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Practical Ghosters by Ezra Dawn


Coming Soon!!

👻Practical Ghosters by Ezra Dawn👻

🔥Pre-order Link: 🔥
Release Date: October 18, 2018

🐲The Blurb:🐲
(Warning: Contains graphic sexual content, Man on Man action, and explicit language. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.)

Rylan Drachma is the CEO of a profitable investment company. As a dragon shifter he knows a thing or two about large amounts of money. After another bad break up he’s decided to get away from his high class social circles and the big city. On a whim, he buys an old mansion in the middle of nowhere and prepares to make a new start. Unaware of what the mansion holds.

Nixon Black is a local contractor and a raven shifter. He works with his father and brothers in the family business. Nixon has waited for what feels like forever to meet his fated mate even though his brothers like to tease him for it. When he meets Rylan he’s happy. But not everything is cupcakes and roses.

Between family, ex-boyfriends and a haunted mansion, these two have plenty of obstacles ahead. Can they come out of it whole or will the past tear their relationship apart?

(Standalone. This is a short story. The first half of this story was written as part of Stormy Glenn’s ManLove Competition Fall 2017 edition. The rest after that is entirely new. Enjoy.)

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