as decreed by tradition, it is time to select a mate.


Enormous, scarred and scary, Black Ridge Wolf Pack leader Aldric Forst has

never drawn the eye of any Omega. Why would he? But, on this, the

night of what he swears is his last selection celebration, everything

is different. One of those most beautiful, magical and powerful

women, the niece of the king and queen themselves, wants him. And

Aldric has never wanted anything more in return. No force—no matter

how dark, no matter how powerful—will take Helena from him.

Ceva’s Chance
The Black Ridge Wolf Pack Book 2

If it hadn’t been for King Leonidas, white witch Ceva would have roamed

the earth alone and ostracized. She was a biological accident, and

her heritage was a curse she’d carry around for all her days. Now she

fights for her king and kingdom, a fierce warrior on a mission to

prove she is worthy of the trust and friendship the king has

afforded. When she meets Lothar, captain of the Black Ridge Wolf Pack

guard, she glimpses a future she never thought possible. But once he

knows her truths, he will surely reject her.


Lothar had never met anyone like Ceva. Beautiful, fierce, protective and

loyal, she would make the perfect mate for any man. Lothar wants to

be that man, but Ceva remains elusive. Sure, she flirts, and they

dance around each other, but Lothar wants more. When his team joins

hers on a dangerous mission, he learns her secrets, which makes her

more extraordinary, not the pariah she believes she is. But her past

is about to catch up with her, and only his love can save them from

certain death.

Karli’s Resolve
The Black Ridge Wolf Pack Book 3
The Power of Unity
Twenty-five years ago Karli’s parents ripped her away from her home and

the men she loved. An omega with gifts worthy of only the most special man,

her parents refused to allow her to mate with anyone less than a

powerful, wealthy alpha. But at a young age Karli had found her

forever in Joseph and Rowl’s arms, and she knew she could never love

anyone else. After a vicious ogre attack decimated the village where

her parent’s had hidden her, warriors came to save the wounded pack

members. Warriors led by Joseph and Rowl.

Although she had seemed to disappear into thin air, Joseph and Rowl never

stopped searching for the woman they loved. When Karli was discovered

among the ruins of a small village, the fierce warrior captains

couldn’t believe their eyes. And once they had found her, they were

never going to let her go. But dark forces were at work to separate

the triad once again, and this time all their lives were on the line.

Laura’s Legacy
The Black Ridge Wolf Pack Book 4

While Laura was attending the annual omega celebration, a ruthless ogre

attack destroyed her village and wiped out her family. Heartbroken,

lonely, and adrift, she was forced to rely on the kindness of the

Black Ridge wolf pack alpha for a home. And so were many others,

including members of the small Newton pack, and their handsome,

strong alpha, Dedric. One brief interlude was all it took for Laura

to know she would choose him as her mate.

Alpha Dedric Newton couldn’t believe his good fortune. Beautiful and

powerful, Laura was the omega of his dreams. Worried he had so little

to offer, he insists she spend time with his small pack as they

rebuild their village and homes. Laura and Dedric’s time in Newton

strengthens their bond while evil works to undo all of Laura’s

gifts, especially her legacy. After finding the greatest love an

alpha could dream of, Dedric will do anything and everything to keep

Laura safe from harm.

Lilli Carlisle is a paralegal and author who lives in Ontario, Canada. she

is a proud member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter;

the Toronto Romance Writers. More than just an author, Lilli is a

dedicated people watcher, lover of romance novels and 80’s rock,

who grew up with a love of reading. Lilli is a firm believer in happy

endings and that love is meant to be celebrated and shared.

These paranormal romance novels will raise your heart rate and make you

believe in love. Enter this fantasy utopia and let yourself

experience the anticipation of new love and endless thrills. After

all, everybody needs a little romance, excitement, intrigue and

passion in their lives.

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