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Deviance by K E Osborn

Title: Deviance
Series: Chicago Defiance MC #3
Author: K E Osborn
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 19, 2018
I’m broken.
fractured pieces held together by the grit of my brothers.
sanity—questionable at best.
My pride—rocked
every time someone says I’m a cold-blooded monster.
It happened
when she walked away.
Forcing me
to become the man I am today.
Now, she’s
back with a threat on her tail, and I’m the only man who can protect her. My
brothers don’t know the reason she left, but they’re about to find out.
This story
is a hell of a ride—it’s chaotic, gritty, raw, and unrelenting.
breaks you.
society’s outcasts survive their deviance?

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My door flies open and smashes against the
wall as I enter my bedroom. Cindi’s on my bed waiting for me like I knew she would be. Her long brown
locks flowing over her exposed breasts as she sits up on my bed in only a pair
of barely-there panties.
She looks me up and down, her mouth
twitches fighting back a smile. Her dark shadowed eyes giving her a sultry look
as her pouted glossy lips make her seem tempting. “Looks like you’re all worked
up and ready to go. Got some energy you need to expel there, Trax?” she asks
circling a piece of her brunette hair around her pointer finger in a way which
would usually make my cock hard. Pictures of Mylee in this very room flood
through my mind, so I slam my door shut with a harsh thud. My breathing is fast
as I try to rid the images of Mylee and me naked in my bed, but they keep
coming like a slide show.
“Trax, honey, you okay?” Cindi’s voice
breaks me from my thoughts. I walk over to her determined not to let Mylee get
into my brain.
“Yeah. Don’t talk,” I demand as she rolls over on the bed knowing exactly what
I need. Her plump ass lifts up in the air, her black lace thong showing me her
perfect cheeks ready for me to punish as I see fit. I step up to her clenching
my fingers in and out ready to make her pretty tanned ass a nice shade of pink
when suddenly I hear gentle rapping on the door which makes both our heads
swing around.
“Trax,” Mylee’s silky voice whispers
through the door.
My chest tightens as I clench my eyes shut.
My cock automatically pulsing at the thought of her being in this room, in this
bed, instead of Cindi.
“Shit!” I murmur as I take a deep breath,
opening my eyes to see Cindi chewing on her bottom lip, assessing me.
“Trax, are you in there?” Mylee calls out.
My hand moves from rearing back ready to
slap Cindi’s ass, to rubbing my temple trying to ease out the tension as I step
back taking a breath.
Cindi sits up on the bed pursing her lips.
“Trax, it’s okay. We can finish this another time,” Cindi says, the kindness in
her voice I don’t deserve.
“Fuck her!” I blurt out.
Cindi stands, placing her hand on my chest
in an attempt to soothe me. “Trax, I’ve known you a long time. Whoever the girl
is on the other side of that door…” she rubs her hand up and down my chest, “…
you want her more than you want me. Trust me. You can try to deny it all you
want, but it’s written all over your face and in your body language.” Cindi
leans up gently placing a chaste kiss on my cheek.
I let out a stifled laugh. “Since when are
you so up on body language?”
She waggles her brows. “Acting classes,”
she replies with a shrug then turns grabbing her clothes, holding them to her
bare chest as she reaches for the door handle. She pulls the door open to
Mylee, who opens her eyes wide when she sees Cindi practically naked. Mylee
gasps trying to look anywhere but at her.
Cindi walks past Mylee with a chuckle.
“He’s all yours gorgeous, but go easy on him. He’s a little rattled,” Cindi
mentions casually.
Mylee looks up to me with—if I’m not
mistaken—a look of hurt flashing in her eyes.
Well, fuck her! I have nothing to be sorry
for. And even if I did, nothing happened with Cindi, so she can stop with the
fucking sad puppy eyes. “Don’t look at me like that,” I snap at her.
She sniffs, swallowing hard as she
straightens her shoulders. “You’re right. I have no reason to expect anything of you. What you do here is of your own free
I scoff out a laugh. “Exactly…” I pause for
effect then continue, “Is there something you wanted, Mylee? Or did you just
come here to screw up my fucking life again?”
Her face contorts like she’s hurt by my
words, but she steps inside my room closing the door behind her, making my
world feel a whole lot smaller. Suddenly, it’s just her and me, back where it
all began. Everything rushes through my mind, and I have to turn away from her
to try to gather my balls to shove them back in place.
“I know I hurt you when I left—”
I scoff interrupting. “I was fine. I am
She sniffs. “Good… I’m glad. But Trax…” she
lets out a heavy breath which makes me turn to look at her, her eyes are glassy
and her bottom lip trembles, “… I wasn’t
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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in
Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for
all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.
Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh,
cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines.
She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn’t consider doing anything
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