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Obeying The Rules

By Kitka Buchanan

Released June 30, 2018

127 pages/30100 words


Cassia, with her enforcer Cade, run The Mansion. The Mansion is the center of the political world and criminal rehabilitation, owned by Cassia’s husband and ruler, Sterling.

Nova, Mason and Gage are political prisoners that have been brought before Cassia during “picking”. Prisoners are chosen to be picked by Cassia for servants in The Mansion, both household and sexual. All three are chosen by Cassia during this round of picking. The one directive if you are chosen is “Obey The Rules”.

Nova is sassy and brazen. She also can’t keep her mouth shut or her curiosity to herself. She has a difficult time obeying orders and rules given to her without comment. Cade takes it upon himself to remind her, in his personal dungeon, that orders must be obeyed.

Gage is argumentative and aggressive, finding this punishment inhumane and beneath him. Cassia enjoys the idea of teaching him to behave himself and obey her rules.

Cassia and Cade’s past threatens to come back and haunt them. Through their time at The Mansion, Nova, Mason and Gage begin to piece together that everyone has been brought in as prisoners. That includes Cassia and Cade. As Mason begins to put two and two together, he realizes that more than rehabilitation is happening at The Mansion.

Going to Sterling to ensure his safety and future, Mason informs him that Cassia and Cade are working to bring down his regime. Even though Cassia and Cade punish in their dungeons, Sterling rips skin from flesh in his. They have decided that his cruelty must end. Cassia and Cade have also realized that Sterling is plotting the destruction of anyone who prevents him from getting complete and total control. Without their knowledge, Mason begins spying on them for Sterling.

Things heat up when Sterling catch Cassia in bed with Gage in the morning. Playing in the dungeon is one thing, but sleeping together is completely different. Sterling brutally punishes Cassia and flaunts it in front of everyone to show his strength.

Mason lures Nova from her room under the pretense that he has information on Sterling. He takes her directly to Sterling. Cade receives a text message with a picture of Nova hanging from straps in a secret dungeon belonging to Sterling. Sterling’s demand, Cassia and Cade turn

themselves over to him in replace of Nova. Of course, Cade realizes that it is a setup. With a desperate need to save Nova, Cade agrees to Sterling’s demands.

Cornering Mason, Cassia and Cade get all of the information they possibly can from him before going into get Nova. Following the information provided, Cassia, Cade and Gage go after Nova.

When the dust settles, Cassia and Sterling are left face to face. With Gages help, Cassia is able to get away. Unfortunately, so is Sterling.

Cassia, Gage, Cade and Nova make it safely to a safehouse. However, Nova is in terrible condition. Cassia helps to take care of her before joining Gage in the main room. It is time for them to prepare for the next part of their takedown of Sterling and his empire.


Obeying The Rules

By Kitka Buchanan

Obeying the Rules. It sounds simple; unless your mind, body and spirit are sold to the Mistress of The Manor to pay for your crimes.

Nothing is quite what it seems in The Manor. Cassia rules with an iron fist. Will her own past and her soft heart get in the way of her mission?

Cade, Cassia’s enforcer. Can he overcome his own demons to learn to let someone close to his hardened heart?

Nova and Gage. Political prisoners, the thorns in the side of The Master. Too bold for their own good.

Sterling. Master of The Manor and the entire region. Would give his wife anything. But what exactly is behind his motives?

Enter The Manor and find out exactly what is at risk when Obeying The Rules is your only option.

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Author Bio:

Kitka Buchanan was born outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, but she couldn’t stay put. As a child, she moved from state to state. This gypsy lifestyle continued well into her adult life, but it set the stage for her writing career. Her friends became the characters in books. She loved them so much, she decided to write them. Now, the characters in her head won’t let her stop.

She has finally settled down with her beautiful wife and two crazy, but wonderful, kids in Southern Wisconsin. Home includes a mini zoo of two cats, a snake, a lizard and a betta fish.

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