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The Paris Apartment by Sophia Karlson

Title: The Paris Apartment
Series: Love Nests #1
Author: Sophia Karlson
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: October 19, 2018

Sinclair, a successful trader, keeps his busy life uncomplicated. Work is about
all he has time for. Imagine his surprise when he returns to his Paris
apartment to find his little sister’s best friend, Mila Johnson, in his

One night of fooling around opens a Pandora’s box which Mila just wants to pry
open wider, whereas James just wants to keep the lid on tight. Mila is sweet
and innocent and no way is he going to expose her to the real James Sinclair.

As his relationship status changes to complicated, James struggles to keep
control over his past and his heart. Mila’s teenage fantasy is still larger
than life, but James swings between hot and cold. Now that she has him between
the sheets, Mila will do anything to keep him there. 

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When James
let go of her hand he reached for their coffees. “Do you want to ruin this
perfect espresso with sugar?”
please.” Mila needed a bit of a rush which didn’t include James’s body next to
hers, or his hands and fingers, which reminded her of that morning.
spooned some sugar into her black espresso and stirred it. “Here you go. Butter
bomb?” he asked as he shifted the plate with pastries closer to her.
“If I have
to.” She licked her lips, her mouth watering just looking at the
picture-perfect pastries. Her mind could list a hundred reasons why she
shouldn’t, health-conscious as she’d been forced to be. But this… she wasn’t
going to resist.
He smiled
at her. “You have to. You’re in Paris.”
Caving in,
Mila took a bite with a soft moan. “They’re sinful.”
A soft
smile tugged at his lips as he gazed at her, but he said nothing as he ate his
own. When he tossed his coffee back and put the cup down, he looked at her,
serious now. “What do you want for your life, Mila?”
blinked. As if anybody had ever cared. “I want to see the world, and not only
from its rugby stadiums.”
much more to it, I agree.”
“I want to
find my niche in art. I’ve been floundering lately. I need some visual…
inspiration, to find my way back to what I love doing.”
“And this
is why you are in Paris?”
primary reason.”
He hitched
his eyebrows. “I see.” A smile sparkled in his eyes. “You want to elaborate on
the secondary… and tertiary reasons?”
Heat shot
to her cheeks. How did he know? Stacey’s freaking to-do list with losing her
virginity the first thing on said list. “Already accomplished.”
He leaned
into her, the warmth of his body enveloping hers, making her clench her legs
together, overly aware of their thighs that had been rubbing against each other
for the past half hour. His lips were at her ear, grazing softly from the top
to the soft bud of her earlobe. “I’m glad I could be of service.”
sensation of his intimate whisper shot to her core, making her innards pool.
“Don’t go there,” she murmured. She wanted to sink and hide under the table.
Did he think that she’d used him? Had she? The thought was too much, overridden
by that very familiar tingling inside her lower belly. There was a buzz in her
body that demanded attention—his attention—as a memory or two of that morning
flitted in her mind’s eye. There was only one way to switch this feeling off.
By giving in to it.
Oh no no no. She shifted in her chair, breaking the
connection between their thighs.
He laughed
and leaned back, his hands cupped behind his head. Totally relaxed, his gaze
rested on her—soft, but containing something she couldn’t place.
Author Bio
I’ve always been drawn to the magical escape of books and
the journeys they take us on without leaving the comfort of home. I’ve been
fortunate to have traveled to France, and this book was inspired by a visit to
Paris some years ago. We were walking in some narrow alley in the 1st arrondissement
of Paris, when I noticed a door with a single plaque with Club Privé written on
it. My imagination got going, and at some point, things got pretty wild. I’ve
wanted to write for a long time, but life had plans of its own. I’m grateful to
finally have time to write, and love writing contemporary and erotic romance in
far-flung settings. Taking readers on a journey of their own with my books is
part of the plot. Bon voyage!

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