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Knight’s Redemption by Sherilee Gray

Title: Knight’s Redemption
Series: Knights of Hell #1
Author: Sherilee Gray
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: October 29, 2018

With one fatal mistake, immortal demon hunter Lazarus
started a chain reaction that set him and his five brothers on a collision
course straight to Hell.

There’s only one way to save them all—claim his mate, a sweet beauty he
doesn’t deserve and will only end up hurting. But immortals fall hard, and
walking away from her when it’s over is going to be near-impossible.

When bookstore owner Eve Taylor starts hearing the thoughts of others, she is
certain she’s losing her mind. Until the day a wickedly seductive and dangerous
warrior appears and introduces her to a terrifying new world—one she has been
part of her whole life and never knew.

Now, with a traitor consumed by darkness and driven by revenge hunting them,
they have one chance at survival. But they must give into the scorching desire
that, if they let it, could destroy them both.

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One touch
from her and he’d lost focus again. 
This wasn’t
how this was supposed to happen. He’d been with her for less than an hour and
already he was struggling to keep his shit together and had put her in danger.
As tempting as she was, he had to remain fixed on his original path. He
couldn’t allow this force between them to win. Because this wasn’t for him. He
couldn’t keep her.
“We have to
leave,” he said before putting even more space between them. Keeping his head
straight was getting more and more difficult around Eve. He needed to conduct
the rest of this mission as he always did—with cold efficiency.
She nodded
and went back to biting her damn bottom lip.
He tore his
eyes from her, not sure how to handle this, any of it. How was he going to
explain what she was to him? How did you tell someone they were the key to your
salvation, your only hope? That your future and that of the free world depended
on her leaving everything she’d ever known and accepting him as her mate.
A mate who
would leave as soon as he’d taken what he wanted. 
A mate who
could never love her.
That it was
for the best because he would never, not in a million years, be worthy of her.
Eve would
not be another sacrifice to this war. And that’s what would happen if he kept
her. If he allowed her to get close.
People who
got close to him suffered for it. They got hurt.
He’d do
whatever it took to prevent that from happening again.
He glanced
over at her. Keeping his shit tight wasn’t going to be easy. Besides having to
deal with his overwhelming physical attraction to her, he feared his possession
was moving at a faster rate. Time was almost up, and he had to find a way to
explain the reason he’d come for her without sending her running. 
What if
she refuses you? 
He couldn’t
think about that now. Getting her to safety had to be his number one priority.
The shadows had crept in earlier, the darkness trying to take another piece of
his soul. Eve had seen it, the difference in his eyes as he fought to restrain
his demon. He just had to hold off for a bit longer.
And hope
like hell she’d accept him. 
Author Bio
Sherilee Gray is a kiwi girl and lives in beautiful New
Zealand with her husband and their two children. When she isn’t writing sexy,
edgy contemporary and paranormal romance, searching for her next alpha hero on
Pinterest, or fueling her voracious book addiction, she can be found dreaming
of far off places with a mug of tea in one hand and a bar of Cadburys Rocky
Road chocolate in the other.

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