Alpha’s Ride



Come…take a ride!

Gabriel doesn’t believe in fated-mates, but when he picks up Percy’s scent at the bar, he knows he has no choice but to follow. He tracks him, but is horrified to find the sweet omega being held hostage by Killoran, leader of the Jackals, the gang he used to belong to. Like a true alpha should, Gabriel throws himself headfirst into harms way to save the beautiful boy from unspeakable acts.

Gabriel throws Percy on the back of his bike and speeds him home. The two can’t believe it, but the truth is impossible to ignore: they are meant for each other, and Gabriel won’t rest until there’s a pup in Percy’s belly and a strong roof over his head.

But Killoran and the Jackals are still out there, and they’re pissed. They managed to get away, but it’s only a matter of time before his old boss comes looking for them. Will Gabriel be able to protect his mate against superior numbers?

Gabriel was lost his entire life, and now he’s found meaning, and nothing will stop him from holding onto that future.

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