The Black Trillium

The Black Trillium
by Simon McNeil
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
Confederation rules in Trana—so says the king.
But Fredericton is a long way from the shores of Lake Ontario, and

schemes for power will bring together three extraordinary young


A desert girl who came to Trana looking for refuge but has never found

a home

A privileged city boy dreaming of rebellion and hardened by cruelty
The disgraced heir to the throne desperate to win back his place in his

father’s heart

Sworn enemies or reluctant allies, they all have one thing in common: an

incomplete half of the legendary fighting skill known as the

Triumvirate sword art. They fight for glory, for power, for the

monsters lurking beneath the streets, and for the mysterious society

moving in the shadows of Trana—the Black Trillium.

Simon McNeil is the author of The Black Trillium, a story of revolution and martial arts

set in the ruins of Toronto. This novel is published by Brain Lag Publishing.

He is an online marketing communications specialist with a major educational

institution when not wandering the world looking for trouble. He is a

life-long martial artist, has published several articles in Kung Fu

Magazine and he’s probably a little bit too fond of kung fu movies.

He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife who has happily laid out rules to prevent the

sword-through-glass-lampshade incident from ever happening again. The

Black Trillium is his first novel.

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