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Only 5 days to go before My Kind Of Man goes live, here’s a sneak peek
Dressed again, we make it out of the house and to the car. The park isn’t too far away, but it’s easier to drive because the duck pond is on the other side of it, and we can park quite close. Mikey chatters the whole way about how many ducks he will see and which ones will be the greediest. I get to understand more of what he was talking about last night, about wanting to turn off the world and just enjoy the simple things in life. He is making me see things differently already. Although I’ve been in this lifestyle for twenty years, I’ve never had anyone embrace it so fully. I notice that while he’s being little, he doesn’t feel like he’s playing; it’s who he is. His need to be in the lifestyle full time is apparent and so very appealing. I have a feeling he’s going to wear me out though.
“What are you laughing at, Daddy? I didn’t say anything.”
“I’m laughing because I think you are going to tire me out. I will need a nap when we get home.”
“We can lie together in my crib, if you’d like.”
“We’ll see. We may be more comfortable in our big bed.”
“The big bed is for night time, silly Daddy.”
“Duly noted, Mikey.” I laugh again.

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