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Blythe of the Gates
by Leah Erickson
Genre: Historical Fiction
Can the gates of perception be bypassed?

A rash love affair with a member of the Irish Mafia catapults Luna

Mulkerrins into scandal, murder, scorn and decadent friendships in

Ragtime Manhattan. Escaping from the blaze of publicity, a new Luna

emerges: Blythe of the Seven Gates. Her meteoric rise as a magician

leads to fame, vaudeville, silent movies and the notoriety of a

damaging court case. Can Luna reclaim her reputation and reinvent

herself as an independent woman of the time?

From Leah Erickson, author of The Brambles, winner of the Crime Fiction

award from the IPA.

Leah Erickson is the author of the novel “The Brambles” (2017)

and “Blythe of the Gates.” She is the recipient of the 2018

Independent Press Award and the Independent Book Award. Her short

fiction has appeared in many magazines and journals in print and

online, including The Fabulist, Pantheon Magazine, The Saint Ann’s

Review, Eclectica, The Coachella Review, and many more. She lives

near Newport, Rhode Island with her husband and daughter.


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