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Still Not Satisfied

Still Not Satisfied
by S.A. Brown
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Christian Goodman loves the ladies. When an old girlfriend calls, it’s game on

until her game plan forces him to the sidelines. While there, his

grandmother and best friend lose faith in him. With no one left, he

finds Dr. Devin Rainey in her own struggle. Christian enters her life

only to serve as a reminder of what she is missing, thus, creating

tension between the two. She fights to remain professional, but

personal needs force her to leave Christian, too. Completely alone,

he turns to an unlikely ally to assist him in his quest for satisfaction.

SA Brown is a writer in every sense of the word. She started as a

contributing author in one of Zane’s Chocolate Flava series.

After that, she was hooked.

Born and raised in Mississippi, SA began writing full time in 2010. She

started writing one act plays and producing them in the community

theaters. She completed the first draft of Still Not Satisfied

in 2012 and actively searched for a publisher. After numerous

rejection letters, she decided to focus on the stage. She traveled

South Mississippi with her socially motivated one act plays using the

Theater for Social Change model.

In 2015, SA moved to Atlanta and felt it was time to bring Still Not

Satisfied to life. She found Prodigy Gold Books, a press out of

Philadelphia and a dream was born. In addition to her novel, she has

launched her own production company, SAB Entertainment. Through this

channel, SA is writing and producing short films. In May 2018, she

produced her first full stage play, Family Lies and plans to tour the

Southeast with it in 2019. Always writing, SA just completed the

screenplay adaptation of Still Not Satisfied which she will pitch to

producers. Currently, she is writing a web series, The Inner Circle.

SA hopes to start production in summer 2019.

With hopes of educating while entertaining, SA’s biggest desire is that

everyone learns a life lesson every time they walk away from any of

her stories.

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