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The Crossroads of Logan Michaels
by James M. Roberts
Genre: Coming of Age
Thumbs-up for this debut!”
James Frey, best-selling author of A Million Little Pieces
After growing up heartbroken with an endless series of struggles, Maria

Michaels creates a picture-perfect family of her own. But

life changes too quickly, and she loses her grip on herself and her

two troubled sons. In spite of her desire to give them a better life,

they spiral downward on the paths they choose. They must fight

through sadness, mistakes and tragedy to find redemption and the love

that only a mother can give. Told from a dual perspective of mother

and son, we follow the family’s battles with divorce, drugs and

depression. You will laugh and cry, and probably want to call your

mom to tell her you love her.

James M. Roberts wanted to prove that you don’t need to be a college

scholar or a perfect writer to put your heart on paper even when it

is hurting the most. James’s experiences have inspired him to tell

his story in order to reach young readers suffering from insecurity,

sadness, and addiction. Not only did James drop out of high school,

but he also stumbled into deep depression early in his adolescent

life. Although he had been an all-star athlete, he was far from

happy. He ended up making regrettable choices in order to feel a

sense of belonging and worth, especially following his parents’

separation. Through it all, James knew that one day he was going to

share his “misery” with the world. He struggled through

life’s lessons and finally put himself through college to earn a

business degree and currently has a successful career in sales. James

finished his first rough draft at twenty-five while in college. Five

years later he erased all 200,000 words and started from scratch. He

currently resides in Woburn, Massachusetts, where he continues to

thrive and develop his writing.

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