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In Daddy’s Custody by Ava Sinclair

She avoided jail, but she can’t escape the justice of a strict daddy…

In Daddy’s Custody from Ava Sinclair.

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There are some problems only a Daddy can solve.

When ex-Army MP David Grant comes home to Bridgeport, he finds a lot of things have changed. For one thing, there’s more crime. For another, the annoying younger sister of his best friend has grown into a real beauty, even if she does hide it under hoodies and baggy jeans. However, David soon realizes that her looks aren’t all she’s seeking to hide. The woman he used to call “the brat” is keeping a secret, and he aims to find out what it is.

Lillian Schiff wants nothing more than to leave Bridgeport and get away from the well-meaning but overbearing brother who has raised her since their parents’ death. But to make this happen, she’s gotten involved in a scheme that puts her on the wrong side of the law, and in the crosshairs of the man who has been her secret crush for years.

He once saw her as a brat, but now that Lillian is in trouble, he sees her as a little girl who needs love, and firm, painful correction to put her back on the straight and narrow.

“I hate you!” I cry, tears running into my mouth.

He ignores me, landing the belt across my thighs so that my next words come out as gibberish. I want to tell him that I didn’t mean it, that I don’t hate him, but I can’t speak. I can only cry as the last burning licks of the belt fall in rapid succession and I go limp over the arm of the sofa.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!.” They’re the first words I manage to speak when he lifts me up and sits down on the sofa, cradling me in his lap. I can’t believe how bad my ass still hurts, but despite the pain I want David to know I’m not mad. I asked for this. I wanted it. I needed it. I feel strangely proud to have gone through it.

“I know.” He presses his lips to my hair as I press the side of my face against his shirt. I can hear the sound of his heartbeat against my ear. He’s so big. He holds me like a child and that’s how I feel—like a well-chastened child.

“It’s okay, baby. You took your spanking like a good girl. Daddy is so proud of you.”

He begins to rock me back and forth as I seek to control the hiccoughs of breath. The comfort of his arms, the strength, the painful, lingering sting of his punishment. A feeling of security drapes over me like a blanket. I can’t explain why what just happens makes me feel safe, but it does. And his arms, so strong, so hard, the fact that he could do it again if he wished, the fact that I feel so vulnerable…

There it is again, the little nudging sensation, the barely perceptible rhythmic twinge between my legs. It gets stronger as he holds me and calls me his good little girl and tells me that Daddy didn’t want to spank me but will do exactly that when I need it.

“You’re going to be okay,” he says. “I’m going to take care of you. You’re never going to have to worry again. Daddy’s got you.”

“I look up at him, my hand moving to his cheek. It’s rough with stubble. I feel my lips part as I tentatively push myself against him.”

“Please?” I ask when my lips are inches from his. “Please?”

It’s like a jolt of electricity runs through me when our mouths meet. His tongue finds mine, swirling against it. The little throb becomes a surge. I can feel myself getting wet.

“Oh, god…” How can I feel pain and pleasure together like this? I realize with shame that I’m grinding on his lap, even though the motion makes my raw, tender ass even sorer. But somehow that just excites me more.

“Please,” I say again.

“Baby, I just spanked you. I don’t want you to think that this is how it’s going to end every time I have to punish you.”

His words chill and thrill me. There will be more of this. My pussy pulses; I feel arousal slick on the inside of my thighs.

“You told me to tell you,” I say, shaking with need. “You told me to tell you what I needed, to ask for it.”

David’s eyes reflect the desire I feel. He wants to do the right thing. He doesn’t want to rush what’s coming next. But this time, I’m the one not taking no for an answer.

“I want you, David. I need you. I need you to fuck me.”


While USA Today bestselling author Ava Sinclair has written across multiple genres including contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, Western, and paranormal, she’s best known for writing hot Daddy Dom romances that offer engaging plots, steamy sex, and relatable characters.

Over the years, she’s grown to develop a deeper understanding of why her readers love Daddy Dom books. The idea of a dominant man who provides nurturing guidance while allowing for growth is very appealing, especially when that man also knows that his partner’s capacity for pleasure is tied to his unlocking the deep submission Littles experience in the care of their Daddy.

Each book she writes is a journey, both for the woman navigating her feelings, and the dominant alpha male desiring a chance to give a woman everything he has to offer, both in and out of the bedroom.

Her titles include Big Beautiful Little, Big Daddy, Daddy’s World, Daddy Treatment, and Camp Daddy.

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