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Almost Human Series

**ALMOST HUMAN is a series of successive trilogies, not stand-alone books.

Each trilogy is self-contained enough to be read alone as a 3 book

set, but the story unfolds chronologically, and the characters do

continue from one trilogy to the next. Main storyline closure is in

each 3rd book, but there are also story-ties leading from one trilogy

to the next in the series. **

Fatal Infatuation
Almost Human- The First Trilogy, Volume 1
by Melanie Nowak
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Urban Fantasy

Shy Felicity never expected to gain the attention of a handsome man…or

a vampire, but she’ll need all the help she can get to navigate

difficulties of addiction and desire; perils of zombies and vampires;

and struggles with abuse, morality and…college.

Cain is an elder vampire who displays quiet confidence even as he

struggles to overcome sins of his past. Surprisingly, he found that

in losing his life he gained his faith and a purpose. His mission:

find the hostile vampires that inhabit this small college town, and

educate them to live in peace with humans. Their leader, Sindy, is a

wicked temptress who has set her sights on Felicity’s new friend Ben.

She will be difficult to control, but after meeting Felicity, Cain’s

most difficult task lies in controlling himself.

*Please note –

while there is no graphic sex in this book, there is mature subject

matter, and there are some graphic (but tasteful) sex scenes in

subsequent books of the series

Lost Reflections
Almost Human – The First Trilogy, Volume 2

Felicity has helped her friends to escape the venomous vixen Sindy, but cannot

divine the motives of Cain, the vampire who captured first her

gratitude, and then her heart.

She finds the historical

account of Cain’s past enthralling and frightening. Now she must

determine whether the addictive venom in Cain’s kiss is clouding

her judgment, and if his thirst for her blood is a driving force too

strong for their love to conquer.

It’s difficult to

contemplate such questions while under the attack of a vengeful

vampire and his zombie slaves. Felicity’s heart has already been

lost to Cain; will she lose her life as well?

Evolving Ecstasy
Almost Human – The First Trilogy, Volume 3

The relationship between Cain and Felicity has crested to a peak that

leaves them unsure whether to step back from each other for safety,

or jump into a future united in death.

Felicity is unlike any human Cain has known before. She treats him as an

equal; a man worthy of friendship, respect and even… love. She

embodies qualities of gentleness and loving trust that he has never

found among his own kind. This makes her far more desirable to him

than any creature of darkness could ever be.

The venom of Cain’s bite could protect Felicity from hostile vampires,

but it would give him a measure of psychic control over her as well.

Would Felicity only accept becoming a vampire, due to his addictive

venom, coupled with the foolishness of a young girl in love?

Perhaps there is a brighter future for her in the human world.
Is Cain’s desire for Felicity’s love worth the loss of her life?
Born To Blood
Almost Human – The Second Trilogy, Volume 1

Alyson used to think that vampires were almost human; that is, until she

became one. Finally consenting to be lovingly turned by her boyfriend

Mattie, Allie has come to possess traits and powers previously

unknown among vampire kind. Now Allie seeks the help of the elder

vampire Cain, to discover not only what she is capable of, but why.

Still healing from heartbreak over Cain, Felicity looked forward to a nice,

human relationship, but dating the son of a vampire hunter, and

having a psychic bond with one of his prey makes life far from

normal. How can Ben and Felicity discover the truths of love when

they are forced to live with so many secrets?

Someone has contrived a diabolical plan to control destiny, and blood may not

only be the catalyst for change, but also the master of manipulation

behind it. Is rebirth as a vampire always at the discretion of an

undead sire, or sometimes is one simply born to blood?

Descendant of Darkness
Almost Human – The Second Trilogy, Volume 2
The saga continues…

Heartbroken and soul searching, the vampire Cain believes he has finally found

his purpose. He is mentoring Allie, who is grudgingly coming to terms

with the fact that she is unique among vampires… The United One.

Together with Allie’s husband Mattie, they are working to discover

her powers, when the vampiress Sindy returns with some new tricks of

her own.

Ben and Felicity have tried to leave their past involvements with

vampires behind them, settling into human life together, despite

having to deal with Ben’s vampire hunting father – but is mundane

love strong enough to supersede the supernatural?

The vampire Elric has sabotaged his master’s plans to control The United

One more times than for which he can expect to safely escape the

consequences. Coven Master Arif knows what he wants, and the guiding

forces behind his plan know how to help him get it… If Elric

rebels, he could lose his love, but thwart disaster for the human

race. Is staying true to the coven in order to save his love, worth

the price the world will pay?

When you are descended from darkness, is it still possible to reach for

the light? In times of peace, prepare for war.

Destined For Divinity
Almost Human – The Second Trilogy, Volume 3

Sindy is a vampiress of little morals and large aspirations…or at least,

the old Sindy was. Love and friendship are becoming more important to

her, and after becoming an accomplice to kidnapping and an agent of

betrayal, she would be willing to settle for escaping the tangled web

she has woven without getting herself dusted.

Felicity is being held for a ransom that no one of sound moral conscience

should be willing to pay. Coven Master Arif, a vampire whose

terrifying talent of mind-control holds her more tightly than chains,

wants control of The United One; Alyson. A vampire of great power

unlike any other, Alyson is a good friend to Felicity and a dear

covenmate of…

Cain, a vampire who declared his love for Felicity, but left her to fulfill

her dreams of having a human family. Since renouncing his vampiric

tendencies, Cain’s existence has been one of self-sacrifice and

benevolence. To rescue Felicity, he would have to betray Alyson and

endanger the world, an act that would torture his conscience for


Perhaps Felicity’s husband Ben can rescue her, but to ensure Felicity’s

safety he would have to play by Arif’s rules. Is Ben willing to

make a deal with the devil to retrieve his wife? Or should he put his

differences aside to try and work with Cain, his former rival, to

find a solution? Cain may be able to help rescue Felicity, but is he

willing to give her up…again?

Alyson has never been one to meekly follow others. Is it time for The United

One to take a stand of her own? Her blood dictates that her divine

destiny is to rule vampire-kind. Maybe it is time to lay down some

rules! A battle is sure to ensue…can Alyson protect everyone she loves?

Will Felicity survive Arif’s wrath to keep her life…and her humanity,

or when all is said and done, will she find herself ALMOST HUMAN?

Melanie Nowak is author of the venomous vampire series ALMOST HUMAN, and a

happily married mom of 2 boys. She holds a Master’s Degree in Library

and Information Science, and lives with her family on a peaceful

mountaintop in the forest of upstate New York. She has always had a

vivid imagination and a fascination for the paranormal. Acting and

singing are loves of hers as well. However, upon conceiving the idea

for her ALMOST HUMAN series in 2003, she discovered a previously

unknown passion for writing! Now she puts her over-active imagination

to good use, creating characters she loves, and she gets to play all

of the parts!

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Diamond Fire

Nevada Frida Baylor and Connor Ander Rogan cordially invite you to join their wedding celebration. Summoning, weather manipulation, and other magical activities strictly forbidden.

Catalina Baylor is looking forward to wearing her maid of honor dress and watching her older sister walk down the aisle.  Then the wedding planner gets escorted off the premises, the bride’s priceless tiara disappears, and Rogan’s extensive family overruns his mother’s home.  Someone is cheating, someone is lying, and someone is plotting murder.

To make this wedding happen, Catalina will have to do the thing she fears most: use her magic.  But she’s a Baylor and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her sister’s happiness.  Nevada will have her fairy tale wedding, even if Catalina has to tear the mansion apart brick by brick to get it done.




About the Book

Diamond Fire
by Ilona Andrews

Hidden Legacy Novella

Paranormal Romance

Avon Impulse

Publication Date
November 6, 2018

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About Ilona Andrews

ILONA ANDREWS is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team. Ilona is a native-born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the U.S. Army. Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him. They met in college, in English Composition 101, where Ilona got a better grade. (Gordon is still sore about that.) They have co-authored two New York Time sand USA Today bestselling series—the urban fantasy of Kate Daniels and the romantic urban fantasy of The Edge. They live in Texas with their two children and many dogs and cats.

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Pieces of You

Title: Pieces of You

Author: Kate Benson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Editor: Chasing Sophie Publications

Cover Designer: Sean Benson at NativeSon Designs

Publication Date: October 29th, 2018


***This book contains material intended for mature readers***


When I left behind my simple life and the small town that held it after graduation, I had perfect guy and the future I’d always dreamed of. I never imagined he’d become my worst nightmare.

I got away from him, but since I’ve come home, all that remains is the broken girl who ran away all those years ago. Suddenly, this town seems so much smaller than it ever did before.

With my dad gone and a decade full of regret behind me, I’ve never felt more alone in the world.

It isn’t until I meet my dad’s neighbor and her son, Nate, that I begin to feel anything.

They say you can’t go home again.

I never believed that until I tried.


I’ve lived in this town my whole life and have loved it since the day I was born. Lately, though, I can’t help feeling like it’s walls are closing in on me.

Maybe heartbreak does that to everyone.

Or maybe that’s just what I’ve been telling myself.

I’ve tried keeping my focus on my job and taking care of my mom, but I can’t shake the feeling that something is missing.

Until Ava.

I’ve heard it said you can’t go home again.

One look at her and I can’t help but wonder if you can.

Pieces of You is a multi-POV standalone novel. 

Kate Benson was raised in Texas and currently resides in central Florida with her husband and their growing army of fur minions.

She learned to read at the age of four and has been hooked ever since. She credits her passion for literature to her mother, her love of story-telling to her father and her unwavering faith in happily-ever-after’s to her husband, Sean.

Some of her favorite things include rainy days, loud music, superhero movies, hot tea and of course, lazy afternoons with a great book.

To find out more about Kate, her work or to just say hello, she loves hearing from her readers and can be found on social media.

Author Links:

Benson’s Book Babes (Fan Club/Readers Group):

Buy Links:


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Title: Deviance
Series: The Chicago Defiance MC Series Book 3
Author: KE Osborn
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 19, 2018
Cover Design: Kellie Dennis from Book Cover by Design


I’m broken.
My fractured pieces held together by the grit of my brothers.
My sanity—questionable at best.
My pride—rocked every time someone says I’m a cold-blooded monster.
It happened when she walked away.
Forcing me to become the man I am today.
Now, she’s back with a threat on her tail, and I’m the only man who can protect her. My brothers don’t know the reason she left, but they’re about to find out.
This story is a hell of a ride—it’s chaotic, gritty, raw, and unrelenting.
Love—it breaks you.
Will society’s outcasts survive their deviance?
Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.


Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry and get completely enveloped in the characters and their story lines. She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn’t consider doing anything else.




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Blinding Echo

Title: Blinding Echo
Author: Tina Saxon
Genre: Romance/Drama/Suspense
Release Date: November 27, 2018
Cover Designer: Hang Le
Photographer: Golden Czermak @ FuriousFotog
Cover Model: Chase Ketron 


We were best friends at ten. 
Lovers at sixteen. 
Going to be married at nineteen. 
Until she woke up one day and couldn’t remember me. 
Leaving the small town was easy. Leaving her was my only regret. Ten years later, with a resume that said I had the perfect kill shot, I landed a job at a Security firm. Finding my way in the civilian life, I never thought it would be her I would find. 
She still owned my heart. She still looked at me like I was a stranger. I wasn’t leaving her again. This time, we were playing by my rules. I’d been given a second chance to right my wrongs and I was going to start by claiming what was mine. 
We were lovers at twenty-eight. 
Getting married at twenty-nine. 
Until she woke up and remembered me.


Tina Saxon lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and two kids. She’s not afraid to try new things because it’s outside the box of typical housewife. CEO of her home is by far the most rewarding job she has ever had. Her jobs include, but are not limited to, seamstress, carpenter, craft extraordinaire, PTA President, chauffeur, dance mom, mediator—of mentioned kids—and author. Once upon a time she was a Financial Analyst but traded budgets and forecasts in for diapers and bottles. The former was definitely easier but the latter more fulfilling. Tina’s love for reading surged into her passion for writing. Wanting to bring the reader an intriguing story that’s hard to put down with steamy love scenes that heat you up, she’s always thinking of the perfect way to take you down that path.




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Evan’s Encore

Title: Evan’s Encore
Series: Meltdown: The Conclusion
Author: RB Hilliard
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Rock
Release Date: October 3, 2018

Evan Walker is living the dream. As Meltdown’s new keyboardist, he has finally found where he belongs. Unfortunately, his wife doesn’t share the same dream. When the band decides to take a break, Evan goes home, only to discover his reality is not as it seems. 
Unthinkable secrets are revealed, flipping his world upside down. 
Quinn Kinley has lived a charmed life, but after suffering a terrible loss and her mother’s sudden move to Florida, she finds herself left with a bar to run and more house than she knows what to do with. She comes up with a plan: get a housemate.
He’s a rock star. She’s a country girl.
She’s looking for a housemate. He needs a place to live. 
Love isn’t a consideration… but sometimes love happens when you least expect it.



Don’t miss out on Sexy Evan– Amazon Review


“Welcome to Margo’s. Can I get you another beer or some food?” I asked, focusing my attention on Evan.
Leveling that green gaze on me, he said, “Yeah, can I get a burger?” My pulse fluttered under his rapt stare. The man wasn’t cowboy enough for me, but he sure was something worth looking at. His dark hair and beard only helped to accentuate those fabulous green eyes. Now that I was up close and personal, I also took note of his lips. They were full, perfect, and very sexy.
“Hello?” he called out in a somewhat irritated tone.
“Oh, uh, sorry. What was that?” I asked, embarrassed to be caught staring.
“Food?” he clipped.
I started to apologize again, but instead, found myself saying, “Yes, what about it?”
“Can we order some or are you going to stand there staring at us all night?” Talk about rude.
“Sure thing, honey. What would you like?” I asked in a sugar-sweet voice. His green eyes narrowed in on me and I smiled. Take that Rock Star.
“I would like a hamburger.”
“On it?” I questioned.
“On what?” he asked, clearly getting more irritated by the second.
“What would you like on it?” I asked, carefully enunciating each word. His friends laughed.
“Cheese, Let—”
“Kind?” I interrupted.
“Huh?” he questioned.
“What kind of cheese, dude?” his buddy asked for me.
Catching the female’s eye, I winked and she smiled.
“Fuck!” Evan hissed. “I don’t care. Just give me a damn cheeseburger with the works.”
Lifting my brows, I asked, “The works?” I wanted to make sure I’d heard him right.
“Yeeees,” he replied in the same slow tone I’d given him earlier.
Tit for tat, I thought, but answered, “Sure thing, doll. One burger with the works, coming right up.” This guy was a real twit. After taking the other orders, I quickly escaped to the kitchen.
“You’re sure he wants the works?” Sam asked.
Somehow managing to keep a straight face, I confirmed that the customer did, indeed, want a burger with the works. I left Sam mumbling behind the stove and returned to the bar, smiling all the way.
“So, what are they like?” Alex-Ann whispered.
“Chaz and his girl are nice,” I told her.
“And Evan?”
“I’m back,” Gretchen interrupted. “Thanks for watching my table.”
“Order up!” Sam called from the kitchen.
“That’s for table six,” I directed at Gretchen. Not even two minutes passed before the bar was interrupted by a loud commotion.
“What the hell is on this?” I heard shouted from across the room. My inner bitch gave a silent whoop and a fist pump and I had to bite back the urge to cackle with glee. Serves the shit-heel right.
A minute or so later, Gretchen called out, “Quinn, you’re needed at table six!”
Zeroing in on my smirk, Alex-Ann whispered, “What did you do?”
Ignoring her question, I slid out from behind the bar and made my way over to table six. Evan’s face was no longer pale, but more like the color of a ripe tomato. That’s what habanero peppers would do to you.
“What the hell did you put on this?” he wheezed between gulps of water.
“I’m sorry, you did say you wanted the works, didn’t you?” I could tell the guy wanted to blast me.
“He did,” Chaz chimed in, which earned him an evil glare.
“People are staring. Let’s go,” Evan grumbled.
“I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?” I questioned, my tone filled with fake concern. Without answering, he scooted from the booth and walked out the door.

RB Hilliard lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two children. In 2012, she began writing His End Game, the first book in her MMG Series. Hilliard has not only published six books in this series, but has gone on to publish her hilariously funny Whisky’s novels, as well as her Rock Star Romance Series, Meltdown.



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Teased by Fire

Title: Teased by Fire
Author: Molly O’Hare
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: October 2, 2018



“No one does romcom better than Molly O’Hare and this book brings all of her talent right to the forefront.” ~ Brittany Red Hatter Book Blog 

“This book! It was a stinkin riot! Hilarious!” ~ Tweezyreads

“Teased by Fire is the perfect combination of steam, romance, and humor! If you want a book that just brings a smile to your face and makes reality slip away for a bit, you can’t find a better book than Teased by Fire” ~ Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews

Olive has always been content living an anti-social existence while letting the characters she writes about fulfill her wild side. She’s worked hard to achieve a zero human interaction life. However, that came to an end when out of nowhere her best friend announced she’s moving out, and her brother was moving in. Not only does Olive now have to deal with the guy that has teased her their whole life, but he also came with a cat the size of a human child.
Hank’s had a thing for Olive for as long as he could remember. When he realized she needed a roommate, he jumped at the chance. Why wouldn’t he when annoying Olive had always been his favorite pastime? Then one day when Hank let his curiosity get the better of him, he discovered Olive had a whole other side of her she kept hidden away. 
Now, all Hank had to do was convince Olive life was a heck of a lot more fun when you add some fire to it. Honestly, what could possibly go wrong?

Much like any author out there, sleeping does not come easy to Molly. As it turns out, she has horrible insomnia . When she was younger, to help herself fall asleep she would recite stories. Each night she’d pick up where the story left off previously until the tale was complete. One morning, after she finished a particularly fun adventure, she decided she wanted to start sharing them with others. A few months later, here she is, sharing her lack of sleep with all of you. Who says the stories in our heads can’t be fun for others?
Also, she loves Fun Facts. New ones are at the end of each of her book. If you look close enough, some are hidden on her website too.

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Listener’s Remains

Title: Listener’s Remains

Author: L. Julia

Publisher: NineStar Press, LLC

Release Date: October 8, 2018

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 89200

Genre: Contemporary Thriller, Contemporary, Speculative Fiction, Paranormal, Crime, Suspense, Gay, Coming Out, Criminals, Mental Illness, Mind Reading, Psychic Ability, Revenge, Road Trip

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Gillen Lynch has a complicated relationship with his brother-in-law, Eduardo Sanchez. Gillen hasn’t mentioned his attraction to Eduardo; Eduardo hasn’t mentioned he’s a mind reader. Betrayed by the deception and mortified by his attraction to his sister’s spouse, Gillen decides to take it out on Eduardo by killing him.

Murdering a mind reader is no easy task, but this isn’t the first time Gillen has killed. His other victims didn’t mean anything to him, and they definitely didn’t use their dying breaths to copy their minds into Gillen’s head. Now, with no barriers between them, Gillen can’t stop Eduardo from digging up the secrets he’d hoped to take to his grave. He’s scared, powerless, and unprepared to face the fallout of his actions as he flees from both the cops and a group of mysterious pursuers who are as connected to Eduardo as he is.

With his pursuers closing in on him and Eduardo threatening to tear him apart from the inside, Gillen must overcome his self-hatred and take back his mind. If he can’t, he’ll be at the mercy of the man who has every right to want him dead.


Listener’s Remains

L. Julia © 2018

All Rights Reserved

Chapter One

Gillen shaved his face with care, knowing it would be the last face his friend would ever see.

Therese snaked her arms around his shoulders and smiled at him in the mirror. She had an ugly smile, as usual. Her smile matched her soul.

“You look wonderful,” she murmured into his ear. The warm metal of her wedding band pressed against his collarbone as she pulled him in close.

He forced his lips into a grin. “So do you.”

“I always look wonderful,” she said. “But I’m not the one changing our lives tonight.”

His fingers twitched as he envisioned how they’d look wrapped around her throat. She had pale skin, the kind that would turn bright pink from a throttling. Twenty seconds and her cheeks would be the same shade of crimson as her lipstick. Thirty seconds and he’d never have to hear her poisoned voice again.

Before his dark musings could consume him, Gillen took a deep breath and visualized a flickering candle flame. Focusing on the fire helped to clear his head, making space for the benign thoughts he needed instead. He rehearsed one of his many lists of empty topics as practice for the night ahead. What do I need to pick up at the grocery store? Eggs, bread, milk. Emptying his mind helped to calm him down; it also helped him to survive. If he kept himself focused on eggs and milk, nobody who peered into his head would know what was actually inside.

He flicked off his razor and set it on the countertop. He’d done a good job cleaning himself up, but he’d never had much hair to take off. In his youth, he’d appreciated the simplicity his smooth cheeks gave to his morning routine, but he resented it now because it denied him the cover of a beard. Once his picture

hit the news, a baby face like his would stick out. A beard wouldn’t transform him completely, but it would go a long way toward giving him the anonymity he would need to escape.

Therese slid out of the bathroom and reclined on their sprawling bed. To call it ‘theirs’ was a bit of a misnomer, since they hadn’t slept in the same room in years, but he didn’t care to interrupt the charade. As long as she left him alone at night and didn’t look on his computer, she could claim all the furniture she wanted. Losing a few chairs and couches bothered him a lot less than the inevitable line of questioning that would come if she saw the sort of things he looked at “after hours.” He didn’t give a damn what she thought of him or his browsing history, but he also didn’t want to listen to her baseless assumptions about his sexual preferences. Those videos were just that: videos. They didn’t know him any better than she did.

Therese’s dark hair brushed the tops of her shoulders as she made circles on the comforter with her hand. “Do you want to go over things one more time?”

He checked the mirror to make sure she couldn’t see the hatred on his face. His reflection beamed back at him, all sunshine and red hair. “I’ve got it under control, Therese.”

“I’m not sure you do.”

His fingers tensed again. He clenched his fists below the counter and glanced at her. “All right, how about you tell me what I’m supposed to do?”

A better woman would have taken umbrage with his remark, but Therese had been happy to tell him what to do for years. He’d swear she got off on it, except she never cared if he was there when she got off. In fairness to her, he felt the same way.

“It’s about time you ask for my help,” she said. “If you’d been smart enough, you would have let me make all the decisions from the get-go.”

As Therese ran through her limited understanding of Gillen’s job—get in, kill Eduardo, get out—Gillen closed his eyes and worked his way through his actual plan in his mind. While Therese had the basics down, she didn’t know the key detail that guided every step he took.

Eduardo could read his mind.

For all Therese knew, killing Eduardo would be as simple as buying a new pair of shoes. Eduardo’s ability to read Gillen’s thoughts made the task much more difficult. Years of experience had taught Gillen that trying to keep a clear head made even the simplest task mind-bogglingly difficult. In spite of Therese’s cavalier attitude, killing someone was no simple task. That was another thing he knew from experience.

Gillen tuned back in to Therese’s lecture just as she was wrapping up. “—and by that point, your sister and I will have finished dinner, and we’ll share a cab back and I’ll get out first. Once I’m home, I’ll text her, saying something about how you were there when I arrived, and then she’ll get to her house and have a good cry over her husband’s body and you and I will have both safely returned home.” The red marks from Theresa’s earlier eyebrow wax flared up as she scrunched up her nose. “You think you can handle that?”

“Getting home at an appropriate hour? Yes, I think I can handle that.” He had no intention of coming home, but she didn’t need to know that. If she knew that, she’d probably kill him. Therese had never been the kind of woman to do her own dirty work before—not when cleaning ladies existed—but a betrayal like that would be enough motivation. He almost wanted to tell her, just so he could see the look on her face, but he had nothing to gain from gloating before Eduardo was dead.

Therese glanced at his waistband. “Do you have the gun?”

“Is that why you’re looking at my pants, or are you interested in what’s underneath?”

She curled her lip and he resisted the urge to smile at her. If she was going to treat him like a moron, she shouldn’t have been surprised by his moronic response.

“Yes, I have the gun.” He patted the empty space at the small of his back. With his shirt bunched up under his belt, it resembled a weapon at a glance. Therese would figure out he was lying if she decided to look closely, but Therese never looked below the surface of anything.

“Do you have the wine?” she said.

He gestured to the green bottle on the nightstand. Not only did the midrange merlot serve as a good excuse for a visit, but it also gave him the advantage of dealing with Eduardo while he was drunk. Gillen was no expert on mind readers, but he couldn’t imagine they functioned better under the influence.

Red lights reflected off the side of the wine bottle, drawing Gillen’s attention to the clock. The bright lines flashed in a pattern forming 6:15. If he didn’t get going, he was going to be late to his own crime.

“I’m ready to go,” he said. “Try not to tip your hand during your dinner with Narcy.” He cast Therese a sharp look out of the side of one eye as he snatched the bottle from the table. “You think you can handle that?”

“Don’t be smarmy,” she replied. “It doesn’t suit you.”

You don’t know what suits me, he wanted to shoot back, but then he realized he’d let his inner monologue take control again and that kind of mistake could get him killed.

He strode past her and into the hall. The scattered shadows of trees waited in front of the windows, obscuring what little of the Chicago skyline they could see from their Lakeview home. Therese had always wanted to cut down the trees to improve their view, but Gillen had no interest in destroying the one thing that made their sterile mansion feel like a home.

His autumn coat waited for him on the rack in the foyer, acting as a dark sentinel in front of the door. With the first signs of snow spreading over the sky, a winter coat would have served him better, but that kind of bulk would only weigh him down once he was on the run.

Therese’s sharp heels clicked against the tile floor. “Aren’t you going to say goodbye to me?” she said behind him.

He closed his eyes and practiced his times tables. Three times two is six, three times three is nine, three times four is twelve. He’d been hoping to escape without ever seeing Therese’s face again, but he couldn’t risk upsetting her when he was so close to his goal.

“Goodbye, honey.” He turned around and opened his arms. Therese’s red lips formed a wicked crescent as she slid her hands around his waist and leaned against his chest. The sickening sweetness of her floral

perfume wound through his nostrils, strangling him from within. Poison, the makers called it. Therese found the scent mysterious, but Gillen hated it with a passion. He couldn’t argue with the name, though. It might not have been as venomous as its wearer, but it still smelled like seven different kinds of death.

She leaned in and adjusted his collar. “Just think. Once all this is over, we’re finally going to be rich.” Her hollow voice bounced off the walls of their six-bedroom house, creating a false harmony with the clinking of their crystal chandeliers. “It’s everything we’ve been waiting for.”

He faked his brightest smile, knowing it would be the last of him she would ever see.


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L. Julia has loved speculative fiction since she was old enough to lift hardback books. As a way of pursuing her passion for fiction, she earned a bachelors in English Writing from UPitt. She also earned an MBA at DePaul, as a way of pursuing her passion for paying the bills.

As of 2017, she’s the CFO at an extremely cool video game merchandise company. When she’s not staring at spreadsheets or working on her next novel, she enjoys playing with her two stubborn corgis and spending time with her husband in the Santa Clara sun.


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Wicked Needs

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✮ ✮ ✮ Coming Soon! ✮ ✮ ✮

Wicked Needs, an all-new edgy, angsty, addictive YA/NA crossover from L. A. Cotton is releasing October 24th!

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It’s a fine line between love and hate.

Bitch … Ice Queen … Frigid.

Macey Prince is no stranger to a nickname or two. The words once hurt, now they’re her armor. Being a Prince might be a life sentence she can never escape but Macey isn’t willing for her heart to be collateral again.

Then in a rare moment of weakness Macey lets someone in. Without realizing, she gives a piece of herself to him and it’s not long until he wants more. To uncover the girl behind cruel words and icy stares.

She should hate him.

She does hate him.

Anything less would be a disaster waiting to happen.

But sometimes the thing we hate is the thing we need most.


Wicked Needs is the fifth book in the Wicked Bay Series but can be read as a standalone