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We were so excited to share BEAUTIFUL CHAOS that we tried to give Corey and Silas to the world last week. Amazon had other plans, though, and we like to think they were just building suspense for us…at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves to keep our cool. 😉

As we said before, these guys are sooooo worth the wait, and now they’re here for your enjoyment!

A heads up: there are some triggers listed in the blurb and a Dear Reader letter at the beginning of the book that are must-reads so you know what you’re getting into. It’s one hell of a ride, but if you think you could be triggered by certain content, please make sure the subject matters contained in this story are ones you are comfortable with. It’s a romance with plenty of sexytimes and passion, but we would prefer readers who could be adversely affected by the contents to pass on this title and know that we will have plenty of other fabulous releases coming soon…including something we have a little tease for at the end of this book. 😉

That said, we present Corey and Silas’s story, BEAUTIFUL CHAOS, which is the perfect title to convey the magic we discovered during the wild ride these men took us on in this book.

xoxo Riley and Devon


My home is my sanctuary. Or is it my prison? Some days it’s hard to tell.

I’ve confined myself behind these walls for protection. I have my reasons, but that doesn’t change the profound loneliness I’ve discovered in the process.

Then one day I find myself drifting toward the window to see him. Corey Marshall, my new neighbor. Quiet, reserved, and cute as can be. He infects my thoughts, becomes the image I fantasize about.

I want to taste his lips, smell his scent…feel what it’s like to be inside him.

And soon, watching becomes exchanging gifts and messages, which becomes so much more.

It’s wrong to want this as badly as I do, but I can’t help myself. I crave him so desperately. It’s hard to tell if what we’re doing is going to make me lose my mind or change my entire world, but it’s too late to turn back now…


I’ve never been quite right. Too high or too low. Pain is my constant companion…at the hands of my abusive ex, and often from myself. The sweet relief is only temporary, but in those moments, it’s like I can finally breathe.

Then I meet him. Silas Rizner calms the chaotic storms inside me. He makes me feel loved, treasured, even when I don’t deserve it. I cherish the moments we share—cooking, cuddling, and when Silas reads to me until I fall asleep. When he’s inside me, it’s the only time in my life I’ve ever felt complete.

Silas becomes the glue that holds me together, that bandages my scars. Inside the walls of his home, we’re almost safe, but our demons are always there, waiting to break free.

We’re a mess. We’re broken, chaotic, beautiful; we’re in love.

But not even love can slay our monsters. No, only we can do that.

Unless our monsters destroy us first.

**TRIGGERS: Self-harm, depression, anxiety, mentions of past domestic violence.

**While the sexual situations depicted in Beautiful Chaos are imperative to the characters’ development throughout the course of the novel, readers are advised to peruse the “Dear Reader” letter at the beginning of the book to help them make an informed decision about whether this particular story will be to their tastes. This letter can be viewed in the downloadable sample or by using the “Look Inside” feature found on the title’s product page.

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