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Finding Luna
Pride Book 1
by Becca Fanning
Genre: RH Paranormal Romance
What happens when three Lion Shifters have to share one Mate?
Maryellen was born into a life, if given the chance, she would gladly give

away. Though she is probably one of the wealthiest people in the

country, Maryellen has never wanted her wealth. Nor her family who is

constantly trying to find ways to steal her wealth from her. After

being the sole heir to her grandfather’s fortune, everyone has been

out to get her ever since. After countless kidnapping attempts and

always being afraid to fall asleep, El is finally taking the step to

date someone and perhaps find true love.

But when she meets Ryan on a blind date, her world changes forever. She

is plunged into the world of the paranormal as Ryan reveals his true

identity; that he is the leader of the local Pride of Lions. And more

than that is the fact that Ryan knows El is her mate. And to make

matters more complicated, Ryan is part of a Triad of brothers.

Meaning, El has three mates. As El tries to comprehend this crazy new

life she is a part of, she can’t deny how right this all feels. She

now has the protection of shifters and three men who will love her

and keep her safe.

But, even after accepting her new life, she can’t let go of the past.

She will have to find the truth behind why she is always targeted and

come to understand that it’s not just for her money. She will have

to make tough decisions, but at least now she knows she will never be

alone again.

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning brings you a compelling and

steamy Reverse Harem Shifter Romance!

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca is interested in one thing: big alpha

male Shifters who know when to be tough and when to be sensitive. She

didn’t think there were enough of those, so she’s been writing about

them for the past three years! Her books are steamy with deep

characters, suspense and authentic relationships.

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for exclusive content and a giveaway!


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