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Live on TV3

Live on TV3: Palm Springs
The Broadcast Murder Series Book 2
by Bill Evans
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
California’s Palm Springs was a hotbed for movie stars, big money and high crime,

making it a great town to be a TV news reporter and police detective

in the ’80s and ’90s. There, we see the explosive Sonny Bono rise to mayor before he

becomes a US Congressman, we meet Frank Sinatra and his wife at exclusive dinner

parties, and journey with a hard-nosed cast of police and newsroom

personalities mingling among the stars while trying to solve a

pyramid scheme and murders. Evans provides a candid insider’s view of

newsroom operations and scheming TV personalities who will do

anything to get ahead.

Palm Springs is the prequel to Evan’s first novel, Murder

at Broadcast Park. Learn how Stewart, Lisa,

and the ever unsuspecting Dugan built a broadcasting empire.

Bill Evans is a 45 year broadcast veteran who has turned writer. His first

novel, Murder at Broadcast Park, was released in October, 2017 by

Koehler Books. His second book in the Broadcast Murder series will be

released in the summer of 2018. Both books are being considered for

TV Movies. Bill writes with a lot of dialogue and in the words of his

publisher, “doesn’t use a lot of word calories.”

With his experience and insight of what goes on behind the scenes in the

broadcast world, Bill’s novel is able to paint a vivid picture of

what really happens when the cameras are off. Leaving you on the edge

of your seat, you will not want to put “Murder at Broadcast

Park” down. The story is fiction with so much non-fiction thrown

in you might not know the difference by the time you finish.

Currently Bill resides on California’s beautiful Central Coast. He continues to

have a passion in the broadcast world and working in local media.

Bill has developed a love of writing and is excited about the

launching of his writing career.

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