Labors of a Hero: A Fairytale Fantasy

Title: Labors of a Hero: A Fairytale Fantasy Author: Billie Dale Genre: Romantic Comedy Release Date: October 19, 2018 Cover Design: Ashbee Designs       The only good my parents gave me is my name, Hercules. I turned zero possibility into firefighting hero. Now life’s pretty simple. After all, with classic good looks, I’m one of Farawayville’s most eligible bachelors. But when a sassy little ER nurse enters my life, everything gets a lot more complicated. My new goal? To get into her heart, and her pants. She challenges me with 12, yes 12, labors to prove I’m worthy … Continue reading Labors of a Hero: A Fairytale Fantasy

The Greatest Christmas Gift of All

  Title: The Greatest Christmas Gift of All Author: Karine Saint Jacques Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: November 19, 2018 Cover Design: Shanoff Designs Photography: Matthew Andris Vote on Goodreads     Whether wished for or not, the gift of true love may come from any places. Forbidden love. Second chances. Healing from loss… Irene McKinlay wants to help her adult children unwrap the mysteries of true love, but her own love life isn’t exactly tied up neatly. Her fickle ex-husband wants her back. But is she willing to give him a second chance and risk getting hurt again? Even a … Continue reading The Greatest Christmas Gift of All

House of Falling Embers

Title: House of Falling Embers Author: Krystal Jane Ruin Genre: Paranormal/Retelling (Adult/New Adult) Publisher: The Narcissistic Rose Publication Date: October 1st, 2018 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s Reviews & PR     Blurb: Once upon a time there was a witch. She was a kind witch, but that didn’t matter. The people were afraid, and fear often turns to hatred. When Artemis was thirteen, her best friend Aris was swallowed by the crumbling house they found in the woods. Like a coward, she abandoned him to the horror within. She moved away. She tried to forget. But when she finds herself … Continue reading House of Falling Embers

Not Until You by Corinne Michaels

  Not Until You by Corinne Michaels Publication Date: October 1st, 2018 Genre: Contemporary Romance   I have two rules in life: 1. No relationships, falling in love or attachments. 2. No sleeping with clients of my interior design firm.   Since the last guy turned out to be married, they’ve been easy to follow.   Until him.   Callum Huxley is a ridiculously sexy Brit, and the connection we have the moment our eyes lock scares the ever-loving hell out of me. Thank God I came to my senses before going back to his hotel where I would’ve ended … Continue reading Not Until You by Corinne Michaels

Hot For His Girl

What happens when two bloggers fall for each other? A new blog is born. Hot For His Girl, an all-new standalone new adult romance from Rachel Blaufeld is LIVE! Andonia “Andi” Schwartz is the kind of gal you love to hate. Snarky, skinny, and jaded, Andi’s goodness lies hidden beneath her sharp edges. But it’s there . . . this independent single mom has it going on. Reid Fellows is a lovable dude. Bespectacled tenure-track statistics professor by day, shirtless blogger by night, he’s a catch on paper and easy on the eyes. Andi wields her power and unruly commentary … Continue reading Hot For His Girl

Say You Want It by Jenika Snow

  Amazon PiperIt was supposed to be a summer job, something to help me transition from graduating high school to starting college. But to me, this wasn’t just some office cleaning position. I’d be working for Zane, the one man I’d loved for longer than I even wanted to admit. The one person who could make me weak in the knees with just a glance. My father’s friend who was far too old for me, but sexier than sin. Zane I hired Piper to keep her close, to help appease my need for her. But I played it off like … Continue reading Say You Want It by Jenika Snow